People Open Up About 89 Secrets That Would Destroy Lives If They Got Out

Keeping another person's secret is a double-edged sword. On one hand, when people confide in us, we take it as an act of intimacy and it can bring the two of us closer, but on the other, the more sensitive the information (the more we feel we have to hide it on behalf of the confidant), the heavier it becomes for us.

So in an attempt to lighten the load everyone carries on their back, two Redditors asked them to share it. u/I_LIKE_YOU_ and u/daddydempy both created posts that invite other users to share some of the darkest secrets they know that could ruin someone else's life. And many have — here are some of the most popular replies.


My best friend's boyfriend (who I had known since I was three) was going to break up with her on Sunday night. He got in a motorcycle accident Sunday afternoon and passed away. This happened 3 years ago and she is still messed up about it because she loved him and they were still in a relationship when he passed, she still calls him her boyfriend.

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I know that my grandpa had a second family that nobody else in my family knows about.

My grandma on my dad's side of the family died when I was still very young, but my grandpa lived until I was in my early 20's and we were pretty close. At one point when I was about 13 or 14 he got very sick and we all thought it was the end. I was sitting and talking to him one day (he was in bed) and he fell asleep. He was on a lot of medication including painkillers so this wasn't a shock. A few minutes later he woke, but was disoriented and talking to me like I was someone else. He was apologizing to me about not being there, which made no sense. I put together the pieces and suspected he was talking about (or thought he was talking to) someone he had had an affair with.

So he pulls through that illness and a few years later he and I went on a weekend fishing trip. On that trip I asked him about what he was saying and what I suspected he was talking about. He confessed to me that in the late 1950's he and my grandma were going through a rough patch. He met this other woman and saw her off and on for about a year then she ended up getting pregnant. He would go see her when possible and gave her money to support the kid. My grandma, dad and aunt (my dad's sister) never knew about this and he asked me to keep this between us. Over the course of the weekend he explained how his life was basically a hell of his own creating because he was lying to two different women and trying to basically juggle two different families. He told me to never do what he had done.

I never told anyone then a handful of years later he died. The lawyer contacted me about his will and said there was a special clause in the will just for me. Basically I got control of his safe deposit box, but the lawyer was supposed to not tell anyone else about the box, it was private and just for me. In the regular will the grandkids (there were four of us in all) got $5,000 each. In the safe deposit box was a letter he wrote me telling me how he appreciated me keeping his confidence and how he was proud of the man I had grown to become. There was also $25,000 in cash. I wasn't sure what to do with it. At first I was excited, but then it felt like I was being paid for my silence and it made me kind of ill. After much deliberation I gave the money to a group that helps abused and runaway kids.

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A friend I grew up with and recently reconnected with had sex with his wife's sister. He got her pregnant, she had the baby and the wife doesn't know the "niece" she's babysitting daily is her husband's child.

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I know a woman who was dating a child-free man. He was adamant about not ever having children while she was crazy about the opposite. She punctured condoms, stopped birth control (while pretending she never stopped) and lied about her period dates. Poor guy thought her birth control and the condoms he was using would keep him safe, but she got pregnant anyway. He doesn't know, he's miserable.

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My friend comes from a pretty conservative family, which is fine, but some of them can be pretty judgmental. Anyway, after knowing her for a few years I found that her sister got pregnant at 16 and was shipped away to have the baby and have it adopted, and then she came home. They don't talk about it and act like it didn't happen.

For me that was always something that I'd only seen in movies or read about. She has no idea I know. I was told by a mutual friend.

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I have three older sisters and one younger brother. When I was younger, about 11, I was supposed to be sleeping over at my aunt's house because my parents were at a wedding and knew they would probably come home drunk. Anyways I got upset with my cousin, so I snuck out of the house and walked home. I was sleeping when I was awoken by my parents arguing in the living room. I was always a nosey child so I sat up listening and I heard my dad say "Why would you do this to me, after I helped you fight in court for [my oldest sister's name] then helped you raise her and love her as my own" then I heard my mom tell him to never bring that up again then I heard a door slam. Up until then I always thought we all had the same father, even to this day 12 years later I'm the only one out of my siblings that know my oldest sister is not my father's biological daughter. I don't even think my sister knows. I just couldn't bring myself to ever tell her. I don't even think my parents know I know. They didn't even know I was home that night. I pretended to just be getting home later on that morning. I have never told anyone.

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My grandmother married a divorcee. He developed Alzheimers and is now under nursing home care. She has since rewritten his will to financially exclude the daughters he had in his previous marriage and take all the money for herself. I know this because I overheard her talking with my aunt (she did not know I was in the house). I LOATHE her for doing it. It degrades her wholesome, grandmotherly status, and transforms her into an extremely immoral character in my life, but understand I can't say ANYTHING, or the entire family would spiral into more chaos than it's already in.

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One of my relatives was a musician with a very successful band. Then he dropped dead. The family put out word that he died of a heart attack. And that story stuck. To this day his fans, even his fellow band members think that's how he died. In reality, he dropped dead of a heroin overdose. Was shooting himself up in the bathroom when he ODed.

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My younger sister was r*ped by her boyfriend, forced to give birth to his daughter, and then later killed when she tried to leave.

Their daughter is 17, currently acing her tests, and believes she's mine and my wife's daughter. I will never tell her.


When I was in my late teens I found a fishing tackle box in our garage with some personal effects and a su*cide note inside. I never told anyone but 30+ years I asked my Mom over coffee to tell me the story of her life.

She was given up by her mother as a toddler and raised by her Dad, Benny*. He worked as a seaman on boats on the Intracoastal Waterway of the southern US so she often stayed with friends and relatives while he was away. When she was about 14 she was orphaned and lived with whomever would have her. One time a foster family moved out of their house, leaving her behind, but the new owners of the home allowed her to stay with them.

Eventually she settled in with the married couple that I came to know as my grandparents, Archie & Edith. They were relatives of hers and did not have children of their own. Archie was a Merchant Marine beginning in WWII and Edith was a homemaker. The next property over from theirs was owned by a good family friend that I called Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe & my Mom's real father, Benny, worked together offshore.

Reveal: Mom explained that the tackle box I found was my real grandfather's (Benny) but she thought the su*cide note was fake. She explained that Edith & Uncle Joe were lovers while Archie was sailing the seven seas. She found them out and told her Dad, Benny, who allegedly threatened to out them to Archie. She said that Uncle Joe probably killed my real grandfather to hide the affair.

Exec Summary: The people who I thought were my maternal grandparents were merely distant relatives. My "grandmother" had an affair with an "uncle", who was actually of no relation to me, which culminated in the murder of my real grandfather who was about to squeal on them.

TL;DR: My mother was raised by the people who made her an orphan by murdering her father. JB

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My friend's mom hooked up with an off-Broadway actor and got pregnant with him. She married her boyfriend and played him off as the boyfriend's kid. My friend doesn't know, but my mom does. She told me just in case something happens to her, so someone else knows the secret and can tell my friend if necessary sometime.

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When we had a "problem employee" my boss had one of his kids call in death threats to the employee to keep them from coming to work.

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Have a friend who had an affair with her older married boss and got pregnant, didn't realize it until she was too far along to get an ab*rtion. Boss tried to get her to agree to get an illegal ab*rtion (basically he "knew a guy," said guy was not an actual doctor working out of an actual clinic) which she flat out refused. Boss then ended up pressuring her to give the baby up for adoption ("I'll fire you and ruin your life if you don't," "I'll have you thrown out of your apartment" and other threats were made; this guy was a Big Name in our town and she took the threats seriously) and she eventually agreed. He's been sending her money every month since to keep her quiet about it.

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My boyfriend's first girlfriend's mother would always try to hook up with her daughter's boyfriends. But that's not the weirdest part.

After the mom tried putting the moves on him and he barricaded himself in the bathroom to wait for his GF to save him, girlfriend told him in the car that it was normal for her mom to have sex with her boyfriends and vice-versa (mom was a single parent). Not only that, but she and her mom would have threesomes together with the boyfriends.

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My mother starved my grandmother to death for her inheritance.

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One of my bosses is sleeping with an assistant from our legal department. He's in his late 40s, I can't imagine she is older than 27/28. He's married with three children. The security guard at work caught them and then quit because she didn't want to be a part of it. He thinks no one knows. I figured it out within two weeks of working at the company.

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My friend's darling father is actually the head of an organised crime gang and organised the shooting dead of one of the heads of a major criminal gang in Ireland. My uncle, who was in prison, told me this (I've a feeling he's still somewhat involved in crime as well) and apparently it's becoming common knowledge among gangland Dublin to the detriment of my friend's father, who is a very respectable (and nice to meet) man. According to my uncle he'll be killed within six months once someone else fancies being the boss.

My friend constantly talks up her father and now I'm beginning to see it as some form of overcompensating. I wonder should I come clean and tell her I know what's going on (or maybe she doesn't know at all).

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My girlfriend's sister confided in me that her father used to molest her when they were little. She said she saved my girlfriend from it because she was old enough to know what was going on. My girlfriend doesn't know, and her dad visited recently and took us all out to dinner. Super uncomfortable.

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My best friend was molested continuously through her childhood by her brother, who is ten years older than her. Her parents have no idea, and they're constantly pressuring her to write to her brother, who's currently in prison for meth.

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Worked for a credit union as a teller when I was younger, the town my branch was located in was very far from my town(never ran into a familiar face). Until one day a mutual friend's father walks in (has no idea who I am), this family is by no means well off, or so I thought. The father had three accounts that equaled out to almost a million dollars. Obviously I started doing my research and found out he was hiding his money from his family and they had no idea he had all this money. My guess he inherited the money because they never had new cars, lived very middle class, and had basic jobs. He purposely had this account almost an hour away from their home town so no one would know/see him is what I imagine. Pretty f**ked... One thing I learned after being a teller for some odd years. People are very sneaky with their money.

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Logged into a best friend's PS3 web browser once only to discover they watch Red Neck Father+Son Incest p**n.

It has been a personal rule of mine to not go into the web browsers of other people's PS3s now.

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My girlfriend's mom seduced my girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, who was also hitting on my girlfriend at the time. Her mom sent nudes to the boy as well as wrote smut about him and my girlfriend. (confusing, right?) In other words: mom sends nudes to daughter's boyfriend, writes smut between boyfriend and OTHER daughter.

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My friend thinks her mom is on a long business trip but she's actually in rehab for being a coke addict. No one knows this besides her dad and my mom, but I overheard the phone convo :/

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In college, an instructor in another department was sleeping with the department head of my program. He would drive her to work everyday and bring her flowers. Once, I caught him kissing her. He's a married man and his wife had no clue to my knowledge. The school eventually dismissed them both for the inappropriate relationship.

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One time at a friends house i went into his closet to jump out and scare him when he came back to the room. Found out he has bottles and jugs stored in there for peeing. I think he was just being weird and did this while gaming and it got to the point that he cant go unless its into a bottle

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My boyfriend told me that at one point he was going to break up with his ex but then she told him she was pregnant so he stayed with her. Then she had a miscarriage but he stayed. One day they were arguing and she let it slip that she lied from the start and was never pregnant nor had a miscarriage.

My mom cheated on my dad at some point. I over heard my parents arguing once and they brought that up. I don't know when or to what extent but it happened.


My brother had an affair with one of my friends mums.

She used to give him a lift to work when he was 18 years old, and she started being suggestive on one drive so they pulled over and you know what. This continued for a long time, over six months. She ended up getting obsessed with him and he blocked her on all social media and his phone and basically buried his head in the sand. Her husband is a huge skin head scary guy that owns one of the pubs, and her son is a lifelong friend of mine.

None of them know. He only told me as she, seemingly, didn’t tell anyone. It’s pretty weird having such a weighted secret


I used to know someone who told her daughter her bio dad is dead. He is not and very findable. Crazy


A coworker bragged (at work) about losing his virginity the night of his bachelor party but his wife still doesn't know and thinks they lost their virginity to each other on their wedding night. It's a VERY big deal to her and would most likely end in their divorce if she ever found out.

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My mom is the most straight laced, uptight person you can imagine and she works very high level financial jobs for the government. If you looked up "professional woman" in the dictionary it would probably just be a picture of her.

What no one else knows is that she has a tattoo on the back of her leg of a bear with penises instead of legs- like where it's legs would be there are just massive d**ks. She wears tights or pants to cover it all the time, as far as I know I'm the only person that knows about it. She was a very wild teenager and met up with an "aspiring tattoo artist" (aka rando with a tattoo gun) in a hotel room to get a tattoo of a bear when she was 16- the guy got a little excessively creative and gave her a bear with d**ks for legs.

It is so vulgar that if anyone saw it I think there's a good chance she's lose her job, or at least have some serious explaining to do. I once asked her why she doesn't get it removed and she says it's her "symbol to her stupid youth".


That my married friend regularly f**ks her neighbor.

She's married to a rich older guy and has no other means of supporting herself. If I spilled the beans, she'd be up s**t Creek.


My grandma complained to my mom that she interrupted a bridge game when they went to the hospital cause my mom tried to ki*l herself in college. Then when my genuinely sweet and kind grandpa died she got the inheritanice of 1.7m and lorded over my family's broke as f**k heads during my childhood. Waiting for her to die currently.

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I went to university with a guy who became a very successful drugs dealer on the dark web. He made tens of millions, then quietly retired somewhere in Asia and opened a vegan restaurant. His wife and kids dont have a clue. Last we spoke he said he still held most of the Bitcoin he collected back then and it's worth "9 digits" now. I dont want to say much more, he's the nicest guy who just unwittingly stumbled into a dubious windfall.


Picture this:

A friend of mine wants to marry her boyfriend after a long time of dating.

Her father told her they can't get married because her boyfriend is her brother...because he cheated.

Mother got wind of it...said they can go ahead and get married no problem.

They didn't get married with each other, but have been steadily going out even after marriage.

The genes runs deeper than you think...

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I wrote about this before. A friend of a friend told our clique of girls she was a contractor with the government and made a lot of money and had to travel a lot for work. She always dressed very well and had like nice purses, shoes etc.

Turns out she is a prostitute and a porn actress. Funny thing is my friend and her were always very judgmental of me because I dated a few guys after my divorce. Hypocrites.


Small back story. My dads side of the family is HUGE. I have 9 aunts and 4 uncles from his side (some of his siblings are half siblings) and dozens of cousins. Anyway, one of my aunts is the only one who really has her life together. She is married and has five kids but one of them isn't her husbands. I over heard her and my mom when I was six and my aunt was crying about something and all I heard was

"tasted funny" and "don't remember" and my mom telling her to take a shower and we'll deal with it after. I just kinda brushed it off and later asks my mom. She told me that my aunt was very sad and that was it. I don't know it got brought up but when I was 12 my mom told me the full story.

My aunt had invited over her husbands best friend and his girlfriend since she was a bit lonely with her husband gone on a trip for work. Only his best friend came over and they started drinking some sodas (I don't think any alcohol was involved). He offered to get her another soda and after that she felt tired and fell asleep soon after. The next morning she woke up and her shirt was inside out and she felt gross. There was also a note on her nightstand that said 'I owe you'. The sick s**t r*ped my aunt.

She called my mom since they were best friends at the time and they never told anyone except me. That secret could tear up my entire dads side in a second. Mostly because everyone is super close and the blame would be passed around that someone should have noticed.


My friend once told me he [pees] in people's shampoo bottles when he's drunk... Since then I hide all mine when he's over

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I know one of my best friends dads is having an affair...have known for about a year now but don't have the heart to tell her as she absolutely adores him. She did have suspicions as her mum started getting weird texts (presumably from this other woman) warning her that she was having an affair with her husband but it kind of got ignored as a joke and brushed under the carpet as he comes across as a nice guy. I found out because my step mum vaguely knows the other woman (they have mutual friends and go to the same dinner parties etc)


The family of a good friend (let's call her Ashley) is very religious. To the point that they only let her go to school or out with people they approved (I was the "good girl" who was allowed to go out with her to have fun) So, I was with Ashley during her rebellious stage in which She got into everything her family hated, got piercings, drank alcohol, dated guys (there was a video of her in a threesome that we had to delete from a guy's cell phone), and even has a couple of tattoos.

The point is that she is now of legal age and her family treats her as the exemplary girl that she never gave problems with the minors of the family. She is in a 1-year relationship with a boy from church that they approve of and with whom she "had no relationships" because they are expecting marriage.

If they knew the things she did in her adolescence, they would completely disown her, she would take away all the financial stability that she has from her since she continues to live with her parents. And all her neighbors would stop talking to her because her father is the pastor of the church.


In 8th grade one of my friends was out sick with mono for a few weeks. She came back for a day. then she left again for a few days. She told everyone she was just having more trouble with mono. But in reality she had tried to ki*l herself because she was so behind in school, and her parents were trying to divorce but they couldn't afford one...


I'm glad I get to dump this somewhere: I had this friend, John, for years... One of my best friends. We rode the same bus, I would walk to his house across the train tracks. We grew up together. The first night I ever tried cocaine, I tried it with John. 5AM, we'd been talking for hours. John decided it was confession time. He disclosed that he'd had homicidal ideations, for years, and fantasized about raping women. He told me about how he used to torture small animals... He told me that when he was 11 or 12 he had sex (multiple times) with the family dog. When he told me, he'd had this 'friends with benefits' who liked being pretend-raped, and didn't mind being humiliated by John... Who liked to put his finger in her butt and wipe poop on her face. John is now married with three kids.... I saw on Facebook; we never spoke again after that night.


My adopted daughter's biological mother had severe mental health issues, and her drug addiction killed her. These stemmed from the fact that she knew she was the product of an incestuous rape, and it was not kept secret. I don't ever want my daughter to find out, because I'm afraid of what it could do to her psychologically.


I knew a guy who secretly liked to dress up as a woman and have a bowling pin shoved up his bum-bum but made fun of guys for wearing skinny jeans.


After a long discussion with my uncle about money would make you happy, my uncle showed me (only me) his bank account, while many from my family was together with us at the table. He would only show me, if i wouldn't ever tell, what number i saw. I have never told anyone.

(I think) the number was huge enough, to think that it is f**ked up, that he lives like he does.

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On the gross side: Two of my cousins f**ked each other. To be clear, they're cousins to each other as well, not siblings.

On the illegal side: My superior at my last job stole thousands of dollars from the company (we did labor hire and she added a dummy employee that linked to her bank account).

I already wanted to leave because I hated it there, but once I figured it out I never dobbed her in because I figured the two outcomes were; she gets fired, and I have to do her job (I was trained to do it to cover when she was on leave) which would make it way harder for me to quit when a better opportunity came up, or, she gets in s**t but doesn't get fired, and would proceed to make my life hell until I managed to find another job.

So I just left it. The auditor never picked up on it either. She's still there, and has been promoted since. The CEO of the company absolutely loves her and thinks butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. I do wish I had said something now that I have moved on to another job though. Just so they know that the princess they think can't do anything wrong has been stealing from underneath their nose.


My cousin molested me as a child. He's now (as far as I knew last) a Sargent in the Canadian armed forces. Once my dad dies I'm filing a police report and will ruin his life. F**k, my dad and f**k, his family.


A rich businessman in my neighbourhood is meeting with a hooker on regular basis. I guess that could mess up a lot if his wife knew.


More like a secret amongst me, my mom and siblings, but it's how abusive my dad used to be. Still is but he has improved.


My GF's grandfather has a secret family.

He emigrated to my country from the US when he was younger, and kept in touch with his ex (I wanna say wife? Could be girlfriend.)

But he is also dating a woman here, who is the mother of a very prominent political figure in my country (has a decent shot at being our next prime minister). He travels back and forth from my country to the states, to visit "family" and play "golf" and the woman left behind has no idea. (The one living in the US actually knows about the other one, but the one in my country is fairly religious and would probably not approve...)


My mom told me my step-father is not my step-sister’s biological father. My step-sister has no idea.


I'm in the navy and I know a lot of people who have cheated on their spouses, I'm sure if I spilled the beans at least a few of them would have their lives ruined.


Lied about being pregnant and subsequently a miscarriage. Claimed she had photos taken at the hospital of her miscarriage but turns out she cropped those photos from an article written by a grieving mother. Sent these to her ex, supposed father of the child, for monetary support.


Years ago was trawling sketchy personals listings and came across my then Starbucks manager. He not only posted this face, but I could also see his s**tty tattoos so it was definitely him. Anyhow, he was servicing men and women starting at $100.

I never told anyone and I hated the fact that I'd seen his penis


I know my mother in law had an affair. I'll never say anything but it's a fun fact to know


Late to the party but still feel like sharing,

I'm very close with a friend's family (think godparent/adoptive type parents) and was over at their house for a cookout. It was late and everyone was hammered when friend's stepdad drunkenly confessed to me that friend's brother was raped by his biological father when he was a child. He was crying and saying it was his(step-dad's) and friend's mom's fault because they lost custody of friend's brother to the biological dad for a few years. I tried asking him about it the next day, but he had no memory of telling me.


Hope this doesn't get buried, one of the most f**ked up things I ever heard.

So my sis got married when she was 15 to a douchebag who'd just turned 18. Long story short, despite trying to make it on their own they failed and had to come back home to stay with my parents. I go to Uni, but come home for summers. SO one night we invite over a cousin, Calie. She and my sis are the same age and grew up together, they're really close. We plan to camp out in the backyard: smores and scary stories and whatnot.

It gets too cold for the my sis, her hubby, and Calie. But I'm not a pussy so I stay outside and sleep in the tent with the dogs. The three of them go inside to sleep in my sis's room on her big bed.

When Sis wakes up, she sees her new hubby f**king her cousin. Asks what's going on and Calie says she wanted to lose her V-card to a hot guy. (Btw, my sis's now Ex-husband was like a middle of bumf**k Michigan 4). My sis demands they stop, is super upset. Husband tells her to shut up cuz her window is open and I might here. She lays there and cries while he f**ks her cousin. Then he asks to have sex with my sis. She says no but he blames her for never putting out and forcing him to go to other girls. Calie backs him up, says my sis is a bad wife. So she lets him have sex with her.

Next morning, I'm none the wiser. My sis didn't tell me until a year later when that f**king rotting s**tcake d**k-weasel of an excuse for humanity has already moved away and they're divorced. Otherwise, I'd kick his [butt] into a dimension of endless clotted ji*z for the next century.

My sis holds it together real well. Even still talks to Calie. It all just got brushed under the rug like so many of our family secrets.

Tl;DR -- My sis got married to a complete **hat who f**ked her cousin and best friend in the bed right next to her while she sobbed. After, he demanded she have sex with him too. I hope he's dead.


A good friend of mine is Indian and gay, which she knows her family won't accept. She about to have an arranged marriage to a man, who is also gay. Neither of there families know the truth and are excited about the upcoming wedding. The grooms boyfriend is part of the wedding party. They plan to have children via ivf at some point.


My stepmom threw away a family heirloom that was gifted to me to make my already poor relationship with my dad worse.

I didn't figure it out until many years later, but my dad has passed now and she was never popular with any of my family or any of his friends to begin with.


My sister is bi. If my parents find out, they’ll take everything she has and pretty much leave her on her own.


My ex sexually assaulted me after we broke up. We got into a horrible argument and things escalated. He is now married with a successful career, a house, and an infant son.

I wonder if he ever thinks about it.


I know several people that I work with who have cheated on their spouses.


somebody i know confided in me telling me he is able to suck his own d**k. took me a while to believe him but after a while i knew he wasn't bulls**tting.

what made me believe him quicker was a girl i dated in high school dated a friend of mine before me, and when she and i were together she told me he gave himself head on her bed. She said that was the freakiest thing she was ever apart of.

Didn't know that s**t was that common. But I believe both of them.


My coworker drunkenly confessed to a murder to myself and another coworker. He told us the story, the details (including the victim) the location if the body, and the motive.

I've actually reported it to Law Enforcement but they never followed up with me. They either don't believe me or they have investigated and found nothing to prove, or they're still investigating it.

It's possible he made the whole thing up, but I've literally seen him pull a gun on someone before, and almost kill them.

I know he's killed people on deployment before (not the same thing, but still a factor).

I just also know him enough as a person, to know he is probably being honest about it.


My dad forced my mom to get two ab*rtions.


One guy I know in high school wears diapers to bed because he still pisses the bed, he's popularish so I could spread that like wildfire if I wanted too but were buddies, he doesn't know I know and that's the way I'll keep it


One of my brother's military friends sexually assaulted me while my brother, his friend, and one of my friends were hanging out playing pool and drinking. My brother knows because I told him the night it happened. My family also knows. The dude is married and has three kids. Initially my brother was furious and talked about shooting the guy, but now they're friends again and the reasoning he gave me was "everybody cheats." Except none of it was consensual and I'm not a piece of s**t.

His wife showed up in my "People You May Know" on Facebook and I've contemplated telling her.


This girl I know left her notebook in my car one day and during a blaze sesh I decided to read it and tell no one. The weekend before she took a s**t ton of Xanax and was kind of gone for a week or so while her boyfriend was out of town. Turns out I read that she f**ked her boyfriend's best friend and roommate at the time because she slept there while they just got f**ked up 24/7 for a week and a half on Xanax, molly, weed, and what else. She sounded sad about it and s**t and I'm not a fan of her bf so I didn't say anything to her or our mutual friend or even anyone I know because I'd look like a creep reading someone's personal diary. But hey I did it!

TL;DR: I read my acquaintance's personal diary and found out she went on a molly and Xanax and f**king spree with her boyfriend's best friend and roommate while he was gone.


I found out a few years ago that when my dad was a teenager he got some girl pregnant. The pregnant girl's family sent her back to their country (somewhere in central America) where the girl and her family raised the baby. The girl's family forbade her to have contact with my dad so my dad never knew what happened to her and their baby. This was about 6 years before I was born. So I have an older half-sibling out there and litterally only me and my parents know.


My cousin is f**king a gang member and his friends. Surprisingly, they seem to all get along, and they treat her really nicely. They're like one big happy group of friends that occasionally have sex. Minus the criminal activity that her boyfriend (friends?) get up to, it's oddly sweet.

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My good friend (m) had sex with his female best friend's boyfriend and she doesn't know. Her boyfriend is who help my friend realize he's gay, but I'm the only other person who knows.


my ex friend has had sex with multiple people from his family... and f**ed one of them multiple times. so many you couldn't keep track.


I’m a doctor. I hold hundreds of deepest darkest secrets. I know who’s having affairs, who’s had STIs, ab*rtions, drug addiction etc etc. I would never tell.


I know 2 people with Hep C who have sex with others without informing them. I can't prove it, but I know it happens.


My cousin was conceived by her father raping her mother.


A guy I know has a court date coming up for a DUI and child endangerment, along with 3 other charges stemming from both. I'm his best shot at being found not guilty, but I'm also the one that could bury him. I told him not to have any investigators come to the house, because if he does ( because he keeps bringing my name up ), I will bury him because I will not lie to cover his own ass.


One of my best friends' exes had a kink for c**ming in peoples' food without their knowledge and then watching them eat it.


One of my friends had a roommate in college who was a total douche.

For some reason he decided to jack off into the roommate's shampoo bottle.

Every time the roommate was being a jerk, he'd shoot a load into the guy's shampoo.

This continued for the entire year. The roommate never found out.

For awhile my friend had a pavlovian effect where he'd pop a boner when he got mad.


I work with a guy who told me one night after too many beers (pretty sure he can't remember telling me) that he had killed someone in a [soccer] 'firm' fight. I won't name teams or anything but he said he was involved in an organized fight and distinctly remembers caving someone's head in with a blunt object before running away.


Alt account for obvious reasons.

Me and the wife are getting divorced, due to her cheating on me. We have a daughter that is two years old. The No Paramour clause is in effect. What that means is that if she is seeing someone, that person CANNOT stay there while my daughter is there. I'm not sure if it continues to that guy can even be around her at all.

We know from her own family (that she royally pissed off) that the guy she is with is living there with her. That means when my daughter goes to spend the night with my soon-to-be ex-wife, that boy IS there. We've just recently hired a PI, and are hoping to hear back soon. Fact of the matter is, she is looking at contempt of court charges, which could be a year in jail, loss of visitation, or a 1500-2000 dollar fine as well as loss of visitation.

Your move, you manipulative b****.


Freshman year I was hanging out with a new group of people that I didn't know super well, mostly because of this one girl in the group who I got along well with. Anyway we were talking about banging and she was telling us about this guy she hooked up with at a party a few days ago. Fast forward like a week later and we go to a party, and we're coming back in the car. Everyone is wasted and talking super loud on top of the music and I'm talking to her and she said she was lesbian, and I said "what about that guy you hooked up with last week" and she said "Oh he raped me. I didn't want to tell anyone". We were both pretty drunk and I'm not sure if she was serious or she thought I wasn't listening but either way I had no idea what to say at the time.

I had only known her for a few weeks really, and I had never dealt with this before. I never brought it up afterwards, she was definitely troubled, but most of it came from childhood/parents before she got to college.

But to be honest I have no idea if she is even aware that she told me that.


I was homeless as a teen. I sold weed, because I wasn't legally allowed to work at that age in my state, wasn't willing to steal (I wanted to earn my money, legal or not), and I wasn't willing to sell something more profitable, and ruin people's lives with addiction.

So I was around a lot of crime, as a result. There's plenty of things that could have ruined lives if I had been willing to tell people, but I took the "you don't snitch" policy to heart. Except when it came to pedophiles, we regularly made exceptions for them, involving the police when we encountered them. Which was frequently.

Anyway, I had a friend who was my age. Wasn't homeless, but might as well have been. We ran the streets together, partying and having fun. One night, we got jumped by an adult. I was 13-14, he was 15, and this grown man was on top of my 3rd friend (also 15), just hitting him in the face over and over again. So I pushed him off him and my friend hit him the the face with a skate board.

That stopped him from attacking us any further, and we got out of there.

The cops caught up with us, the guy pointed me out as the one that hit him with a skateboard, and I wasn't willing to put my friend in jail to free myself.

I ended up locked up for a year and a half. I never regretted my decision, I always felt it was the right thing to do, but it did damage me mentally (children that age aren't capable of dealing with solitary confinement, let alone for a year and a half). And then my friend, the one who actually hit him, died in our 20's. And suddenly, that year and a half, became a huge percentage of his short life. And I'm so grateful I was able to give it to him.


One of my closest friends went to an Ivy League college. He very much acts like it on a regular basis.

I know (but he doesn't) that his parents bought his way in. His grades were far too mediocre.


A former colleague denied vacation requests for staff so he could instead approve a request for a subpar employee that he kissed at an office party. He's on an H1-B and if he were fired would have to go back to India and his wife would find out what happened. He's too lazy to apply for a visa change to get off the H1-B and is a s**tty manager in general.


My best friend confided in me that when were both minors she would go on chat roulette and masturbate on cam (I'm talking like 13 or 14). She'd always tell the guys she older. That was a few years ago and I don't judge her for it, now she's in a very happy Dom-Sub relationship with a Ginger version of Christian Grey (minus the wealth).


My friend had sex with his wife's sister long before they got married. She has no idea.


My coworker used to f**k her best friend's (now ex) husband. I assume the friend doesn't know, because they're currently roommates. Wouldn't be surprised if she also f**ks her friends new boyfriend as well.


I know someone that used to f**k his sister regularly. She was only a half sister though, which probably means it's fine...


I know his kink, he knows mine. It's basically mutually assured destruction if either of us ever turns into that big an ***hole.


I used to work in a hospital and had access to our national medical records system.
One day when I was amazingly bored I put everyone on my facebook's name into it.

There were many TIL's that day.
I now know who has STD's and about that one guy that got his nuts removed.

I act differently around some people now.
5/10 - interesting but would not do again.

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