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Father's Day 2023 is right around the corner and you want to get your dad something special so now (along with his birthday) is the time when so many of us start panic searching gifts for dad.  

Buying gifts for dad is always the trickiest gift I find whether I am buying for my own father or for my husband on behalf of the children and now with things the way they are most of us are looking for Father's Day 2023 gift ideas that aren't super expensive. So here are some ideas that won't break the bank, will make him smile and are not a pair of socks! (they are also perfect for birthdays)

Also if you want some free ideas don't forget to download your free printable Father's Day Vouchers.  

Father's Day Gift Guide

A card makes a great gift for dad

Don't underestimate how much a handmade card can touch a heart.  A card made by the children for their daddy can be just as good as a father's day gift so check out some of these super cute dad and daughter quotes to write inside and get creative with that card.

If you don't have time to make a card, or if you're just not that crafty, then buying one is an option. You can choose from thousands of different cards online and even customize them with photos and messages that mean something special to both of you, but make sure you keep an eye on posting dates so that you make sure it arrives on time!

A t-shirt with a funny saying

If you're looking for a fun gift idea, consider giving your dad a funny or character based T-shirt that might reference their interests or a happy memory such as their first car.

There are so many different options available, but here is one that we created for the dad who loves to game:

A book on his favorite subject

If your dad is the type who likes to read, a book on his favorite subject is a great Father's Day gift. If he is going on holiday this summer then perhaps a light hearted comedy for reading around the pool may be a winner or maybe he has a particular interest is baseball or enjoys learning new things so would like an instructional guide? 

If your dad doesn't have much time for reading, don't worry--you can still get him a book! Just make sure it's about something he wants to learn about (like how computers work), or related to some hobby he enjoys (like gardening).

A personalized mug

If you're looking for a gift that's both useful and personal, consider buying your dad a mug with his favorite saying on it. You can have it printed with something silly like "I'm the king of my castle!" or something more sentimental like "You're my hero." If he doesn't already have one, get him one with his name on it! It may seem simple (and perhaps even boring), but if you pick the right slogan then it can be a real crowd pleaser.  Last year I got my dad this mug and it makes him laugh every time he uses it:

Gifts for dad for work

If the father you are buying these gifts for dad is someone who goes out to work each day then how about this super stylish cutlery set from MNCHED

These cutlery sets include a knife, fork, spoon and metal straw and they are perfect for taking with you to work.  We also go camping a lot and this will be a great set for 'daddy' to take on our trips.

MNCHED Cutlery and Straw set

r maybe what he needs is a cool and sleek looking water bottle?  We all need to hydrate right? 

Don't tell him, but my husband will be getting this 500 ml Zero Water Steel bottle with a UV-C cap which keeps the bottle clean and fresh and water safe by periodically blasting the contents with ultraviolet rays killing bacteria, pathogens and viruses. How cool is that?

Grey Zerowater steel bottle with UV-C lid. A great father's day gift


Adults don't play games enough so how about getting your father a game that you can play together?

We love the idea of these games for grown up children and fathers which are both available from Kikkerland 

Father's day gifts 2023

If you are looking for games that you can play as a family then here is a cracking suggestion:

For the Beer Lover

How about creating a beer hamper?  You can go to your local craft beer maker and get a selection of bottles for him to try and pop them in a gift basket with one of these fun bottle openers

kikkerland key ring bottle opener
Kikkerland dog bottle opener

Coffee Lover's Gifts

Wacaco Nanopresso coffee machine

Nanopresso machine

This is such a fab device that allows you to make fantastic coffee no matter where you are as it doesn't even need batteries.  The whole thing works on compression and you power it yourself using a pump.  It is really easy to use and makes great coffee.  They are even compatible with nespresso pods.

This is a more expensive option than some of the other items featured here, but it is worth it for a daddy who loves coffee on the go.  We are taking ours camping and on our summer holiday!

Great gift for a coffee lover
Wacaco Nanopresso
  • Truly portable coffee maker
  • Doesnt need any power and can be used anywh

This is a gift we bought my husband for his 50th birthday, but it would equally make a great gift for father's day 2023 especially for a daddy that loves the outdoor life, but also loves his coffee.


We hope that you've found some inspiration in our list of Father's Day gift ideas. We know how hard it can be to find something special for someone who has everything, so we wanted to come up with a list that had some different things on it and maybe some things that you haven't thought of before.  Ultimately father's just want their families to be happy so don't get too stressed about the gift part!

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