How to Host an Apple Tea Party

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Tea parties are a magical experience for those of all ages. For children, it is sharing an experience with their loved ones or friends (both real and furry). And as adults, it is a transformation back to our own childhood. As we sit down with our children, we are instantly transported back to when we were young.

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How To Host an Apple Tea Party

Apple Tea Party Infographic

Hosting your own tea party really is simple. We will show you step-by-step how you can bring the magic from thought to magic. Your kiddos will love every minute, and it will be a memory you can cherish for a lifetime!

Set the Table for the Apple Tea Party

Apple Tea cup, Apple Tea Pot, Apple Place Setting

First and foremost, it is important to set your table for the tea party. Make sure you set it for your real guests and your furry friends that may join you as well. Do you have apple-patterned plates or an apple tea pot? You could even use an apple with a name card as a simple setting that your kids will enjoy making. Keep it simple and put the kiddos in charge of getting the table set.

Make the Tea for the Apple Tea Party

You can’t have a tea party without tea, can you? Apple flavored teas are a perfect fit. However, if you don’t think your guests will enjoy tea, you can serve hot apple cider or even cold apple juice. Use an apple ring as your garnish regardless of what you pick for your “tea” of choice.

Make the Snacks for the Apple Tea Party

Apple Tea Party Make the Snacks: Sandwiches, Chocolate Covered Apple, caramel covered apple

And you can’t forget the finger foods. The possibilities are endless. Of course, all of our ideas will include apples! You can bake apple slices wrapped in croissant dough. We also like creating little “tea”  sandwiches (crustless, of course). You can use apple slices with ham or turkey. You could even do chicken salad with diced apples. Creating apple and cucumber kabobs could be something easy for the kids to help prepare. Also, chocolate dipped apple slices will help those guests with a sweet tooth!

Don’t Forget the Whimsy

Apple Tea Party Whimsy: cupcakes, sprinkles, magic

And don’t be afraid to add a little extra magic and whim to your table. Perhaps you could use a hollowed apple as your sugar bowl. You can also make apple carvings like roses or wings. They are always a hit. And adding a little sprinkle of edible glitter makes everything magical!

More Ideas to Elevate your Apple Tea Party

We want to inspire you with ideas to make your tea party a success. There are so many fun ideas, and we challenge you to make it your own. Also, get the kids involved in the process. You will be surprised how much they like helping with the behind the scenes. Below are some more ideas to bring your tea party to life:

  • Create invitations for all your guests.
  • Create a menu with everything that will be served at your tea party.
  • Include different games and activities for the kids to enjoy.
  • Get all dressed up for your tea party so that everyone feels special in something other than their everyday clothes.

If you have ideas on how to create the most magical and memorable tea party, please share in the comments below. And if you throw an apple tea party, please tag us on Instagram @theproducemoms and @applewoodfresh.

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