Oculus Quest 2 Users Can Now Work In Their Own Headsets

Oculus Quest 2 Users Can Now Work In Their Own Headsets 3
The Oculus Quest 2 received a slew of productivity features in v29 which enable users to check their phones in VR, a dedicated File Manager and other shortcuts to enter AR Passthrough mode.

Much of these features were also rolled out for original Quest users across the week, while Facebook reaffirmed owners will still be supported for updates. Unfortunately, Oculus Quest 1 owners are still left out of some exclusive features from April’s v28 update, including Air Link for wireless PCVR. Quest 1 users are also locked out of the 120Hz mode, which lets certain PCVR games play at a higher performance. The Quest 2-exclusive Infinite Office lets users bring their physical keyboards into VR, letting them type and finish office work through Google Drive or other browser-based sites.

Oculus Quest 2 Menu - Facebook
Oculus Quest 2 Menu – Facebook

Infinite Office is just one of the bigger features improved by May 2021’s v29 update. According to Facebook, users can now pair their iOS phones with their Quest 2s. From there, users can receive phone notifications in VR and no longer go through a pet peeve of exiting their world. This also applies to games, as text messages and other important phone notifications can appear seamlessly. Gamers can also keep their phones out of their pockets as they move around in faster-paced experiences.

Quest 1 users have a benefit of using Multi-User and App Sharing. In turn, one headset can now have multiple Guest accounts and play games on brand new save files. All users will receive a caveat; personalized ads in their Oculus mobile apps and storefront.

Oculus Quest 2 users now have a dedicated file manger for browsing internal files and deleting specific content. In a highly requested feature, users can even download media files from the Browser, Google Drive or Dropbox straight to their headset’s memory. Vice versa, users can also upload files and even send office work created in VR back to their online systems. This makes VR screenshots, videos and other captures easier to send without ever plugging a Quest into a computer.

Quest 2 File Manager - Facebook
Quest 2 File Manager – Facebook

Facebook also revealed the v29 update gives users more control over the casting features. VR users can now use the Oculus Quest microphone in their recordings, adding commentary and instruction with their POVs. The iOS version of casting also lets users put their real selves in VR.

Called Live Overlay, gamers can now show themselves in a world and record the footage. It’s as simple as putting the camera on themselves, showing their real bodies in the VR world. This makes Quest streaming simpler without needing a green screen or PC software for putting oneself in VR. It’s worth noting the Live Overlay feature is only supported with the more powerful iPhone XS and more recent iPhones. Facebook adds more work is being done to support more devices, though it’s unclear which and when that update would be.

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