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There's a veritable host of new titles in the Miskatonic Repository, DriveThruRPG's platform for community-created Call of Cthulhu - check them out!

Miskatonic Repository June 2020 1

Lock-in: Five in a Bunker - a Call of Cthulhu adventure of psychological imprisonment
Alison Cybe

Five strangers awaken in an underground bunker. They are sealed inside, with no memory of who each other might be or even their own names. In the corner of the cell, a body lies rotting, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Something is hunting them all.

Lock-in: Five in a Bunker contains ready-made characters and full hand-outs, making it perfect for an evening of horror.

One for One - The Road Unraveled - Part1
Sean Liddle

A survey crew has been hired to run a very simple, very straight, centerline, edge of road survey between two small towns, of a closed concrete roadway opened almost three generations previously. The municipality wants to re-open it in a year or two and needs first to know its current condition. People in the local area tended to steer clear of the road as they claim it is haunted and that weird things have been seen along it in the evenings. Silly superstitious locals… Pshaw!

The Colour of Money
Sean F. Smith ($6.24, 8 page PDF)

An undocumented Merovingian coin has been listed for sale on eBay near Southend. It doesn't look it, but it must be fake? The coin has been disinterred by Sutton - a revenant sorcerer, once founder of the Providence Baptist Church in Prittlewell, who continues its mission to tempt out the entity sealed in an Anglo-Saxon tomb. Sutton will succeed the evening after the scenario begins.

A modern-era scenario set a short train journey from London for a handful of investigators.

The Transmigration of the Emerald Lama
Jean-Michel Abrassart ($1.00, 14 page PDF)

An investigator is approached by a handsome Japanese businessman during a school excursion at the Motonosumi Inari Shrine in Nagato. He tells him that it’s time to come back to his own people. That night, the investigator starts having strange dreams involving a green light coming out of vermilion torii gates. It’s up to him and his high school friends to find out what it all means!

This scenario is available in English and in French and can be played as a one-off or as a sequel to Mizuumi no Bakemono.

Miskatonic Repository June 2020 2

Mall Rats
Craig Schuetz ($3.00, 17 page PDF)

A freak blizzard in the middle of summer hits Milwaukee in 2019. The investigators take shelter in a nearby run-down mall, only to find themselves face-to-face with a cult intending on searching for something. In order to survive, the investigators must discover what this cult wants and how to stop it.

Devilarium: Thornen Servant - a Zgrozy supplement
Michał Gralak, Emilian Sornat, Michał Podłubny, Keith Mageau, Sylwester Gdela ($2.99, 17 page PDF)

Thornen Servant takes place in the 1920s' but it can easily be adapted to other eras, featuring a detailed description of Caorn's Taint, an accursed disease plaguing those who seek forbidden knowledge.

Part of the Zgrozy line.

Rob Leigh ($5.00, 35 page PDF)

When an antique map is stolen the Investigators are asked to find it, and investigate the involvement of a formerly reformed burglar in its theft. This will in turn involve them in tales of hidden pirate treasure, ancient curses, and ultimately lead them to the quiet Cornish village of Porthollow.

This scenario can be run as a followup to the previous Isolation Games scenarios Dark Offerings and The Wernicke Boxes, although there is no requirement for it to be.

Hail To The King
Marco Carrer ($0.75, 9 page PDF)

The PC is hired to find a rare record for a collector. Why is he after this record? What's special about it?

A scenario designed for a keeper and a player.

Miskatonic Repository June 2020 3

The Pannikin Requiem
Andy Miller ($4.99, 54 page PDF)

Rumor has it several hobos from across the state of New York have simply dropped out of sight: disappeared. It’s not an uncommon occurrence, though usually some word comes back about the missing eventually. Not so in this case. They’re gone and no one is sure where or why. The police won’t help. The politicians don’t care. Regular folks can’t be bothered. After all, they’re just hobos, right? If nobody does anything, does it really make a difference?

The Pannikin Requiem is a standalone game set in August 1929, just before the Stock Market Crash. 

Please Mind the Gap
Nicola Tosi ($5.00, 35 page PDF)

Enter a Nightmare where unsuspecting passengers of a night train get sucked into a terrifying dream dimension full of every kind of horror.

This Gaslight scenario is set in the Victorian Era but can be easily adapted to fit any time period. 

Thing torments poet, Daimyo calls on greatest help, Will the players fail?
Steven Goodison (Pay-What-You-Want, 32 page PDF)

All is not well for the arts however. A famous poet, Idaina Shinjin has been struck down with a strange illness and has been speaking in two voices whcih are not his own.

This is the first scenario in a five scenario campaign set in Edo Japan. Welcome to the land of the rising sun.

The kofun closes to the west
Steven Goodison ($2.00, 32 page PDF)

This scenario will take the Investigators to Tanegashima and beyond, to a piece of Japan...which isnt Japan, as a ticking clock threatens the lives of dozens. Expect conflict, guns, stange people from across the world and a decision which will make the Investigators question thier morality and deeds. 

The second instalment of the grand 5 part Edo Japan campaign.

Miskatonic Repository June 2020 4

Antiphoton Publishing- Year One Bundle [BUNDLE&91;
Sean Liddle ($9.58, bundle of six titles)

One for One - Bathory's Children; One for One - DreadCon; One For One - Island 256; One for One - Old Man Tompkins; Trouble in Threes - Spring; Trouble in Threes - Summer

Total value:$11.97; Special bundle price:$9.58; Savings of:$2.39 (20%)

The Church of St Dunstan of the Keys
Al Ashweth ($2.00, Zip file map)

Detailed floorplans of a small church.

The Town of Kirkbridges
Al Ashweth ($2.00, Zip file map)

A detailed high-resolution map of a small modern town.

Nasty Little Curios
Rob Leigh ($2.00, 10 page PDF)

20 unpleasant artefacts, each seemingly useful but with a terrible sting in its tail. These are no talkative magic swords, or bags that hold more than they should; these are items that Investigators will soon wish they had never encountered.

The Scales of The Serpent
Craig Tohill, A.M. Aylward ($4.95, 20 page PDF)

Throughout the US Southwest and northern Mexico, you can hear whispered warnings about the Scales of the Serpent. They are a ruthless and territorial biker gang, almost impossible to find if they don’t want to be. There are rumors of their serpentine features and strange, bloody rituals, and even the cartels keep a wide berth of the Scales. What secrets do the Scales of the Serpent hide in their motorcycle satchels and hard, cold eyes?

The Scales of the Serpent is a cult dossier, intended for Keepers to either build a modern campaign around or include in an existing modern campaign.

100 Rumours to Hear in Lovecraft Country
Adrian Kennelly ($1.79, 9 page PDF)

This is a collection of 100 rumours that investigators could hear in Lovecraft Country, specifically the towns of Arkham and Kingsport. The rumours assume that the 1920s is the setting used, though with tweaking some could be used in other periods. 

Victorian Shadows: Cthulhu Personas of 1890's England
J H Benjamin (2.99, 14 page PDF)

As the Biographies section on page 46 of Cthulhu By Gaslight (6E) notes, there were many notable personalities that lived in Late Victorian England. Like any age, there were just as many less notable, more inglorious personalities who lived in this era as well.

Victorian Shadows presents 20 lesser known historical figures of the Victorian Age.

Call of Cthulhu One Page Sanity Loss
B.A. Tosczak (Pay-What-You-Want, suggested price $0.50, 1 page PDF)

A handout that gathers the information from several places and summarizes in a single page. As inspired by Seth Skorkowsky's single page summaries.

Plus two dozen new titles in Korean, Italian, and Spanish!

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