Get a golf simulator you can use at home for $230

dad and daughter playing with the trugolf simulator

TL;DR: As of Dec. 26, the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator is on sale for only $229.99 instead of $249. That's 8% in savings.

Golf probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of winter sports. With the right golf simulator, a little snow can’t stop you from your favorite game. TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator could give you an immersive golf experience, and all you need to play is an iOS device or a PC. For a limited time, get TruGolf on sale for $229.99 (reg. $249). 

An affordable, life-like golf simulator 

With TruGolf, you can practice your short game just a short walk from the fridge. Stay home and play the game you love using this E6 CONNECT–powered software. Get detailed analytics for every swing. The Post swing analyzer will tell you about your club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and club path. It may not feel exactly like the real thing because you aren’t hitting a ball, but the swing trainer does simulate the feeling of an impact when you strike the digital ball. If you want to refine your golf muscle memory, this might be the way to do it. 

Play golf on 97 different 3D-rendered courses. You might even recognize some of them. Who knows, if you practice enough, this might not be the only time you play on world-famous courses. 

If you want your family to enjoy golf too, you may want to introduce them to the fun golf mini-games. They may not want to play 18 holes (but you never know), but they could find something to enjoy while they’re hitting a digital ball at battleships or carnival games. Those same games could be a real hit at your next party or family get-together. 

Play golf at home

Don’t let a little snow or freezing air cancel your golf plans for the winter. Just take your game inside. For a limited time, get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator for $229.99 (reg. $249). 

Prices subject to change.

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