Sony Japan Promotes PS5, PS4 Lineup with High Octane Montage

Run! Run! Run!

We always enjoy these montages semi-regularly produced by Sony Japan to promote PlayStation’s software lineup. In terms of actual content, we must admit this is one of the weaker ones in recent memory, largely due to there being very few major titles with a release date on PS5 and PS4 right now. It’s still a fun video, though, focusing on the theme of “running”.

The clip shows numerous releases already available for Sony’s consoles, including Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. It does linger on a couple of upcoming releases, like Forspoken, but as mentioned previously it’s quite light on new games. That’s because, technically, the only tentpole title PlayStation has fully revealed right now is God of War Ragnarok, and there’s still some debate about whether it’ll launch this year or not.

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