It Takes Two Video Game Is Becoming A Movie From Sonic The Hedgehog Writers

Since the start of the pandemic, video games have been enjoying a massive surge in popularity, with U.S. sales jumping to a record $56.9 billion in 2020. While 2020 was absolutely dominated by "Animal Crossing," 2021 was captivated by "It Takes Two." The two-player winner of Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021 follows Cody and May, a couple who are looking to divorce. After telling their daughter Rose of the news, she attempts to fix their marriage by play-acting with dolls that resemble her parents. When Rose's tears drop on the dolls, Cody and May become magically trapped inside, and must work together to overcome obstacles on their quest to normalcy, and repair their broken relationship with the assistance of anthropomorphic therapy book and love guru, Dr. Hakim.

The "It Takes Two" craze has yet to die down, with Hazelight joining forces with dj2 Entertainment to adapt the popular game into the latest video game movie. "Creating the world and story in 'It Takes Two' was so much fun for me and the team," said Hazelight founder and creative director Josef Fares to Variety. "Since it has a strong narrative with many crazy characters and just as crazy co-op action moments, the potential is huge for a great adaption to film or television." There is currently no studio or network attached to the project, but this is allegedly due to a current multi-party bidding war. The film will be written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, best known for their work writing "Sonic the Hedgehog" and the upcoming sequel.

A Perfect Property For Film Adaptation

In addition to winning Game of the Year, "It Takes Two" was also awarded the title of Best Family Game at The Game Awards, which makes it the perfect choice for a film adaptation. For those who've never played the game, the characters being trapped in doll bodies gives the game a real "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" energy, as the small characters learn to navigate the big and dangerous world of their own home, their shed, their garden, their attic, and even a snowglobe. The game doesn't allow a single-player option, forcing people to work together to beat the game, similarly to how Cody and May must learn to work together, regardless of the status of their relationship.

Throughout the game, Cody and May come face to face with anthropomorphic versions of their old possessions, who hold them both accountable for their negligence not only to their objects, but their daughter. It has a bit of "Toy Story" energy in that regard, as we learn that objects have feelings, and a moment with Cutie the Stuffed Elephant that rivals the depressing Bing Bong scene from "Inside Out." With Casey and Miller at the screenwriting helm, there's high hopes for "It Takes Two," because if anyone can condense a 10-12 hour game into a feature film, it's the guys that made "Sonic the Hedgehog" one of the most fun video games in recent memory.

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