Random: Scary Skyrim Mod Uses AI Tool ChatGPT to Give NPCs Minds of Their Own

Behold, the future!

Skyrim has shown itself to be fertile ground for experimentation once again, with modders utilising the AI tool ChatGPT (that latest of technical bugaboos) to generate endless reams of dialogue and audio in a somewhat spooky peek at our not-too-distant future.

As reported by PC Gamer, modder Art From The Machine has, through dark science and unbridled ingenuity, managed to hacksaw AI vocalisers xVASynth (text-to-speech) and Whisper (speech-to-text) into the game. This allows NPCs to communicate after a fashion but demonstrates some pretty wild possibilities. Art From The Machine is currently working on implementing a basic memory system for NPCs, allowing them to reference earlier interactions with the player.

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