How To Throw a Memorable Birthday Party

With the right crowd and the right planning, birthday parties have the potential to be an amazing event that you can look back on with fondness. What could be better than welcoming another 12 months on earth with your best friends around you? If you’re trying to end your birthday with a bang, don’t miss these tips and tricks on throwing an event that you’ll remember for years to come.

Pick a theme

Deciding a theme for your party is a great way to help your guests know what to wear, and to help you decide how to decorate for your party and what food and drinks to offer. Come up with your own personalized theme, or use some of our top 3:

  1. The Year/Month of your birth: Dress as the song or the artist that was top of the charts the month and year you were born – and make a playlist to suit.
  2. Club Tropicana: Make cold weather seem far far away in winter, or match the season in summer by pretending you’re in Hawaii. Adorn yourselves in grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, and floral garlands – and don’t forget the pineapple cups!
  3. Great Gatsby: Cobble together your best Gatsby fashion and throw a glamorous evening to suit to see your birthday out in style.


Whether you’re sticking with a theme or not, it’s still essential that you make your venue feel welcoming. Throwing your party outside? Create a welcoming outdoor area by adorning outdoor lights. Keeping the fiesta inside? Don’t forget to buy balloons and streamers, party hats and glasses, and party poppers!

Plan activities

Keep everyone entertained and strangers familiar with each other before it starts to get too messy by planning some activities. Depending on the theme of your party and how many guests you’ve invited, decide whether your games would be best suited to a single-player or a team event. Even the simple cardboard box game can be hilarious when everyone has had a couple!

Give mementos

The next day, there’s a slight chance some of the guests might not be able to remember everything about the night before! Giving out mementos of the party is a great way to trigger their memory and make sure they really do remember the party for years to come. It might be a cheesy sign, or a polaroid of them and their friends or partner, but creating small trinkets with your guests that they can take home and keep is a great way to help create physical reminders of your time together.

If you’re in charge of throwing the birthday party for one of your friends, look no further than these top tips to throw a party you won’t forget!

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