Free Printable 4th of July Coloring Pages

Free printable 4th of July coloring pages for kids. Let the kids creativity shine with these coloring pages. A great 4th of July activity perfect for preschoolers and older kids. These coloring pages are free for the kids to have a lot of fun with for Independence day.

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It’s time to get a little bit patriotic with these fun 4th of July coloring pages.

The 4th of July holiday will look a bit different this year to other years, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun. Whilst large family and friend gatherings won’t be possible, some fun can certainly be had with a few immediate family members.

One of the tricks for a fun holiday is keeping the kids busy. If they are busy and having fun then YOU also get to have fun (and maybe even relax a little).

That’s where these 4th of July coloring pages will be perfect for the holidays. They are a great little activity that will keep the kids occupied and reasonably quiet whilst you sit down and have a cuppa.

Sound good?

4th July coloring pages

6 FUN 4th of July Designs

With 6 different designs, the kids could choose just one, or maybe even color them all. The coloring pages are perfect for preschoolers, but they also have detail in them that the older kids would enjoy too.

If you would like to create some easy holiday decoration then these coloring pages would be perfect. Hang them proudly on the wall. The kids would be thrilled to see their artwork on display for everyone to see and they would certainly provide some easily colorful decor.

Independence day coloring pages

4th of July is normally celebrated with the likes of fireworks, parades and picnics. This year, all those things have been brought together in the coloring pages. We have American flags, streamers, fireworks, everything for that perfect 4th of July celebration.

Each coloring page has it’s dash of patriotism that the kids will love. Make sure that there is lots of red white and blue!

Little boy and girl 4th of July coloring pages

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How To Download Your 4th of July Coloring Pages

Accessing the coloring pages is so simple and the kids can get started on them right away.

Step 1: Head to the free printable library and subscribe to receive not only these coloring pages but a heap of other free stuff.

Step 2: Print onto paper or white card stock. If you would like to use them for decor, then definitely print onto card stock so they will look better on the wall!

Step 3: Hand to the kids and let their creative skills run loose.

Happy July 4th coloring page

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It’s the simple things that kids enjoy and these 4th of July coloring pages will certainly be enjoyed. With the 6 designs to choose from there is plenty to keep the kids busy for a while.

Kids coloring page for 4th of July

So whilst you may not be having a huge gathering for the 4th of July this year, the kids can still enjoy some of the holiday celebration. These coloring sheets will be a great way to get their patriotic spirit moving.

Download your copy now so that the kids can get started on them right away.Fun 4th of July coloring pages for kids

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Credit: Clipart supplied by Graphic Adventure

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