Epic Summer Bucket List Ideas for Any Age to Enjoy

summer bucket list ideas

Summer months are like a blank canvas. The beauty of summer is that there are no required plans that have to happen, schedules can come and go just like the wind, and each and every day has the potential for a brand new adventure.

Ah, summer…the most perfect three months out of the year. While there may not be any requirements on how to spend your summer months, it’s important to have an epic summer bucket list of things that you and your family want to accomplish. Summer bucket lists have no rules, no timeframe, and no explanations needed. It’s just a giant list composed of fun and awesome activities that you and your family are wanting to try!

These summer bucket list items are not only fun, but they're super simple to do! All you need is a bit of creativity and time to make them happen! #summerbucketlist #outdoorfun #summer #onecrazyhouse

When the summer gets nice and warm we talk full advantage of it. We love to head outside and spend our days. Plus we love to go on picnics as a family, it is a great way to change up meals and make them a bit more fun. I hope you enjoy these fun bucket list ideas to make each day memorable this summer.

Epic Summer Bucket List Ideas for Any Age to Enjoy

1. Hike

Take a family hike. Don’t forget the water and the snacks! There are a ton of great hiking trails out there to research and enjoy, so find one that is age-appropriate for everyone in your family.

2. Swimming

Go swimming for the entire day. Your children will be down for this one, for sure! Spending literally all day at the pool? Sounds like the perfect summer bucket list item to float the day away. Pack up that sunscreen, and those snacks and get to working on that breaststroke.

3. Water Balloons

Parents versus children water balloon fight. Sign me up! Your family will have a blast as you try to battle each other to see who can stay the driest. Fight fair, and have fun!

4. Family Camping Activity Guide

Never just look at each other and wonder what to do!!  The Camping planner includes not only ALL the checklists you could need to make sure you don’t forget the important necessities, but also a GIANT list of roughly 50 memory-making activities for your kids to enjoy while you are camping… and the best thing is it’s only $7!!

5. Cruise With Top Down

Rent a convertible and hit the open road. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ road trip? Feel the breeze in your hair as you travel the area seeing a few sights from the top down.

6. Camp Out

Camp out under the stars. Whether you head to the nearest campground, or just make it happen in your own backyard, this summer bucket list item is a must. Nothing says summer like an outdoor campout for the entire family to enjoy. Don’t forget the camping food necessities!

7. Batters Up

Head to the baseball stadium to catch a game and cheer on the local team. Baseball, hot dogs, and warm weather? Yes, please.

8. Ice Cream

Churn and make your own homemade ice-cream. While it may be super simple to load up and head to the store to just buy whatever quart of ice-cream you and your family prefer, where’s the fun in that? Give your best shot at making your own homemade ice-cream to see if you can taste a difference. Add some fresh fruit to really give it a pop of unique flavor!

9. Tech-Free Vacation

Take an electronic-free vacation. Shocking, right? It is possible to go an entire week without anyone in your family having any use of an electronic at all. Nada, nothing. The best part? Without the distractions of technology, the family time and conversations will increase as well.

10. Cruise The Open Road

Hop in the car, and just drive. No plans, no destination, nothing. Pack an extra set of clothes for everyone just in case, load up the car with some must-have food and drinks, and just get on the road. Destination unknown!

11. Stay Up Late

No bedtimes or wake-up times on the weekend. If you don’t have to worry about meetings, schooling or other types of obligations over the summer, then stay up late and enjoy that freedom. Friday and Saturday summer nights don’t have to end at your “regular” bedtime. Make them last as long as possible, and early into the morning if you feel so inclined. Because guess what? The next day, you can just sleep in as well.

12. Plan A Fun Trip

Plan a trip to ANYWHERE that involves a plane ride. It can be a short trip, a long trip, or something in the middle but do your best to have your family take a plane ride to somewhere new and fun this summer. While it may be fun to drive here and there, there’s something simply amazing about arriving at your destination within hours compared to days of traveling on the road.

13. Eat something new

Treat your taste buds to something that you’ve never, ever tried before. A new dessert, a new snack…something wild and crazy. What better time than summer to do that?

14. Go kayaking

If you’ve never enjoyed kayaking before, you’re missing out! There’s something truly calming about the water and everything that goes on around you when you’re out there paddling. You’ll see fish and so much more wildlife as well. It’s really a calming exercise plus it’s a great way to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

15. Road trip!

Get in your car and just drive. Who cares where? Just let the road take you to somewhere new that you’ve never, ever been. And when you get there, explore everything that there is to explore. See the sights, eat where the locals eat…do it all!

16. Learn a new hobby

Summertime offers unlimited opportunities to learn a new hobby. This can be planting a garden, learning how to shear bushes, reading a bunch of new books, or picking up knitting needles and making a cool blanket for winter. If you have the time, make use of it!

epic summer bucket list ideas

Have fun planning and preparing your summer bucket list together as a family. It can have as many items or as few as you would like, there are no rules! The promise to make to one another as a family is that you will do your best to tackle the items listed together. When checking off those bucket list items as done and accomplished, it’s not only an awesome feeling but a great way to add some fun memories to cherish for years to come as well.

Whatever you do this summer, just remember to have fun! Summer months are the few short months of the year where anything can happen! Why not take charge of those times and have fun with it!

What is on your summer bucket list?

These summer bucket list items are not only fun, but they're super simple to do! All you need is a bit of creativity and time to make them happen! #summerbucketlist #outdoorfun #summer #onecrazyhouse

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