Mini Review: Tetris Effect (PSVR2) - Stunning Puzzler Now Looks Better Than Ever

Memory blocks.

Back when Tetris Effect launched on PS4, it was with full support for the original PSVR. At the time, we thought it was glorious, but realistically, the hardware's limitations meant the picture was never super clear. The spectacle of this flashy take on the familiar falling block puzzle game wasn't lost on us, though, and it remains a truly excellent game, no matter how or where you play it. That being said, the new PS5 version — with full support for PSVR2 — has made us fall in love with it all over again.

The experience is largely identical to the earlier PSVR iteration, but the difference in picture quality is stark. PSVR2's improved resolution and HDR support mean the game looks much, much sharper. It's always been a gorgeous game, but the virtual reality effects — particles swirling around you, jewels hanging down from either side, dolphins leaping out of the water, suddenly teleporting to the moon — are heightened by the new headset. It's wonderful.

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