Returnal hits PC on February 15th and won’t need 32GB of RAM after all

Image: Sony

We have a date — Returnal, one of the first compelling PS5 exclusives, is making the jump to PC on February 15th. Sony announced the date today in an official blog post that also reveals the haunting alien 3D bullet hell’s full PC system requirements — and lists a remarkable number of flagship PC gaming features.

The biggest surprise is probably this: the game no longer recommends 32GB of RAM. In December, we reported that Returnal would be one of the very first games to ask for that much memory, but it’s no longer part of the “recommended” spec. Now, Sony suggests you’ll be able to hit 1080p 60fps at “high” levels of detail with just 16GB of RAM, an RTX 2070 Super or RX 6700 XT, and a 3.7GHz Intel i7-8700, Ryzen 7 2700X, or better.


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