Give Your Washroom an Instant Upgrade With Top-Rated Bathroom Mirrors For Every Style

Bathroom mirrors always have our back – they help us get ready in the morning and make sure we don’t have any embarrassing pieces of food stuck in our teeth. But beyond that, there are lots of functional and aesthetic benefits to using a bathroom mirror. Beyond helping you get ready, and can help make a space look bigger. Many of them are built into medicine cabinets, hiding storage space and protecting your personal grooming items. Some mirrors are even a style statement in their own right, removing the need for art and decor in your powder room.

Looking for bathroom mirror ideas for an upcoming renovation or home decor upgrade? We’ve collected some of the best bathroom mirrors for sale online for you below.


1. Kohler Recessed Frameless Medicine Cabinet with Shelves


Kohler is one of the most reliable brands that you can furnish your bathroom with, and this medium-sized, frameless medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves will work in virtually any space. With a beveled edge and a classic medicine cabinet style, two tempered-glass shelves provide additional toiletry storage that’s easy to wipe down. Not too modern and not too traditional, this timeless mirror has a universal look that will never feel out of place.

Kohler Recessed Frameless Medicine Cabinet with Shelves, bathroom mirrors

Buy: Kohler Recessed Frameless Medicine Cabinet with Shelves $164.63 (orig. $256.25) 36% OFF


2. West Elm Seamless Medicine Cabinet


With a thin frame and rounded edges, this is one of the most stylish bathroom mirrors from West Elm. Using steel and engineered wood, it’s also one of the most durable. Available in three sizes and four gorgeous brushed metal frame options, the wall-mounted model contains three shelves to store personal items and is a streamlined option for minimalists. Buyers can choose between a wall-mounted mirror or a recessed one to better fit their needs.

Seamless Medicine Cabinet

Buy: West Elm Seamless Medicine Cabinet Check Prices


3. NeuType Over The Door Mirror


Looking for affordable mirrors on Amazon? Then NeuType is the brand that you want to know. This company has dozens of well-reviewed bathroom and bedroom mirrors, from standing mirrors to over-the-door options like this. This door mirror comes with hooks to secure it to the wall or door, and it’s large enough to check your outfit before heading out the door.

neutype over the door mirror Buy: NeuType Over-the-Door Mirror $58.65 (orig. $63.99) 8% OFF

4. BV LED Anti-Fog Vanity Mirror


Usually, smart mirrors that light up can cost hundreds of dollars, but this one by BV is just over $130 with all the perks you’re looking for. Complete with an anti-fog function, a three-color dimmable memory touch button and LED lights that provide illumination in warm white, neutral white or daylight. Available in a range of sizes so you can find the mirror that’s right for you, this is the ultimate smart mirror, minus the hefty price tag.

BV LED Anti-Fog Vanity Mirror

Buy: BV LED Anti-Fog Vanity Mirror $135.99 (orig. $269.99) 50% OFF


5. Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror


On a budget? This no-frills Amazon Basics mirror featuring a standard trim is perfect for any space and helps complete a space without looking cheap. Buys can also choose a wide or decorative trim if desired, and the mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally, adding to its versatility. Customers were generally surprised with the sturdiness and weight for the price, and one reviewer writes, “The size was just right for our bathroom.”

Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror

Buy: Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror $42.32


6. Neutype Black Metal Full-Length Floor Mirror


If you need to get a good look at your whole outfit, consider a full-length standing mirror like this one. Displayed in a black metal frame, this elegant mirror with clean lines won’t take over your bathroom, but it will help brighten it up. A great alternative to hanging mirrors that put holes in your wall, this eye-catching and moisture-proof alternative can lean against any wall, allowing you to see yourself from all angles.

Neutype Black Metal Full-Length Floor Mirror

Buy: Neutype Black Metal Full-Length Floor Mirror $125.31


7. Project 62 Round Wall Mirror


One of the most affordable destinations for those wondering where to buy bathroom mirrors, Target always has a range of simple yet flattering silhouettes that work with a range of powder rooms. Especially flattering in rooms with a lot of straight lines, this round mirror from Project 62 adds warmth with its curvy edges and has an instant spa feel. Round mirrors also work well in modern and minimalist homes. Frames are available in black, gold and silver.

Project 62 Round Wall Mirror

Buy: Project 62 Round Wall Mirror $60.00


8. Kinwell LED Light Vanity Mirror


If your mirror is a misty mess every time you get out of the shower, consider this frameless defogging mirror by Kinwell. Featuring adjustable brightness and color temperature that can be controlled with a touch button, this mirror can help you with your shaving or skincare routine. The silver mirror is copper-free and withstands corrosion, while LED lights ensure that your energy bill is as low as possible. Still, it will require hardwiring, like any smart mirror.

Kinwell LED Light Vanity Mirror

Buy: Kinwell LED Light Vanity Mirror $369.00


9. Kohler Arched Medicine Cabinet Mirror


Arched mirrors automatically give any room an elevated quality that feels interior designer-curated. This durable aluminum one is frameless and provides compartments to store your items. Featuring a mirrored surface on the exterior and interior of the door, this mirror has over 2,000 highly rated reviews on Wayfair that speak to its premium quality and solid build. One calls it spacious, sophisticated and longer than most over-the-sink varieties, making it perfect for taller people.

Kohler Arched Medicine Cabinet Mirror

Buy: Kohler Arched Medicine Cabinet Mirror $173.99 (orig. $336.00) 48% OFF


10. Houseables Trifold Vanity Mirror


Tri-fold mirrors give you a 360-degree view, removing blind spots. They make it easier to check your hair from all angles, and also make the task of giving yourself a haircut less of a guessing game. This one from Houseables is a showpiece that provides an ample reflective surface in spaces large and small. This mirror also gives you the choice between displaying on a table or mounting it on the wall.

Houseables Trifold Vanity Mirror

Buy: Houseables Trifold Vanity Mirror $91.52


11. Miruo Over the Door Full-Length Mirror


If you don’t want a mirror that attaches to a wall, this space-saving substitute for a standing or wall-hung mirror is the perfect space-saving solution for you. the stand can be folded in and out, so you can experiment with this being a freestanding mirror if you want. Forget dealing with installation -this one only requires hanging brackets that are hung over a door, making it a smart choice for renters.

Miruo Over the Door Full-Length Mirror

Buy: Miruo Over the Door Full-Length Mirror $38.99 (orig. $49.99) 22% OFF


12. Mercury Row Sneller Glam Bathroom Mirror


An extra wide pick for double vanities, this is a great alternative to getting two mirrors for a single bathroom. With plenty of room to let light bounce around, it’ll make your bathroom look airier. The metal frame is available in several neutral colors. You can even style it vertically as a full-sized mirror to switch things up – the possibilities are endless. Keyhole openings on the back make for an easy installation.

Mercury Row Sneller Glam Bathroom Mirror

Buy: Mercury Row Sneller Glam Bathroom Mirror $165.74 (orig. $188.53) 12% OFF


13. Mid-Century Medicine Cabinet


A wooden frame has the ability to warm up a space and adds a sophisticated, mid-century touch to any bathroom. With a mirror-line interior backing, it also contains wooden shelves, which is a refreshing alternative to tempered glass. A sleek but rustic mirror made with poplar wood that can be recessed or wall-mounted. An eye-catching decor piece for those who don’t like the metal look.

Mid-Century Medicine Cabinet

Buy: Mid-Century Medicine Cabinet $164.99 – $325.00


14. Project 62 Metal Hexagon Mirror


This metal hexagon mirror is ideal for anyone who can’t decide between a round shape or a square shape. Housed in a thin but sturdy black frame, the result is a crisp and modern look. It can even be rotated to use as a diamond. Functional for smaller vanities, and although it’s available at a budget-friendly price point, reviewers guarantee that there’s no distortion in the glass and that the frame is the “perfect width.”

Project 62 Metal Hexagon Mirror

Buy: Project 62 Metal Hexagon Mirror $70.00


15. Mercury Row Augustus Swirl Accent Mirror


One of the best bathroom mirrors for a decorative effect, this round accent piece from Mercury Row has an expensive-looking aesthetic, With a swirling wire exterior in a neutral finish, it adds an artful look to your bathroom, opening up the space while adding some creative flair. The frame is also available in a surprisingly understated gold tone. One reviewer comments, “Buying gold can be risky depending on the texture, but the finish strikes a nice balance. The color isn’t overbearing and its softer tone can be complimentary to any room.”

Mercury Row Augustus Swirl Accent Mirror

Buy: Mercury Row Augustus Swirl Accent Mirror $135.99 (orig. $261.25) 48% OFF


16. West Elm Mid-Century Medicine Cabinet with Shelving


Don’t have built-ins in your bathroom? This mid-century medicine cabinet from West Elm features an open shelving unit that adds warmth while reducing the clutter around your sin, doubling as a helpful organization hack. Display cotton balls, q-tips, and other personal items on these cube-shaped wooden shelves. The interior of the cabinet features two additional shelves, offering ample storage space for roommates, couples and families.

West Elm Mid-Century Medicine Cabinet with Shelving

Buy: West Elm Mid-Century Medicine Cabinet with Shelving $174.99-350.00


17. Stilt Dark Brown Wood Floor Mirror


If you have a larger space and are willing to shell out some cash on a forever statement piece, consider the wooden Stilt floor mirror, which is one of the best bathroom mirrors to splurge on and transform your main restroom into a sanctuary. Although it comes brand new, this full-sized piece has an heirloom look. Plus, four built-in miniature shelves on each side can accommodate votive candleholders, upping the ambiance in your space. Be sure to keep things safe and use battery-operated tea lights for safety.

Stilt Dark Brown Wood Floor Mirror

Buy: Stilt Dark Brown Wood Floor Mirror $1,299.00


18. Cassilando Asymmetrical Wall Mirror


This irregularly shaped piece of glass has a modern, slightly abstract look that helps it double as a piece of art. With an asymmetrical effect, it’s sure to earn compliments and can be hung vertically or sideways. If your powder room is an overly symmetrical place, this piece in a barely-there wooden frame will help add more texture to any area. Reviewers ensure that it’s solid quality for the price, with one commenting that it’s a “great dupe to another mirror that’s more expensive.” Comes with a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning.

Cassilando Asymmetrical Wall Mirror

Buy: Cassilando Asymmetrical Wall Mirror $129.99


19. Winston Porter 3-Door Medicine Cabinet Mirror


This wall-mounted pick in a wooden frame from Wayfair is one of the best bathroom mirrors to maximize space in your home while providing a generous but concealed storage space. Unlike single-door medicine cabinet bathroom mirrors, this one has three doors, which is helpful for multiple people who live together and need to access items at the same time. It also has the unique benefit of letting you see yourself and your hair from a range of angles.

Winston Porter 3-Door Medicine Cabinet Mirror

Buy: Winston Porter 3-Door Medicine Cabinet Mirror $249.99


20. LED Articulating Rechargeable Vanity Mirror


Bathroom mirrors don’t always need to be gigantic – if you just need one for personal grooming matters, this countertop vanity mirror is a great additional reflective surface, A tiny smart mirror that packs a punch, Frontgate’s rechargeable offering comes complete with LED lights, and a built in-touch sensor dimmer. With two levels of magnification, it allows you to zoom in for a closer view in a way that regular mirrors can’t.

LED Articulating Rechargeable Vanity Mirror

Buy: LED Articulating Rechargeable Vanity Mirror $159.20 (orig. $199.00) 20% OFF


21. Moen Banbury Frameless Pivoting Wall Mirror


This is one of the best bathroom mirrors due to the fact that you can adjust the angle. With a frameless, oval-shaped body that tilts, users get a better range of viewing, which is one of the reasons why this is one of the best-selling mirrors for washrooms at Home Depot. This model can be hung vertically over your sink and comes in a spot-resistant brushed metallic finish. It has a slim profile and according to reviews, is easy to install. Buy two for a chic double vanity, or his and hers sink.

Moen Banbury Frameless Pivoting Wall Mirror

Buy: Moen Banbury Frameless Pivoting Wall Mirror $78.98


Is It Safe To Buy a Mirror Online?

Buying large household items like mirrors online can be tricky, as delivery can be something of a wild card. There’s always a small chance that your new bathroom mirror will arrive with a crack or other type of damage. For this reason, we recommend closely checking return and refund policies before ordering a mirror online. We also recommend buying mirrors online only from retailers you trust such as Frontgate, Amazon and The Home Depot.

One other option to consider? Order mirrors online and pick them up in person. Companies like West Elm and The Home Depot often include an option to pick up your order at a local retail location.


Different Types of Bathroom Mirrors to Consider

Depending on your bathroom setup, there are all mirrors of all shapes and sizes for different placements. Here are some of the most popular:

Over-the-Sink: Usually hung, these mirrors maximize the space that you get ready. They can be small or large and are hung against a wall or even drilled if it’s a medicine cabinet mirror. A larger one will create maximum visual impact and make a room feel bigger.

Vanity: An everyday mirror to do grooming, hair and makeup, vanity mirrors are often wall-mounted. Old school ones might contain lightbulbs around the border, and today, some modern ones contain built-in lights to provide more visibility when you’re getting ready to go out.

Hanging: Many of these mirrors are designed specifically to be hung over a door. They maximize space in your bathroom while allowing you to have a full-size mirror. Ideal for small spaces and homes where leaning full-sized mirrors aren’t space efficient.

Medicine cabinet: Installed against a wall, these mirrors often contain closed shelving systems that provide storage space to hold medications, skincare products, toothbrushes and more.

Standing: Many hanging mirrors can also be repurposed as standing ones, leaning against a wall or standing up straight if it has enough weight. A full-length mirror allows you to see your full reflection, which is why many people opt for a standing model if they have floor space.

Statement: Whether they’re made from wood or have a unique shape statement mirrors emphasize the decorative aspect. They’re still a functional reflective surface but also act as a conversation piece.

Smart: Smart mirrors often feature LED lights and an anti-fog feature. They contain a heated element that prevents condensation from building up when switched on, giving clear visibility no matter how steamy that shower is.

Pivoting: Thanks to a flexible mount or arms that extend out, this mirror can be moved at any angle, which is helpful when getting ready. Along with pivoting mirrors, you can get models with panels that fold out, saving space when not in use.

There are other factors to pay attention to, like shape, size, framing and additional features. Certain mirror varieties have a defined frame, while others are frameless for a more minimalist look. Some of them even light up and have smart capabilities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to buy bathroom mirrors online, don’t worry – below you’ll find a curation of the best bathroom mirrors to buy in 2022, from Wayfair to West Elm. Spruce up your space now with SPY’s top picks.


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