Soapbox: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Is Still One Of The Greatest Adaptations Ever


If you're into anime, then chances are you can remember the first movie or TV show that got you hooked on the medium; your "gateway drug", if you will. For some, it might be TV shows like DragonBall Z or One Piece, others perhaps a specific movie like Ghost in the Shell or Akira (indeed, I had to really go back through the memory archives to determine whether Akira was the first one for me; it was definitely incredibly early in my life). For me, however, the very earliest memory I have of watching anime was the incredible video game adaptation, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, released in 1994.

I'll admit, I wasn't super into the Street Fighter series when I was young. In fact, it probably wasn't until Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike that I really started to take notice. I did, however, dabble in Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition on the Mega Drive. I was terrible at it, naturally, since I was still in single figures at the time, but I really enjoyed playing as Ryu or Ken and just spamming the 'Hadoken' move non-stop (which still wasn't quite enough to win most of the time, granted).

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