Retro PlayStation bags and accessories take you back to the ’90s without breaking the bank

Celebrate your love for Sony’s flagship home console with these cute (and cheap!) accessories.

For many people around my age (thirty… something), the original Sony PlayStation (later named PS One) was our first venture into the world of 3-D home console gaming, and some of us still hold many a fond memory of those sweet 32-bit graphics.

▼ Not to mention its unparalleled start-up sound.

The world of gaming has moved on a lot since those heady days of the original PlayStation, but that doesn’t mean the world has forgotten about it, and now, thanks to a new collaboration with Sony and Japanese discount store Thank You Mart, you can display your love for the console via tote bags, cushions and much more.

Thank You Mart is named because many of its products sell for the bargain price of 390 yen (US$2.93), and the numbers 3 (san in Japanese) and 9 (kyuu) combine together to read ‘sankyuu’, or ‘thank you’… although the addition of tax takes most products up to at least 429 yen. But the name “Thank You (not including tax) Mart” isn’t quite as snappy, so you’ll just have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

This is the second time Sony have teamed up with Thank You Mart, with the first round of collaborative items including a phone case and a pouch with the PlayStation logo, but this time they’ve decided to go further, with products made in the image of the actual console itself.

▼ Controller cushion — 1,287 yen ($9.66)

This cushion designed in the shape of the original PlayStation controller is 30 centimetres (12 inches) wide — arguably a bit bigger than the actual controller, but the iconic triangle, square, circle and cross buttons will take you right back to the days of playing Street Fighter II and desperately bashing any combination of buttons you can think of.

▼ Controller mats — 429 yen each

Or perhaps this pair of mats, designed in the shape of the main console and controller, is more up your alley. Both mats are roughly 60 centimeters (23 inches) wide.

Let’s have a look at what else is featured in the collaboration!

▼ Tote bag — 858 yen

▼ Compact mirror (429 yen), silicon coin case (858 yen) and fluffy coin case (429 yen)

▼ Pass case (429 yen), clear pouch (429 yen), flat pouch (429 yen)

▼ Stickers (214 yen)

All items went on sale mid-March at all 95 branches of Thank You Mart throughout Japan. They are also available on Thank You Mart’s online store, although at time of writing most items were sold out online.

For PlayStation fans or fans of retro gaming in general (and yes, it hurts me in my soul to call the PS One ‘retro’), this is a great and reasonably priced way to show off your love for Sony’s flagship gaming console. Alternatively, there are other, extremely creative ways to display your adoration for the PS One, like this amazing light-up clock.

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Source, images: PR Times

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