Don’t forget to snag a sweet microSD card for cheap during Prime Day!

There are so many Prime Day microSD card deals going on today!

Whether you're a photographer, Nintendo Switch enthusiast, a tablet user, a phone lover, or any other kind of tech aficionado you can probably benefit from Prime Day microSD card deals today. Prices are dropping everywhere, making it easier to afford those larger memory cards at a cheaper price.

But don't just buy any old microSD card just because it's cheap. I'd specifically avoid lesser known brands and third-party sellers as you're never quite sure whether or not they'll put malicious content on there. Don't worry. I've rounded up a list of reliable microSD cards with amazing Prime Day discounts.

Best Prime Day MicroSD Card Deals

We've already seen so many good Prime Day memory card deals today and we're sure more are on the way! Here are the best ones available right now.

SanDisk Ultra 128 GB | From $30 at Amazon

When you're needing a decent amount of space for photos or other data, a 128GB card is a great option. SanDisk offers some of the most reliable memory cards and this one even has read speeds up to 160MB/s, so it'll work smoothly for plenty of different situations.

$20 at Amazon

SanDisk Ultra 256 GB | From $30 at Amazon

With 256 GB of space and the ability to read 100MB/s this SanDisk memory card is a great option for any devices that you uses rather heavily. It can hold plenty of photos, game save data, and downloads.

$30 at Amazon

Silicon Power 64 GB (2-Pack) | From $16 at Amazon

If you're needing multiple microSD cards for various devices, this inexpensive two-pack is a good fit. They come with an SD card adapter and are capable of fast file transfer speeds for excellent performance whether you need them for your phone, Nintendo Switch, or other tech.

$30 at Amazon

SanDisk Ultra 512 GB | From $64 at Amazon

For any devices that you'd like to add plenty of extra space to, you can't go wrong with this SanDisk 512GB memory card. As with all SanDisks it's a reliable unit ideal for phones, tablet, Nintendo Switch consoles, cameras, and plenty of other devices.

$64 at Amazon

SanDisk Ultra 128 GB - Mario red | From $26 at Amazon

Looking for something specifically for Nintendo Switch? This is really the ideal option since it has plenty of space for game saves and screenshots while also sporting a Mario-red coloring and mushroom.

$26 at Amazon

SanDisk Ultra 64 GB - Zelda theme | From $26 at Amazon

Love the idea of a Nintendo-themed memory card, but don't need as much space as the one above? This 64GB micro SD will do the trick. Plus it has a fun white and gold Zelda theme going on for all you Breath of the Wild lovers out there.

$26 at Amazon

Silicon Power 128 GB (2-pack) | From $30 at Amazon

Maybe you and your significant other both need a microSD card for your cameras or maybe you need to get a relatively large microSD card for both of your children's Nintendo Switch consoles. Either way, this two pack of Silicon Power 128GB memory cards is a perfect fit for any device.

$30 at Amazon

SanDisk Ultra 1T | From $183 at Amazon

This is a huge, colossal microSD card perfect for anyone who needs tons of space on their phone, Nintendo Switch, tablet, or other devices. It has an ultra fast read speeds of up to 160MB/s, and can handle 4K UHD videos no problem.

$183 at Amazon

What size MicroSD Card do I need?

To figure out what size microSD card you need, you must first consider what device you're planning to use it on and how much space you plan to use. If you're taking hundreds of photos via camera, you're going to definitely want something that's 128GB or more, otherwise you'll have to delete or offload photos regularly to make space for new ones.

If you're trying to figure out which size microSD card is best for Nintendo Switch, you need to consider how many games you plan on playing and whether you're going to be buying mostly digital games or physical games. If you're going digital, you'll need a larger microSD card at 128GB or more since the Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of internal memory. If you plan on mostly purchasing physical copies, you might be able to get away with just a 64GB card.

As always, you should take into account what the max external storage capacity of your device is before making a purchase. These days, most modern technology can handle rather large micro SD cards, but it's better to be safe then spend money on something you can't use.

We'll keep an eye out for additional Prime Day microSD card deals and will update this list as more are revealed.

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