Must Have Gaming Accessories for Back to School

BBY back to schoolAs a Fall chill slowly creeps into the summer evenings, it signals the start of the back to school season. If you are a student, it’s a great time to begin shopping for office tech and stationary supplies. Back to school also marks another big milestone, the start of the busy Fall gaming season. You’ll want to be prepared for both hectic periods, why not spoil yourself with a few video game related accessories? Here’s my top picks for each gaming platform that will help you get the most out of your entertainment experience.

Back To School ControllersSchool opponents with a brand-new controller

Best Buy offers a wide selection of controllers for every gaming platform. If you are looking to play couch co-op or online with friends, it always helps to have an extra controller. Whether you game on the PlayStation 4 , Xbox One or Nintendo Switch there is a large selection of models and colors to match your performance and style needs.

If you are on the Xbox platform, and looking for an edge in performance the Xbox One Elite Series 2 is your answer. The controller features interchangeable components, adjustable tension thumb sticks, and upwards of 40 hours of battery life. If you are looking for a remote that can give you a serious edge on the competition, the Elite Series 2 is nearly unparalleled.

If you love gaming on the go with the Nintendo Switch there are many colour options for Joy-Cons to help suit your style. From the funky neon orange and purple combo to the more traditional grey, we’ve got all your styles covered.

If your PlayStation 4 is looking for an extra pop of colour, there is a wide variety of DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers to suit your taste. You can even up your game with the Back Button Attachment. You can map the two programmable back buttons to 16 functions to further customize your playstyle.

Back to school audio advantage

If you are gaming in a dorm, at home or on the road upgrading your gaming headset helps to further immerse you in virtual worlds. There are plenty of options available from value-based options to high end headsets that pump out big bass and clear, distinct audio.

On the value end, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Over-Ear Wireless Gaming Headset offer great sound and durability.

If you are looking for a higher end option the SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset offers incredible performance. The 40mm drivers deliver a great range of sound, helping to give you the advantage on the battlefield. The sleek, subtle design looks great in all settings doubling as a day-to-day headset. The built-in Xbox wireless and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to instantly connect to your console or smartphone.

back to school cyberpunk

Make room for more games!

This is a perfect time to upgrade your gaming storage just before the rush of Fall games arrive. Make sure you’ve got enough space by picking up an external USB hard drive for your PS4 and Xbox One.

The newly released Seagate The Last of Us Part II Hard Drive is a great option for a PS4 memory upgrade. With 2TB of storage, you can store 50+ games!

If you are looking for a stylish Xbox One storage upgrade, the dazzling Seagate Cyberpunk 2077 2TB Hard Drive is a sleek and stylish option. The special futuristic design is inspired by the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077,it’s also able to hold over 50+ extra Xbox games.

Back to School SanDisk-Nintendo

SD memory card upgrades

If you are trying to take as much of your Nintendo Switch gaming library with you, consider upgrading your microSD memory. There are many options available from 32GB all the way up to 512GBs. If you want a little extra Nintendo touch on your SD storage, Sandisk has branded cards featuring the Triforce (64GB), Mushroom (128GB) and Star (256GB).

Back to school multiplayer

Whether you play on Xbox, PS4 or the Nintendo Switch you’ll want to have each subscription service active before heading back to school. Certain platforms like Xbox required Xbox Live in order to access the multiplayer component of games.

On the Xbox One you’ll need to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription, while a PlayStation Plus subscription will be required for the PS4. If you do a majority of your gaming on the Nintendo Switch you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

back to school xbox A catalog of gaming experiences

If you are on a “back to school budget” you might want to consider the Xbox Game Pass subscription. This subscription gives you access to over one hundred titles like Halo: Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves and more. It offers incredible value for a monthy subscription fee.

If you shop at a Best Buy location, rest assured that all precautionary measures are taken by Best Buy employees to make your experience as safe as possible. Please see this page for more details on how Best Buy is committed to keeping the community safe. If you are looking for more back to school option be sure to check out this page.

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