People Share 95 Huge Trends That Everyone Forgot About

As a fellow millennial growing up, don’t tell me you didn’t have one of those plastic stretchy chokers, or that fascinatingly odd toy called a yo-yo. At some point in our childhood, these were among the must-haves but have since vanished without a trace.

Many trends, tendencies and crazes (fancy participating in a flashmob, anyone?!) that were getting all the buzz at one point seem to have had an expiry date.

“What was a huge trend everyone forgot about?” someone asked on Reddit, and the thread soon turned into a walk down memory lane merged with a healthy dose of cringe.


If you are old enough, you can't beat mood rings.

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Yo-yo's had a big resurgence when I was a kid in the 90s. They were all the rage for like half of one school year, and then they just kind of vanished. It was fun playing with them with my dad for a while, and i did learn a few tricks.

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“There is not really a golden rule to recognize whether something is a trend or a fad,” Lina Survila, the founder of Abstract Stylist magazine and creator of metaverse news newsletter The Wearables Daily, told Bored Panda.

It really depends on the context and every trend. But when talking about fashion, the industry which is largely ruled by tendencies that change every season, many unexpected things happen, Lina argues.

“I think about trends and fads in fashion the same way I think about art - the truth will shine after a long time when we will be able to realize if this thing is really something that will stay within our generation.”


Toe socks. Very uncomfortable but very fashionable in the 90’s

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I feel like we, as a society, have collectively decided to just pretend like JNCO pants never existed.

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sane-ish replied:

One of my aunts still does this. We don't talk.

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Today, many trends are inevitably influenced by the advancement of technology. From AI to Metaverse and Web3, the way we experience the world around us is rapidly changing. And so are art and fashion. Virtual try-ons, video games, metaverse fashion shows, and NFTs paved the way for a new concept of digital fashion, and experts say there’s no telling what will come next.

For many fleeting trends, the biggest challenge is to remain relevant. The only way to do so is to hold or raise its value for years to come. But how could we know that? Lina says she takes into account a few things before making her decision about a purchase.

“First, it's the people who made it, because people always bring the biggest value. Just think about it, H&M is not a collectible brand, but once they collaborate with a famous designer, it's another story, and those items sell at a higher price than the original sale.”



Sea-Kitchen3779 replied:

People would get real sh**ty when you told them you didn't play and couldn't trade strawberries or some s**t.

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Those plastic stretchy chokers that also doubled as bracelets.

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Super thin eyebrows and jeans that defy the concept of a pubic line

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Another important aspect is timing. “Is this thing a copy or something I have never seen in the space? For example, even though IKEA is full of functional minimalistic style designs, Dieter Rams' designs will always sell at a higher price. They will be valuable in time because he was a pioneer in space,” Lina explained.

And the third aspect to think about when making an investment is the item’s technology availability. “Is this built on something that will change fashion or any industry forever?”

Lina gave an example of Prada's iconic nylon bags. “Those were one of the first nylon bags on the market at a time when nylon was huge news in fashion. Nobody used nylon before in that way. I understand cryptocurrencies the same.” The creator of the metaverse newsletter draws a parallel between Ethereum technology and nylon material, saying “it’s new and exciting, and available for others to build off.”


Flash mobs.

SomeDinosaurs replied:

This is a shame. I always thought they were fun!

Apprehensive-Cow6194 replied

Good they’re so cringe.

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Boy bands.

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The “challenges” like cinammon challenge, the ice bucket challenge, condom challenge, etc.

catchmeifyoucannon added:

Mannequin Challenge.

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Pokémon go. I know some people still play. But it was huge when it first came out.

corobo replied:

Closest we ever got to world peace.

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Pet rocks. Dude made bank

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Slap bracelets


Fun ringtones.

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Gangnam Style

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Furbies, tickle me elmo.

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Smelly Stickers, my fav was Buttered Popcorn..



wheresthecheat replied:

Ugh that was the best 3 weeks before my school banned them. We would have our friends pull us into jousting fights between classes… okay i guess i understand why they were banned but they were still fun as sh**t

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Harlem Shake.

DeltaForce_Valentine replied:

I loved the Harlem Shake, it was wholesome. Also i feel like my life was happier during that era when it came out.

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Vine, old short-video social media.



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Leg warmers.

SpunkyCrunky replied:

I’m the proud owner of several pairs of leg warmers and I wouldn’t give them up even after death. Those mfs are getting buried with me


Wearing overalls with one strap unbuttoned like Fresh Prince


Spinning rims on cars. Those were BAD.


My mom lived in the 80’s as a young adult and according to her it’s 100% aerobics. Worldwide. So huge in fact that you can’t pretty much escape it as it was EVERYWHERE. TVs, electrical appliances and outfits, movies, songs, competitions, HECK a lot of corporate workplace including my mom’s even had a dedicated aerobics routine.

And you’d think gym culture today is already wack enough…..


Lower back tattoos.

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Hacky sack tricks.

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Beaded animals. Any other school have a craze where people made animals from beads and string? I remember having someone make me a lizard and hanging it from my backpack


This might be a bit of a regional thing: Puka shell necklaces.


Anyone else remember Koosh balls?


California Raisins


Tight-rolling your jeans.


Jelly shoes.

Wearing 2 different coloured pairs of socks at once, & rolling them down, so that the underneath sock colour showed.

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Hypercolor shirts


Kriss Kross and backwards pants, circa 1990.

Dee_Buttersnaps replied:

They performed on In Living Color and the next day half the boys in my fifth grade class came to school with their clothes on backwards.

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Giant wallet chains




Cabbage Patch Dolls


Shoulder pads.

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The little finger skateboards and trick bicycles toys.


Fidget spinners and the dab.

Spank-Those-Hams replied:

30 year old substitute teacher here. I dab sometimes when the kids say something dab worthy, which is either met with cringes or laughter. Either one gives me strength.

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I don't think I could tell you the last time I saw UGG boots in person.

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The hair poof in the front girls used to rock.


Wearing an arm full of (chunky or thin) rubber bracelets from different fandoms. So many girls did it as conversation starters,, I still cringe.


3D tvs and curved computer display monitors.

They kept saying, "3D TV is the future!" They've been dead for a few years now.


The run on Beenie Babies.

They were buying them literally as an investment worth thousands of dollars... I literally saw them the other day being sold at Speedway


W.W.J.D.? (What would Jesus do?)

Waste_Coat_4506 replied:

My religious middle school friend would take of her wwjd bracelet off if she had something sinful to do, like cursing or lying to her parents. I'm not sure that's how it works but idk, I never read the Bible


Rainbow loom, people even made clothes with it.

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Swatch watches, even wearing two at a time.


That odd period when everything was themed around a mustache.

mx3goose replied:

Girls who got the mustache tattoo on your pointer's life going?

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I feel like the trend of neon clothing and accessories was a huge one that everyone seems to have forgotten about.

Remember when everyone was rocking those neon green snapback hats and neon pink crop tops?

Good times.

I still have some neon pieces in my closet, I might have to bring them back.


Bedazzling everything!


Garbage pail kids.


Angry birds and cut the rope on a way too small phone screen.


It's been a long time since I've seen Chuck Norris memes.

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Hoverboards. Every mall kiosk was selling them. Everyone was getting them for Christmas. People were selling them out the trunk. I’ve still never set foot on one. They were everywhere.


Pacifier necklaces.
Not sure if this was a international trend though. Early-mid 1990s, small colourful plastic pacifiers that we would trade and exchange.
I wouldnt mind a comeback, they were rather cute.




That week everyone was obsessed with sea shantys for some reason


Miami vice pastel jackets and brutini shoes. Don't forget about Michael Jackson jackets 2000% markup on those.


Tae Bo


Clowns randomly showing up in places and freaking people out. I feel like it was just a few years ago.


Wearing colorful knee high socks over you pants… middle school was a dark time.



Nollie_flip replied:

I feel personally attacked haha. Been a huge fan for 15 years and it's definitely here to stay at this point, it's just not in the mainstream as much anymore, which I actually prefer, because it's more like it was when I first became a fan.


Those sockem boppers. They are more fun then a pillow fight! But really as kids it would turn into an all out brawl and our parents would take them away. Because one kid would be bruised and crying.


When corporations were trying to make the best virtual assistants. Like clippy and bonzi buddy.


Palm pilots and other PDAs. Former Handspring Visor user here.


Tiger Electronic games, nobody remembered them until the AVGN episode about it.


the really cool computer mouse you could get that had water or other things in it. Tried getting one and I can't seem to find it anywhere! Honestly there was a lot of cool technology like that back then.


Y’all remember silly bandz? Those little animal shaped rubber bands? Those things took over my middle school. Ended up being treated like a controlled substance which only made them even more valuable. Then one day they just vanished.



Rapturence replied:

I accrued about 2 million Neopoints over a few years during its prime. Sunk so many hours into those 3-per-day games (especially the pterodactyl and bullseye games!). And I loved reading the stories/fanfics written by users, several of them became multi-entry sagas that spanned months. Came back a year ago to find my account hacked ?


The cup song.


Vuvuzela’s. Man they were annoying!


Baby on Board signs in car windows.


That dress where you never knew the color


Extreme Ironing.




Can we start bottle flipping again? You never miss something until it's gone...


Filters on Instagram. It feels like all photos were sent through ‘Valencia’ in 2014


Kony 2012

For all the hype, he's still never been caught.


Those purses made out of old Kool-aid packets. Also the purses with the sequins all over them.


The playlist feature on MySpace pages.


Does anyone remember popcorn shirts? Those were a huge thing when I was in like 4th and 5th grade


POW bracelets in the 1960s or 70s. I was a kid, I wore one. Don't know if he ever made it home.


Braiding your barrettes with ribbon and letting the ribbon hang down ala 1981.


Rage Comics

And Pokemon Go


Anyone remember domo? The brown rectangle monster.


No one remembers Yikes! pencils and pens? Those things were absolute status symbols when I was in elementary school.


Crazy Bones!


Webkinz… if you know, you know.


Vsco girls


Those little gooey alien things you could buy. Remember the rumour that if you put their heads together, they would father just used to throw em at the ceiling

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