Nvidia Allegedly Planning a Fourth RTX 3060 With New GPU, GDDR6X

(Credit: RTX 3060 via Nvidia)
Nvidia went a bit crazy in the Ampere era, trying to capitalize on the GPU shortage. There were endless variants of its GPUs, with every card getting a Ti version. This allowed for small differences between the Ti card and the next card in the stack, such as the RTX 3080 Ti and the RTX 3090, for example. However, the cards it sells the most are always the x60 variants. As such, it created three GPUs: the RTX 3060 8GB, the 3060 12GB Lite Hash Rate (LHR), and the 3060 12GB. Now it’s reportedly considering adding a fourth version to the lineup with a new GPU and faster memory. This could be viewed as an RTX 3060 Super.

The person who runs Techpowerup’s GPU database posted news of this rumored GPU. This is a comprehensive listing of GPU specs that are widely used and reliable. The site is also responsible for the popular GPU-Z video card utility. Therefore, it’s possible this person saw this GPU pop up in some validation test for the utility. They go by T4C Fantasy on Twitter and flagged the GPU with little context. However, they noted it would use GDDR6X memory, which is faster than the GDDR6 used in current RTX 3060s. They also note it’ll use a new GPU, the GA104 currently in the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070. All current RTX 3060s use GA106.

The RTX 3060 Ti might be getting a competitor from below soon. (Credit: PCMag)

The difference between the two dies is not insignificant. GA106 has 12 million transistors and is 276mm². GA104 has over 17 million transistors and is 392mm². By granting this card the RTX 3060 Ti’s GPU and faster memory, it’ll create the most powerful “regular” RTX 3060. However, one facet of this alleged card is genuinely confusing. Previously Nvidia added GDDR6X memory to an upgraded RTX 3060 Ti, which has the same GPU, GA104. Therefore, the two cards would have identical specs but different names. Though it sounds confusing, Nvidia might be making this GPU just for one specific market, such as China, according to Videocardz.

Last week we reported on Nvidia’s desire to clear the channel of existing RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti GPUs to make way for the RTX 4060. Given the news of this rumored GPU, it may have a bunch of GA104 dies sitting around. If it can wedge them into an RTX 3060 at an affordable price, it won’t have much trouble selling them. It’ll make the RTX 3060 Ti redundant, but maybe Nvidia doesn’t mind at this game stage.

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