Lingolish: Word Guessing Game (by Cloud4Agri)

Lingolish: Word guessing game

Cloud4Agri Ltd
Lingolish is a story of words. Guess the secret words & complete the story as you go along. Use your vocabulary, sixth s…
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Lingolish is a story of words. Guess the secret words & complete the story as you go along. Use your vocabulary, sixth sense & speed of action. Download Lingolish: Word Guessing Game for FREE and finish the story! By winning each level, follow the story of a cute Martian family trying to escape the big bad monsters that are after them. The quicker you play, the faster you will save them! Do you enjoy challenging yourself and playing games that will help train your brain and sharpen your mind? Download Lingolish: Word Guessing Game for FREE and challenge yourself! Guess the secret word in each level with color-coding techniques. If all the letters become green, you win! Download Lingolish: Word Guessing game to become a master at code-breaking secret words NOW! Top features and benefits of Lingolish Word Game - Play unlimited number of word games for FREE! - Includes over 7000 fun word games with 3 to 7 letter words - 160 levels in story mode - A unique word game for adults and kids - Challenge yourself! the puzzles have different levels of difficulty - Buy hints with your coins - Twelve super exciting game modes. - Available in solo, multi-player, and robot game modes. - Play with friends and families and challenge them and have a great time together - Ability to play OFFLINE or ONLINE with no time limit – Anywhere and Anytime - Play daily to spin the Wheel of Fortune and win coins and prizes - A thesaurus that explains the meaning and plays the pronunciation to improve your vocabulary and language learning skills. Lingolish is an app specifically designed to train your brain and exercise your memory while learning new words and having fun along with following an original visual store. Enjoy Lingolish: Word Guessing Game with your friends and family together! how to play: Your goal is to find the secret word, which you can do by code-breaking using colors. For example, if a letter is orange, it means that the letter exists in the word, but it's just not in the right place, and if it's green, it means the letter exists in the secret word and is placed correctly. story: Ever wondered if there is life beyond Earth? If your answer is yes or you hope for it to be, follow Lingolish's story.: Once upon a time on Mars, there lived a loving family of five who were happy 24 hours and 37 minutes a day! Everything was red and beautiful until something horrible happened to them all. The evil monsters found them one by one and... Would you like to know the rest of the story? They reached out for help to planet Earth. If you are a creative, energetic gamer with the talent of a detective and a master codebreaker, we can really use your help. We don't know the Martian language, but they know ours; the only problem is that they can only communicate with us through color-coded letters! We have a sophisticated puzzle solver AI to help, and you can lead the team on easy to challenging, solo and group missions. The choice is yours, but hurry, we are running out of time. Follow the story by beating the levels and see what will become of this cute and lovely family of Martians. Have fun playing Lingolish: word guessing game and expand your vocabulary. It is a combination of the word games Jotto and Word Mastermind, with all its best features and an entertaining story and great visuals. Play one of the best brain puzzle game in Lingolish. Exercise and enhance your memory by playing this brain training word puzzle game. Download Lingolish and challenge your mind, friends, and family for FREE right now! Questions or suggestions? Contact us at
Seller:Cloud4Agri Ltd
Genre:Puzzle, Word
Release:Dec 22, 2018
Updated:Oct 04, 2022
Size:100.7 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal

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