Here’s How Spider-Man: Freshman Year Fits Into The MCU

"Spider-Man: Freshman Year" is perhaps one of the most interesting future Marvel projects currently in development. After all, its title and school setting seems to suggest that the animated series would take place after the massive memory wipe made by Peter (Tom Holland) at the end of "No Way Home." However, that's not necessarily the case.

As it turns out, "Freshman Year" won't take place in Earth-616, according to Marvel Studios Head of Streaming, Brad Winderbaum. In a new interview with, Winderbaum elaborated on how the show follows the burgeoning Spider-Man as he makes a critical choice that sets him apart from our MCU Spidey or even the "What If...?" version of Spider-Man seen above.

"Well, like we said, in the panel, it follows the pattern that you see in," he said, referring to the Marvel Studios Animation San Diego Comic-Con panel that the show was a key part of. "But because of things that happen in the multiverse because of new, random occurrences, it's not Tony Stark who's waiting for him there. It's Norman Osborn and that sends his life in an unexpected trajectory that collides him with many unexpected characters in the Marvel universe."

The Key Differences

As explained by Winderbaum, the show will ask what would happen if, before the events of "Captain America: Civil War," Peter had taken an internship with Osborn instead of Tony Stark. Considering that the main criticism of the MCU's Spider-Man is that he is too similar to Iron Man, this switch could explore some pretty intriguing ideas, especially since this version of the character will still be very new to the superhero game. It's also unclear whether this version of Osborn (seen above in "Ultimate Spider-Man") will become the Green Goblin, a mystery that will certainly make his relationship with Peter interesting.

Despite this change in mentorship, there will be some key things about this other version of Spider-Man will retain from the MCU, such as a wide variety of suits. We previously reported that at least five wildly-different suit variations will appear in "Freshman Year," with some of them presumably being provided by Osborn. Versions of Daredevil and Doctor Strange will also appear in the series, with the former being confirmed to be voiced by Charlie Cox.

They won't be the only allies Spidey has in "Freshman Year," though. The San Diego Comic-Con panel revealed that Harry Osborn will join his father in the show, alongside recognizable comic characters Nico Minoru and Amadeus Cho.

"Spider-Man: Freshman Year" will swing onto Disney+ in 2024.

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