How routine can help support your family’s mental health in uncertain times

Uncertainty is a fact of life, and yet, many of us have become pretty good at making a lot of things in our life as certain as possible.

We know the term dates for the school year, we know our working hours for the week, we know where our child’s netball game is on Saturday, and we’ve picked up the gift for the Ten Pin Bowling party on Sunday.

Enter COVID-19, and everything that seems ‘certain’ all of a sudden felt very uncertain. Schooling changed, sport stopped, birthday parties became a thing of distant memory, and a trip to the supermarket became a very different experience – nervously dancing around one another and barely making eye contact down the aisles.

These significant changes to our daily lives have been incredibly unnerving, for parents and children alike.

It’s during these times that as a human race, we often cling to and look for the things that we can make certain.… Read the rest

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