Looking to upgrade your internal storage from one memory card to another?

The Nintendo Switch only has 32 GB of internal storage, which means that if you play a lot of different games or like taking screenshots and videos that you will quickly run out of space. In my own experience, I initially purchased a 64 GB memory card and then realized that it was too small for my needs. If you're like me and need to upgrade from a smaller memory card to a much larger one, then follow these steps to do so safely.

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How to transfer Nintendo Switch game data from one microSD card to another

  1. You'll first need to turn off your Nintendo Switch to remove the current memory card. To begin, hold down the power button. If a game is currently open, make sure to save your game and exit the software before doing this.
  2. A menu will pop up. Select Power Options.

  3. Select Turn Off.
  4. Open the kickstand on the back of the Nintendo Switch.

  5. Remove the current microSD card.
  6. Insert the microSD card into your computer.

  7. Open the file with the microSD data.
  8. Cut and paste this data to another file on your computer.

  9. You must format the new microSD card before you can use it with your Nintendo Switch. If you have not done so already, follow these steps.
  10. Remove the old microSD card from your computer.

  11. Insert the new microSD card into your computer.
  12. Open the new microSD card's file.

  13. Drag the data from the past microSD card into the new microSD card's file.
  14. Once that's done, remove the new microSD card from the computer.

  15. Insert the new microSD card into your Nintendo Switch.

Thanks for the memories

Now that you've upgraded to a bigger and better microSD card, you'll be able to hold even more screenshots, videos, and game data. Hopefully, you won't run out of space any time soon. Enjoy playing with your Nintendo Switch. May you download all of the games your heart desires.

Our top equipment picks

Starter card

SanDisk 64 GB Ultra MicroSD card

$13 at Amazon $13 at Walmart $18 at Best Buy

Moderate gaming space

If you think you're going to play a handful of games on the Nintendo Switch or you like taking a decent number of videos or screenshots, then this is a great memory card for you.

Power up memories

SanDisk 128 GB MicroSD card (Mario)

$28 at Amazon $68 at Best Buy

A whole lot of gaming space

This officially licensed memory card holds a large amount of storage space and features an iconic Mario mushroom on a red background. This is an excellent option for anyone who plays several Switch games and takes plenty of screenshots.

Additional Equipment

Whether you own the Nintendo Switch or the Switch Lite, I've found that these three accessories are some of the best ones for these gaming systems.

Pro Controller

$70 at Best Buy

This controller feels great in your hands and is much larger than the Joy-Cons. It also supports amiibo scanning, motion controls, and rumble.

HORI Compact Playstand

$13 at Amazon

This is the perfect stand for when you want to play in tabletop mode. It raises the screen a few inches and offers three different viewing angles.

HORI Game Card Case

$10 at Amazon

If you prefer purchasing physical cartridges over purchasing games digitally, then a game card case like this one can really come in handy. It holds up to 24 games and is perfect for travel.

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