Someone Asked, ‘What’s A Cool Fun Fact That You Know?’, 96 People Delivered

As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, which makes 59.5% of the global population. Of this total, 92.6% (4.32 billion) accessed the internet via mobile devices, Statista estimates. So just imagine how much information there is online. In fact, it’s probably impossible to wrap your head around it.

Part of the appeal in going online is that you get to share things with others. From what you’ve been up to, to what’s on your mind. Quite literally. Like this recent thread on Reddit, where the user Mistik06 asked everyone “What’s a cool fun fact that you know?” and got people posting the craziest facts they know. 24k upvotes and 10.7k comments later, we have an amazing collection of trivia facts you probably haven't heard of before, so enjoy!


Pufferfish contain a toxin in their spikes that kills predators. It has a slightly different effect on dolphins though, in that it gets them high. So teenage dolphins will pass around pufferfish and impale themselves off of them to get stoned.

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You can fit the entire population of the human race inside the Grand Canyon. Not just the 7 billion alive now - the entire lot. From the very start. And still have plenty of room for those who are yet to be born.

Image credits: The-Go-Kid


Scientists speculated there are other planets orbiting distant stars, but haven't had a clear evidence of this fact up until the 1990's. And the majority of currently known exoplanets (almost 5000, as of now!) have been discovered well into 2000's, which means that humanity is at the very beginning of its discovery journey regarding other planetary systems.

With James Webb telescope being extremely close to finalizing its calibrations as we speak, we will be able to not only discover hundreds, if not thousands of new planets (and stars and galaxies), but also detect whether there are traces of alien civilizations on them. We should all be very excited about this, as this is unprecedented, and a HUGE deal for science and our species as a whole.

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A single gram of DNA contains about 700 terabytes of information.

Image credits: Clover-Bug


When they first measured the height of Mt. Everest it was exactly 29.000 feet, but as that sounds like a made-up number they declared it to be 29.002 feet.

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That if sound could be transmitted through space, the sun would be so loud on earth it would be the equivalent of standing next to a jet engine, even though it's 94 million miles away.

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Dragonflies are the predator with the highest success rate (over 90%), and are one of the few animals that are capable of plotting intercept courses rather than chasing their prey. They're basically mosquito murder drones.

Image credits: 00zau


Cracking your knuckles WILL NOT lead to arthritis.

Image credits: 1980pzx


The sound of an ATM drawing cash is a manufactured sound. It's just to let you know that the ATM is indeed working and that your money is coming up.

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When Thomas Edison was bound to a wheelchair, Henry Ford bought a wheelchair for himself so that he and Edison could race.

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That cows have regional moo's.

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Cuttlefish can accurately match the color and texture of their environment despite the fact that they’re colorblind.

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The Nazis planned to assassinate Winston Churchill with an explosive chocolate bar.

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Elephants think humans are cute in the same way we think puppies and kittens are cute.


Steven Seagal once told Gene LeBell that he was immune to being choked out from doing so much martial arts training, so Gene choked him out and he sh*t his pants.

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If every person on earth fought 1v1 until there was only 1 winner, that person would only have to win 33 times.

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16⁰C and 28⁰C reversed are equal to their Fahrenheit value. So - 16 is 61f and 28 is 82f


Apparently turtles breathe from their booty.

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Ok, this fact has connected facts:

In late 1800s girl killed herself by jumping from bridge on Sienna river and she was known as The Unknown Woman of the Seine.

When the guy who worked in morgue saw her, he thought she was beautiful and ordered a plaster cast of her face.

Fast foward to 1960s, CPR was invented and they needed a doll to train people. So they partnered with Norwegian producer of medical devices. That guy decided to use the plaster cast of Unknown Woman of the Seine and named the doll Anne(Annie) because his doughter was named Anne(Annie).

While performing CPR, people were trained to talk to a doll(person) so there is that common phrase:"Annie! Annie are you ok?"

Fast foward to when Michael Jackson decided to put that phrase in his classic "Smooth Criminal".

Image credits: SimfonijaVonja


Your nose is impacting your vision 100% of the time.

However, since your "picture" you see is just an interpretation by your brain, your brain erases your nose as useless information. You'll only see it, if you really concentrate on it, if you close one eye, or if you put your finger on the very tip of your nose.

It seems like a harmless fact until this thought enters your head...

"Your nose is real. Your brain removes it from your vision as useless, but it is very much there, and very much real. What other things is your brain removing from your vision?"

It's wild to think that your entire life experience is just your brain doing it's best to interpret your senses. And that it's definitely not a "perfect" system. It could be interpreting everything incorrectly, and we collectively wouldn't have any idea.

Image credits: watch_over_me


Dinosaurs existed for so long that there were still dinosaur fossils from previous eras while other dinosaurs from future eras were alive.

So basically, when T-Rex was still alive and well, Stegosaurs was nothing more than fossilized bones under their feet even back then.


Moose are really good swimmer's and even swim from island to island to feed on the underwater vegetation

But orcas will occasionally stumble across then and hunt them down and moose haven't evolved far enough for them to know that orcas are predators


Apparently, studies show that Crows, Ravens and other Corvids are self aware and are able to ponder the content of their own minds.


If you fold a regular piece of paper in half 104 (from memory) times, the paper will be as thick as the entire observable universe.

Image credits: SneakyMongoosee


Marlon Brando popularised wearing a T-shirt casually.

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Koalas are literally smooth-brained, so much so that if you put a plate of eucalyptus leaves in front of them that have been taken off the branch, they won’t recognize them as food.


If you made $10,000 per day, every day since the pyramids were built around 4,500 years ago, you'd have 6% of Elon Musk's wealth.

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The only artist to ever have five albums in the US Top 20 at the same time is Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.

Image credits: Vestido_Amarratado


Grass evolved 66 million years ago.

Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

The vast majority of dinosaurs never existed at the same time as grass.


You don't use shock paddles on a stopped heart.

Shock paddles simply put a heart back in to a natural rhythm, they will not restart a heart if it has stopped. That's what chest compressions are for.


It only takes 70 people to be in a room together for there to be a 99.99% chance that two people share the same birthday.


When sea otters find a rock they like to bust open clams, they will tuck it under a fold of skin in their armpit. They also hold each other’s paws while they’re sleeping so they don’t float away from each other. Baby otters aren’t buoyant enough to stay afloat so they will sleep on their mom’s tummies until they’re older.


There is a plant called the California Corn Lilly that contains a drug called Cyclopamine. When animals eat it while pregnant, it can cause cyclopia (one eye). It inhibits a signaling pathway called the Sonic Hedgehog Pathway (yes, this pathway was actually named after the video game).


When Germany was bombing the UK Hitler avoided bombing the town hall of my local town because he liked the architecture and wanted the building for himself.


Sharks like and get attracted to Heavy Metal music played underwater.

Image credits: NittoPoint


"Twelve Plus One" is an anagram of "Eleven Plus Two"


You can fit 1.3 million earths inside the Sun.


Mike Patton, the lead singer of Faith No More did the vocals for the creatures in I Am Legend


The human brain clock speeda are incredibly slow, about 200Hz... But it can do so many operations in parallel that to replicate such a level of parallelism with currently best parallel processing CPUs, we'd need so many that the number is unfathomable and to power such computer we'd almost need a full Dyson sphere worth of power.


Birds are classified as extant dinosaurs, not just descended from them. They are actual living, breathing dinosaurs.


There are more plastic flamingo lawn ornaments in the US than there are wild flamingoes on the entire planet.


The difference between Million and Billion is more than we think.

To put it in perspective, 1 million seconds is about 12 days while 1 billion seconds is equivalent to 31.7 years.


A blue whale has a heart the same size as a small car.


The human body is 99% empty space due to the space between atoms


In a game of chess after you played your first 5 moves and your opponent played his first 5 moves, there are already like 70 trillion possible chess games that could have been played.

Image credits: DustinTV


Atmosphere of Mars is more than 95 percent carbon dioxide and less than 1 percent oxygen. Inhabiting mars permanently other than research for humans is not an easy task.


I'll c/p it from the internet but i like this:

"The samurai were officially abolished as a caste in Japanese society during the Meiji Restoration in 1867. The first ever fax machine, the "printing telegraph", was invented in 1843 and Abraham Lincoln was famously assassinated at Ford's Theater in 1865. Which means there was a 22 year window in which a samurai could have sent a fax to Abraham Lincoln."


One horse has about 15 horsepower while a human has about 1 horsepower.


Genghis Khan has over 16 million male descendants.


KFC's Twitter profile follows exactly 11 accounts: 6 random people named Herb and the 5 members of the British pop band Spice Girls.


Hippos though appearing cute, fat and cuddly can reach speeds of 48km/h and kill at least 500 people a year.


Finally, I can use the space facts I’ve had in my notes on my phone for ages:

On a diagram of the solar system to scale, with Earth reduced to about the diameter of a pea, Jupiter would be over a thousand feet away and Pluto would be a mile and a half distant (and about the size of a bacterium, so you wouldn't be able to see it anyway). On the same scale, Proxima Centauri, our nearest star, would be almost ten thousand miles away. Even if you shrank everything down so that Jupiter was as small as the period at the end of this sentence, and Pluto was no bigger than a molecule, Pluto would still be over 35 ft away.

Far from marking the outer edge of the solar system, as those schoolroom maps so cavalierly imply, Pluto is barely one-fifty-thousandth of the way.

Our nearest neighbour in the cosmos, Proxima Centauri, which is part of the three-star cluster known as Alpha Centauri, is 4.3 light years away, a sissy skip in galactic terms, but that is still a hundred million times farther than a trip to the moon. To reach it by spaceship would take at least 25,000 years.

The average distance between stars is 20 million million miles.

If we were randomly inserted into the universe, the chances that we would be on or near a planet would be less than one in a billion trillion trillion (1 with 33 zeroes).

The core of a neutron star is so dense that a single spoonful of matter from it would weigh 200 billion pounds.


The total number of ways you can shuffle a deck of cards is... a really big a number.

This big to be precise :80,658,175,170,943,878,571,660,636,856,403,766,975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000,000,000 to be exact.

It's very very very very very (x about a bajillion) likely that any time you shuffle a deck of cards, that exact order has never existed before.

Someone else on Reddit said - Say that there exists 10 Billion people on every planet, 1 Billion planets in every solar system, 200 Billion solar systems in every galaxy, and 500 Billion galaxies in the universe. If every single person on every planet has been shuffling decks of cards completely at random at 1 Million shuffles per second since the BEGINNING OF TIME, every possible deck combination would still yet to have been shuffled.


Every four years we have a leap year, unless you can divide the year by 100.. however, if a year can be divided by both 100 and 400, it still will be a leap year.

So the year 1900 wasn't a leap year, 2000 was and 2100 won't be.


Elmer's glue has a bull on the label because he is the boyfriend of the cow on Borden dairy products.

A marketing trick from when Borden made the glue.


Platypus dont have nipples, to feed their young they sweat milk.


Humans are slightly bioluminescent and have stripes that can be seen under UV light!


Apparently in the early 1960s, a lounge singer named Vaughn Meader suddenly found himself extremely lucky: he sort of looked like newly elected President John F. Kennedy and he could imitate him fairly well, too. He used this to perfect an impersonation comedy act of Kennedy, which got him a deal for a comedy album. He and a few others released "The First Family".

"The First Family" was a SMASH. Nearly everyone in America owned this album. It was part of nearly every home, like a fridge or a TV. People couldn't get enough. It wasn't edgy or even insulting; it was just comedians doing parody of the Kennedy family and people ate it up. Even Kennedy loved it. In a sense, it was groundbreaking in that no other U.S. President was lampooned in such a way before; in fact, Richard Nixon refused to buy it because he felt it crossed a line of respect towards presidents. Vaughn Meader became one of the most well-known celebrities in America in the blink of an eye. A second album was in the works.

Then Kennedy was shot, the second album scrapped, Meader couldn't find work, lost all of his money, became an addict, and I think he ended up owning a bar somewhere. A true rise and fall tale.


Barcode Scanners scan the whites instead of the blacks


Caligula once declared war on Neptune


Most of the world trees are planted by a squirrel who forgot where his nut was burried


Babies are not born with kneecaps! Instead a small peice of cartilage that later goes through ossification (turning to bone) becoming the patella (kneecap). Usually develops during the 2-6 year old range.


We developed eyebrows with arches as a way to keep sweat from running into our eyes, instead they catch the sweat from the forehead and let them cascade to the side of our faces.

Those little things like that purely for convenience just amaze me when it comes to our bodies and the natural world of evolution.


When working for the Australian shooting team heading for Tokyo. Found out that alcohol is a banned substance not because guns and alcohol are bad (as my feeble brain suspected ) but because it's a performance enhancing drug due to slowing the heart rate.....they get breath tested before comp


Mario wears a hat because during the Donkey Kong days (when he was known as Jumpman) the animation was too primitive to animate hair while he was moving or jumping


The Apollo astronauts' footprints on the moon will probably stay there for at least 100 million years. Since the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, there's no wind or water to erode or wash away the Apollo astronauts' mark on the moon. That means their footprints, roverprints, spaceship prints, and discarded materials will stay preserved on the moon for a very long time


A female cat can have kittens fathered by multiple males at once. That's part of the reason why a male cats "stuff" has spines on it that flip up when the male makes the pulling out motion. When up, the spines scrape the inside of the female so that the male cat can both dig deeper crevasses for sperm to settle in, and so he can pull out any other male cats sperm as a way for him to be sure that his kittens will be part of the litter.


Van Gogh killed himself one year after Nintendo was founded.


The word “set” has got 430 different meanings, making it the word with the most definitions in the English language.


I know far too many about McDonald's.

- McDonald's owns the lots that every McDonald's franchise sits on, and charges the franchise owner rent. This makes McDonald's the world's largest real estate developer.

- Thanks to Happy Meal toys, McDonald's is also the world's largest toy distributor.

- The Happy Meal was based on a box of cereal: put the food in a colourful box with a free toy inside

- McDonald's is the world's largest purchaser of Coca-Cola. They're so big, Coca-Cola has an entire corporate division dedicated to servicing McDonald's.

- A McDonald’s at a ski resort in Sweden is famous for having a "ski-thru." It's just a fancy outdoor window that skiers can ski up to and place their order.

- A McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona has become famous for have turquoise arches instead of the usual Golden Arches. This is because a local zoning bylaw says the golden arches would clash with the red rocks.


if you lined up all of the other planets in the solar system, they would fit almost perfectly between Earth and the Moon.


Humans are slowly losing a muscle in our hands/forearms called the palmaris longus that doesn't [significantly] contribute functionally to grip strength or motion. If you push your pinky and thumb together (like showing the number 3) then flex your wrist in, the tendon will pop out in the middle of your wrist if you have it. About 10% of the general population doesn't.

It's basically a spare part for hand surgeons now. If you sever a tendon, they'll harvest the palmaris longus for grafting.


Manatees regulate buoyancy by farting. They eat a ton of plants and accumulate a lot of methane. They then release gas when they want to sink and hold it in when they want to go to the surface or are being polite.


The letterbox on the famous black door of No. 10 Downing Street does absolutely nothing. There's no hole on the other side.


Most eyes in the natural world including yours are wired the stupid way around, with the wiring pointing inwards meaning you have to have a blind spot where the optic nerve leaves. Yet there are eyes that have evolved without this problem just by being oriented sensibly, proving eyes have not only evolved many times, but also evolution isn't perfect it's just guesswork


Nuclear reactors are very fancy kettles.


Tumors can grow miniature organs, hair and teeth, and are referred to as "teratomas".


Otters are necrophilic rapists, even worse than dolphins.


Just learned that barnacles have the largest penises in the animal kingdom if you compare it to its size.


One of the Zimbabwe’s presidents name was “Banana”.


The speed of thought is about 100m/s.


-We put a man on the moon before we thought to put wheels on a suitcase. -the lighter was invented before matches were -Hippopotamus milk is pink -Saudi Arabia imports their camels from Austrailia -From the time it was discovered, to the time it was stripped of its status as a planet, Pluto had not yet made one trip around the sun. -Nintendo was founded in 1889!


All house flies are the same species and the size of the flies depends on how much food they had when they where larvae.


The sky you see at night with all the stars isnt the realtime image. As these stars are lightyears away, light from them takes years to reach to earth. Some of the stars you see in the sky might not even be there now. Blows my mind everytime i think about it.


The creator of the pop-up ad made a formal apology for his creation.


The T.Rex existed closer in history to humans than to the Stegosaurus.

Sharks are older than trees.

Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.

Cleopatra lived closer in time to the first Lunar Landing than The Great Pyramids

Sorry, not just 1.


Warren G is Dr. Dre's cousin. Dre first heard Snoop Dogg on a demo that Warren G had made for him.

Also, Hall of Fame NFL wide receiver Art Monk is related to legendary jazz musician Thelonious Monk.


111 111 1112 = 12345678987654321

Sorry I thought you said useless


In the earlier stages of the universe, the sky used to be orange, but it has slowly redshifted into infrared which we can’t see.


There are more units of Planck time in 1 second than there have been seconds since the Big Bang.


The person least related to you on the planet is your 50th cousin.

Statistically speaking, you have over 1 million 8th cousins.


The speed of sound through mayonnaise is approximately 2613 ms-1


The McLaren F1, which set a top speed record in the '90s, has tail lights from a bus.


Capybaras are fish according to the Vatican


Fuzzy caterpillars turn to moths. Smooth ones turn to butterflies. (There are some exceptions to this rule)


Babys are able to survive longer under water than adults/kids. It‘s f*cking insane how long they survive. That‘s because babys have a reflex to not breath under water. Drowning isn‘t oxygen-deprivation, it‘s water filling up the lungs.

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