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I give you an unbiased look at the Polysleep pillow, and explain its adjustability and how it works for each sleeping position.

Adjustable foam pillows typically come with additional shredded foam, which can make a mess when you try to add or remove it. To make things easier, the Polysleep pillow has just four pieces of foam. Sleepers will be able to mix and match these pieces to find the perfect combination for their sleeping position, without having to worry about getting small pieces of foam all over their bedroom

Wondering if the Polysleep pillow might be the right adjustable pillow for you? In my unbiased Polysleep pillow review, I’ll cover everything from the customization process, my testing experience, the materials, price and more.

The Polysleep Pillow

Mattress Clarity Score
4.70 / 5 starstarstarstarstar

Accessories Details


Cotton, Memory foam

Trial Period
Trial Period

30 nights


3-year limited warranty


Not Available

Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns

Polysleep Pillow Overview

Polysleep is a Canadian mattress company that ships to the United States. We’ve reviewed the Polysleep Origin and the Polysleep Zephyr mattresses before. Personally, I loved the Zephyr mattress so much that I kept the one I tested! 

But this review isn’t about either mattress, and will focus instead on the Polysleep pillow. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from this adjustable pillow:

Who should get the Polysleep Pillow? Who shouldn’t get the Polysleep Pillow?
Fans of adjustable pillows People who don’t want to figure out the right configuration with an adjustable pillow
All sleeping positions Fans of down pillows
Fans of foam pillows Shoppers on a budget

Polysleep Pillow Firmness and Feel

The Polysleep pillow is an adjustable pillow, and that means you can change its height, firmness and feel. I’ll  break this down by describing the firmness and the feel based on how many pieces of foam you have in the pillow.

One of the pieces of foam from the Polysleep pillow.

How Firm is Polysleep Pillow?

The Polysleep pillow comes with four pieces of foam already inside it when you remove it from its packaging. These pieces of foam differ in height, which I’ll discuss in further detail below. Basically, the more pieces of foam that are in the pillow, the firmer it will feel.

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With all four pieces inside the pillow, it feels quite firm, as there’s a good amount of foam inside. With about two to three pieces, the pillow starts to become more medium-firm. And with just one or no foam pieces, the pillow becomes very flat and soft.

Sleeping on the Polysleep Pillow

I tested the Polysleep pillow five different ways: first with all four pieces, and working my way down piece by piece to no pieces at all.

Right off the bat, the four pieces were both too firm and too tall for me in any sleeping position. I felt my chin jutting into my chest, and I could feel my airway narrow a good deal, too. Moving on to my side, I felt a lot of strain in my neck. For reference, I have average width shoulders, so if your shoulders are more broad than mine, this may be a better match. I wouldn’t recommend all four foam pieces for stomach sleeping at all.


With three pieces in, I felt a bit better on my back, but this setting felt the best on my side. My head felt perfectly aligned and I felt no strain in my neck. With two pieces of foam, the height was perfect for back sleeping. My head was in a good neutral position, and my airways felt the most open.

With just one piece in, I didn’t feel comfortable resting on my back or side, but stomach sleeping felt nice. This configuration was low enough for stomach sleeping, while still being supportive thanks to the single piece of foam. With no pieces in, the pillow felt rather flimsy, so I would recommend keeping at least one piece of foam in the pillow.

30-60 Min Nap

For a full napping experience, I returned the pillow to my preferred setting, with three pieces. I will mention, putting the foam back inside the pillow does take some shuffling. And I found that trying to add a piece of foam into the pillow when it already had foam in it caused the foam to stick and it didn’t move as easily. So I had to stack the three pieces of foam outside of the pillow and then put them back in all at once.


As a side sleeper, keeping the three pieces of foam inside the pillow was the best fit for me, and I didn’t feel any strain on my neck. And because the pillow is so springy and responsive, moving around felt very easy, too. The foam felt supportive, but the plush down alternative inside the cover helped give the pillow some cushioning, too.

What Does the Polysleep Pillow Feel Like?

The foam used inside of the Polysleep pillow is much more responsive than traditional memory foam. It has a bounce to it, and springs back into place immediately. You won’t really sink into this pillow, and because it is so springy and responsive, it makes changing positions very easy.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lb – 230 lb

Because of the Polysleep pillow’s adjustability, it will work for all three sleeping positions. It just depends on the amount of foam you have inside the pillow. For average weight side sleepers, three to four pieces of the foam should work. If you have more average shoulders, I’d recommend three, but those with broad shoulders might need all four foam pieces. Back sleepers should do well with two or three pieces of foam, while stomach sleepers just need one.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lb

As a heavyweight sleeper, I found the foam to be very supportive and it didn’t compress under my head and upper back’s weight that much. So, it’s a similar story to average weight sleepers. Three to four pieces will work well for side sleepers (depending on shoulder width), two to three pieces will be ideal for back sleepers, and stomach sleepers will want to keep at least one piece in. Using the two shortest pieces of foam might be necessary for heavyweight stomach sleepers to offer more support.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lb

With all four pieces, this pillow will be too tall and too firm for lightweight sleepers. I’d suggest no more than three pieces of foam for side sleepers, two pieces for back sleepers, and just one piece for stomach sleepers.

Polysleep Pillow Construction

Let’s take a look at the high-quality materials that go into the Polysleep pillow.


The outer cover of the Polysleep pillow is made with a blend of cotton, mesh and synthetic down alternative. You can open the pillow with a zipper, which allows you to take out the inner foam pieces. The down alternative is inside the cover, and helps give the pillow a plush feeling. The mesh is all along the perimeter of the pillow, allowing air to flow through the inside of the pillow.


The Polysleep pillow comes with four pieces of memory foam for its inner core. Each piece differs in height as well. They measure one 1 ¼” piece, one 1” piece, and two ¾” pieces. The foam has been CertiPUR-US® certified. This means that the foam is made without ozone depleting chemicals

A look at the inside of the pillow with foam pieces inside.


Loft refers to the height of a pillow. The Polysleep pillow is an adjustable pillow, and you can change the loft by removing or adding in the memory foam inserts. At its lowest, the Polysleep pillow is 2” tall, and 9” at its tallest.

Polysleep Pillow Size Options and Price

Take a look at our chart below for up-to-date price information for the Polysleep pillow!

Note: Polysleep is a Canadian company, but the chart below will reflect the price in US dollars (usd).

Size Price
Standard/Queen (19” x 26”) $150 
Standard/Queen double pack $225
King (19” x 34”) $175
King double pack $265

The Polysleep Pillow

Mattress Clarity Score
4.70 / 5 starstarstarstarstar

Accessories Details


Cotton, Memory foam

Trial Period
Trial Period

30 nights


3-year limited warranty


Not Available

Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns

Polysleep Pillow Performance

Now that we know the materials that go into the Polysleep pillow, and how it works for each sleeping position, let’s discuss a few more key performance factors.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

The outer cover of the Polysleep pillow is made with cotton, and along the sides of the pillow is a strip of mesh. Cotton is naturally breathable, and the mesh helps allow for airflow. The foam itself doesn’t have a cooling infusion, but upon close inspection, I did notice a rather open foam structure. During my nap test, I didn’t notice the pillow developing any hot spots.


This pillow comes compressed inside a cardboard box. It expanded fairly quickly after I removed it from its packaging. However, you might notice a slight chemical smell directly after removing the packaging. This is nothing to worry about, and is only a result of the compression process.

I suggest letting the pillow “off-gas,” meaning let the smell dissipate, before first use. This usually takes anywhere from 24-48 hours. Do so in a well-ventilated area.

Care Instructions

If you notice any stains on the cover, or just so happen to spill in bed, you can machine-wash the outer cover. Remove the inner layers before putting the pillow into the washing machine.

The Polysleep pillow with no foam inside.

From there, wash on a gentle cycle. Polysleep doesn’t suggest a water temperature, but for general upkeep, I suggest a cold water wash with a mild detergent. From there, Polysleep recommends air drying only.


While not specifically listed as a hypoallergenic product, Polysleep does mention that the memory foam core pieces are antimicrobial. This means that the foam will fight the buildup of bacteria and mold. And the outer cover can be machine-washed, which will eliminate any allergens that find their way onto the pillow.

Company Policies

When you make a purchase with Polysleep, here is what the company offers on the pillow.

Warranty Info

The Polysleep comes with a 3-year warranty.

Sleep Trial

You have 30 nights to test out the Polysleep pillow. This gives you just about a month to configure the pillow to your liking.

Return Policy

If, during the 30-night trial period, you decide that the Polysleep pillow is not for you, you can initiate a return with Polysleep. It’s recommended that you keep the box the pillow was shipped in. Polysleep does offer a full refund and free shipping for returns.

Common Polysleep Pillow Complaints

Adjustable pillows can work for many people, but they’re not right for everyone. The Polysleep pillow has a number of four and five star reviews, but some customers were unhappy with their purchase. Most of the complaints were about the foam pieces. 

Many were not satisfied with the fact that the foam pieces needed to be stacked on top of one another. For some, it made the pillow too firm. Others mentioned that you could feel the gap between the pieces and the outer cover, which felt uncomfortable.

Adjustable pillows do come in many different forms, but ultimately it is up to the individual to do the adjusting and testing to find that “sweet spot” for comfortable sleep. 

How Does Polysleep Pillow Compare To Other Pillows?

It’s always a good idea to keep your options open when purchasing a new pillow. Let’s compare the Polysleep pillow to two other pillows from popular brands.

Polysleep vs Saatva

Saatva’s latex pillow features a somewhat similar design to the Polysleep pillow. Both feature outer chambers full of down alternative that surround an inner core. But where Polysleep uses four pieces of memory foam, Saatva uses an inner pillow full of shredded latex. Both can work as adjustable pillows, as you do have the option to remove the latex fill from the Saatva pillow.


However, the Saatva pillow shines brightest with the latex core inside. The latex core provides support, while the outer layers of down alternative are soft and plush, which gives the pillow an overall soft feel. Polysleep’s pillow is much firmer, especially when you have three or four foam pieces.

Back sleepers will enjoy the Saatva pillow, but side and stomach sleepers won’t have the proper loft. However, thanks to its adjustability, the Polysleep pillow works very well for side and stomach sleepers in addition to back sleepers.

Who Should Get the Polysleep Pillow? Who Should Get the Saatva Latex Pillow?
People who prefer firm pillows People who prefer soft pillows
Side and stomach sleepers Back sleepers

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Polysleep vs Marlow

Some people enjoy using adjustable pillows, but they can be a bit of a guessing game to get it just right. Marlow’s memory foam pillow is adjustable, but you don’t have to worry about removing an inner fill. Simply zip or unzip one of two zippers found along the long side of the pillow to adjust its firmness.


You’ll have to remove the foam core pieces from the Polysleep pillow to adjust it, but this offers more adjustability over the Marlow pillow. And the outer cover of the Polysleep pillow can be emptied and machine-washed, while you can’t wash the Marlow pillow. Both are medium-firm to firm, but firm pillow lovers should opt for the Polysleep pillow.

Finally, when looking at price, both can be offered in single or double packs, but the Marlow pillow is more affordable.

Who Should Get the Polysleep Pillow? Who Should Get the Marlow Pillow?
People who want a machine-washable pillow People who want a simple adjustable pillow
Fans for firm pillows Budget-minded shoppers

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Our Polysleep Pillow Review Ratings

Take a look at our Mattress Clarity rating for the Polysleep pillow!

Polysleep Pillow Review
4.3 Overall
Sleep Trial Period

Polysleep Pillow FAQs

How long will my Polysleep pillow last?

Around two to three years. Polysleep does use high-quality materials in this pillow, and with good care should last you the length of the 3-year warranty.

What if I don’t like my Polysleep pillow?

You can return it. From the day it arrives on your doorstep, you’ll have 30 days to test the pillow. If, during that 30-day period, you don’t like the pillow you can initiate a return.

Does Polysleep ship to the United States?

Yes. Polysleep is a Canadian company and has two sites, one for Canadian shoppers and one for American shoppers.

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