Purple TwinCloud Pillow Review – The Easiest Adjustable Pillow?

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I give you an unbiased look at the Purple TwinCloud pillow, explain how you can adjust it, and how it works for all three sleep posittions.

Adjustable pillows have become very popular because they have that “one-size-fits-all” appeal to them. But many come with shredded foam on the inside that can make a huge mess. 

To simplify the adjusting process, the always innovative brand Purple attached two pillows along one side, with a zipper on the other to make the adjusting process much easier and cleaner. In my Purple TwinCloud™ pillow review, I’ll give you an unbiased look at how this pillow performed during my testing process, how the adjustability works, the materials that make it up, price and more.

Purple TwinCloud Pillow

Purple TwinCloud Pillow

The Purple TwinCloud is literally two pillows in one! Unzip it and change the firmness to match your need.

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Purple TwinCloud Pillow Overview

Purple is a well-known brand in the bedding industry. It made a name for itself after it changed the game with the unique gel grid it puts in Purple mattresses. But Purple hasn’t stopped there. From the Original Purple pillow to its stretchy SoftStrech sheets, the brand has a full catalog to dress your bed.

The Purple TwinCloud™ is a great choice for people who want an adjustable pillow, but don’t want the fuss of shredded foam. It is two pillows that are attached along one side that’s folded and held together by a zipper. Depending on the way you have the pillow folded and zipped up, the firmness and loft will change. Here’s a quick overview before we get into the details:

Who Might Like the Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow? Who Might Not Like the Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow?
Fans of down alternative pillows Fans of memory foam pillows
People looking for an easy adjustable pillow People who don’t want an adjustable pillow
People looking for machine-washable pillows Shoppers looking for fully organic materials

Purple Pillows Video Review

Take a look at our Purple pillows video review to see all four of Purple’s pillows, including the TwinCoud™.

Purple TwinCloud Pillow Firmness and Feel

The Purple TwinCloud™ is an adjustable pillow, but the main thing you’re adjusting is the firmness and feel, not so much the loft. Let’s talk about the different firmness levels for this pillow and how that affects the feel as well.

How Firm is Purple TwinCloud Pillow?

There are three different ways you can adjust the Purple TwinCloud™, and each will change the overall firmness.

With the double pillow design, you can zip the two pillows together to create a soft or firm overall pillow. When zipped up to the soft side, the TwinCloud™ effectively acts as two soft pillows stacked on top of each other. This adjustment is rather plush and cloud-like. It makes the pillow quite tall, which helps with support.

The TwinCloud™ unzipped and unfolded.

When you zip it to the firm side, the zipper pulls the outer cover tight. Because the cover is pulled so tight, it prevents the fill from being compressed as easily, giving this style a much firmer feel.

You can also leave the pillow unzipped and unfolded if you so choose, and this is the softest, lowest loft version of this pillow.

Sleeping on the Purple TwinCloud Pillow

Because the TwinCloud™ is an adjustable pillow, it should work for just about any sleeping position. Right out of the box, it was zipped up to its “soft” adjustment. I decided to start there with my testing.

Overall, the soft adjustment worked best for me. As a side sleeper, I need a high loft to keep my neck in proper alignment. Though this pillow started out tall,  I was able to compress it quite  a bit, which made it feel really comfortable. This down alternative pillow has a responsive feel, which makes moving around on it easy. I was able to shift to my back without much problem.


Back sleeping with the soft setting felt mostly comfortable, but I think I felt my head a bit more elevated than I’d prefer for back sleeping. And while the pillow was zipped together, it wasn’t comfortable for stomach sleeping. I did enjoy the fact that I could put my arm in the gap between the upper and lower pillow, but the loft was just too high to keep my neck in a good alignment while on my stomach. 

However, you do have the option to completely unzip the pillow, which does make it far more comfortable for stomach sleeping, but keep in mind that it will make the pillow quite long on your bed (not ideal if you sleep with a partner). 

When I was ready to try the firm setting on this pillow, I had to unzip, unfold and refold it inside out.I have to say, zipping the pillow to the firm side took a little effort. Because you’re essentially folding the pillows the opposite way, and the zipper lining has to be zipped up almost inside-out. But after about a minute, I was able to get the zipper attached and zipped up.


The firm adjustment, for me, was too firm. I normally like a medium-firm to firm pillow.  When the  cover is pulled very tight in the firm setting, the pillow doesn’t compress as easily as the soft side. I think because I have a more average shoulder span, the firm side was too tall for me while side sleeping, and definitely too tall for back and stomach sleeping.

30-60 Min Nap

For a quick nap, I zipped the TwinCloud™ back into its soft version. I felt the most comfortable and supported this way. Up until a few years ago, I was a pillow stacker. I had four pillows on my bed and slept with two stacked on one another on each side. The TwinCloud™ brought me back to those nights.

I tend to prefer memory foam pillows these days, but the TwinCloud™’s down alternative fill is very soft and fluffy, and because there are two pillows here, it was nice and supportive while I slept. I have a tendency to sleep hot some nights, but I didn’t. notice this pillow trapping heat.

What Does the Purple TwinCloud Pillow Feel Like?

Similar to the Purple Cloud, the non-adjustable version of this pillow, the TwinCloud™ has that classic down alternative feel: it’s soft, fluffy and just like its name, cloud-like while zipped to the soft side. The fill feels a bit denser when zipped up to the firm side.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lb – 230 lb

This pillow can work for just about anyone. Average weight side and back sleepers should enjoy comfort and support while zipped up to the soft side. If you have broad shoulders, you might benefit from zipping it to the firm side to keep it nice and tall. Stomach sleepers can unzip the pillow and spread it out to get the pillow nice and low.


Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lb

Heavyweight back sleepers should keep the TwinCloud™ set to its soft setting, and heavyweight side sleepers (especially those with broad shoulders) will enjoy the firm setting. I’m a heavier person, but my shoulders are about average. I found the firm side to be too tall for me. Stomach sleepers should unzip the pillow and spread it out.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lb

For lightweight sleepers, I wouldn’t suggest the firm setting. If you fall into this weight range, you likely won’t compress the pillow enough to find it comfortable. And just like average and heavyweight sleepers, stomach sleepers should unzip the pillow and spread it out.

Purple TwinCloud Pillow Construction

Let’s take a look at the materials Purple uses to make the TwinCloud™ pillow.


The double pillows have a cotton outer cover. This has a soft, smooth feel and is very breathable. Because this is two pillows in one, one side of each pillow is attached, and one side has a zipper, which is how you connect them.

The Purple TwinCloud™ being zipped up.


Within the double pillows, there is a gel microfibers, a synthetic down alternative material. The way you have the pillow zipped up will change how this feels, but unzipped, or zipped to the soft setting, it feels soft and plush. But it’ll still be nice and supportive thanks to the gel reinforcements on the microfibers.


Loft refers to how tall a pillow is. When you have the pillow zipped up, regardless of the firmness setting, this pillow comes in at 6” tall. If you were to have the pillow unzipped completely, the double pillows are about 3” tall.

Purple TwinCloud Pillow Size Options and Price

Check out our chart below for up-to-date pricing information on the Purple TwinCloud™ pillow!

Size Price
Standard (17” L x 24” W x 6” T) $99
King (17” L x 34” W x 6” T) $119

Purple TwinCloud Pillow

Purple TwinCloud Pillow

The Purple TwinCloud is literally two pillows in one! Unzip it and change the firmness to match your need.

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Accessories Details



Trial Period
Trial Period

100 Nights


1-year warranty


Not Available

Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns

Purple TwinCloud Pillow Performance

Let’s take a look at some other important factors for the Purple TwinCloud™ pillow.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

The Purple TwinCloud™ isn’t built with any specific cooling features. However, it does have a cotton outer cover, which is very breathable and won’t trap heat. Because of the design, there’s also going to be a gap running through the middle of the pillow. This allows for some extra airflow. When I tested the TwinCloud™, I didn’t really notice the pillow trapping too much heat.


The TwinCloud™ does not come to you compressed into a box, and is ready to use right out of the packaging. You won’t have to worry about letting the pillow expand and off-gas.

Care Instructions

The TwinCloud™ is 100% machine-washable. Here’s what Purple recommends for care instructions:

  • Machine wash with cold water and a mild detergent
  • Tumble dry on low


Purple does mention that the TwinCloud™ is hypoallergenic. The cotton will be soft on sensitive skin, and the inner fill won’t trap allergens in your sleep environment. And because this pillow can be completely machine-washed, you’ll be able to remove dirt, sweat and dust that may accumulate on the pillow.

Company Policies

Here’s what Purple offers when you purchase the TwinCloud™ pillow.

Warranty Info

The Purple TwinCloud™ pillow comes with a 1-year warranty.

Sleep Trial

You’ll have 100 nights to test out the Purple TwinCloud™ pillow. This is a little over three months, and should give you ample time to decide if the pillow is right for you.

Return Policy

Purple offers free shipping on all orders.

During the 100-night sleep trial, you’ll be able to make returns or exchanges for a full refund. I should note, it’s a good idea to give the pillow about 30 days before issuing a return. Pillows take time to adjust to, and giving it just one night might not be the best way to assess the pillow.

If you do decide to return the pillow, Purple will cover the return shipping fee.

How Does the Purple TwinCloud Pillow Compare To Other Pillows?

Not convinced this is the pillow of your dreams just yet? Let’s take a look at how the Purple TwinCloud™ compares to two other popular pillows on the market.

Purple vs Saatva

Adjustable pillows have grown in popularity, and one of our favorite adjustable pillows is the Saatva Latex pillow. This features a pillow-within-a-pillow design. It has two outer layers of soft down alternative that sandwich a shredded latex core. 


You do have the option to remove the latex core, which is helpful if you’re a stomach sleeper that needs a flatter pillow. The TwinCloud™ can be zipped up to be soft or firm, and if you zip it together, it works best for back and side sleepers.

The main difference between the TwinCloud™ and the Saatva pillow is that the TwinCloud™ is  made entirely of down alternative, and you can adjust its firmness and loft. The Saatva pillow is rather soft all around. Removing the latex core doesn’t change the feel that much, but helps it get flat for stomach sleeping. Both won’t trap heat thanks to breathable materials.

Who Should Get the Purple TwinCloud™ pillow? Who Should Get the Saatva Latex pillow?
Fans of firm pillows Fans of soft pillows
Back and side sleepers Stomach sleepers

Read our full Saatva Latex pillow review.

Purple vs Nolah

The Nolah Squishy pillow is an all-foam pillow. It features chopped memory foam cubes on the inside. This makes it stand out from the TwinCloud™ because it will have that slow-moving memory foam feel to it. The TwinCloud™ uses a down alternative for its fill, so it’s going to feel more soft and cushiony than the Squishy.


Both will work well for all sleeping positions depending on how you adjust them. But the TwinCloud™ will be easier, and make less of a mess, than the Squishy. All you have to do is unzip the pillow to change the firmness and loft. The Squishy pillow must have its chopped foam removed to change firmness and loft, and could take some trial and error to make it “just right.” 

If you want to just make one purchase for new pillows, or looking for a pillow for you and your partner, the Nolah Squishy comes in a double pack.

Who Should Get the Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow? Who Should Get the Nolah Squishy pillow?
Fans of plush down alternative pillows Fans of slow-moving memory foam pillows
People who want an easy adjustable pillow People looking for two pillows

Read our full Nolah Squishy pillow review.

Our Purple TwinCloud Pillow Ratings

Take a look at our Mattress Clarity score for the Purple TwinCloud™ pillow!

Purple TwinCloud Pillow Review
4.3 Overall
Sleep Trial Period

Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow FAQs

Can you wash the Purple TwinCloud™?

Yes! The Purple TwinCloud™ is 100% machine-washable.

How long will the Purple TwinCloud™ pillow last?

About two years. Purple does offer a 1-year warranty on the TwinCloud™, but with good care, the TwinCloud™ should last you a while!

What if I don’t like my Purple TwinCloud™ pillow?

You’ll have 100 nights to test out the Purple TwinCloud™ pillow. This gives you a little over three months to make sure it’s the right pillow for you. Give it about 30 days, and if you decide it’s not for you, you can return it for a full refund. Just make sure to do so during that initial 100-day period.

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