CGM Recommends: Dads & Grads Gifts 2023


With Father’s Day and summer graduations coming up, we’re entering a big season for gifting. Why not kill two birds with one stone and find both your dad’s and grad’s gifts here? I am a very soon-to-be graduate with a father, so that makes me extra qualified to be telling you what to buy, so just sit back, relax, and listen to me. 

Here is a CGMagazine-tested and approved list of great gifts for either that dad or grad in your life. Keep in mind most of this list is geared towards gaming dads and gaming grads, so if you’re shopping for a hockey-loving dad or a rock-climbing grad, this might not be the right list for you. 


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Price: $235

Gaming on the couch has never been more comfortable than with the Couchmaster. This gift is perfect for the gamer in your life who prefers a bed or couch over a desk for their gaming sessions. It’s perfect for any body size due to its adjustable board and has an ergonomic design ideal for long gaming sessions on the couch. 

The Couchmaster comes with six USB 3.0 ports and a fast charging port, meaning you don’t have to get up to charge anything! In addition, the internal cable management keeps all your cords neat, tidy, and out of sight. For maximum comfort, the Couchmaster’s cushions are made of memory foam with an easily washable suede-like cover. Save your dads and grads from wrist and back pain for just $235 this season. 

Cyberpunk Spider Table Lamp

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Price: $179

This Cyberpunk Spider Table Lamp is perfect for any eclectic decorator. This table lamp is a delicate yet creepy mechanical spider covered in springs and fluid capsules that make it look like it could startup and scutter away at any moment. On the end is its electric bulb abdomen with string lights that resemble spider silk.

If the dad or grad you’re buying this gift for is a patron of the arts, that’s even better. This Cyberpunk Spider Table Lamp was a collaboration with visual artist Alexander Trufanov. It’s a creepy, cool, and strangely elegant lamp you can assemble together or leave to their mad scientist devices. For just $179, you can purchase a fun activity that’s also home decor.

DUO LINK USB 3.2 Type-C Dual Flash Drive

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Price: $12.99

Flash Drives are just genuinely super handy things to have. Whether you are a gamer, a media studies student, or just have a lot of files you can’t let go of, the DUO Link USB 3.2 Type-C Dual Flash Drive is a great addition to your arsenal. The DUO Link USB 3.2 Type-C Dual Flash Drive makes transferring files and more from computers to smartphones and tablets super easy. 

Store up to 64 GB on this drive and transfer data up to 10x faster; it also reads at speeds up to 200 MB/s. Along with that speed, it’s just super sleek with its monochrome silver body and thin logo on the side. Attach it to a lanyard or keychain for file management just about anywhere. It’s $12.99, purchase it as a handy add-on to any gift you’re giving this season. 

Philips One Battery Toothbrush 

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Price: $29.95

The Philips One Battery Toothbrush is officially the first toothbrush I’ve ever been obsessed with. It’s a sleek, monochromatic (except for the bristles) electric toothbrush with a 90-day AAA battery life. Begone are the days of putting your electric toothbrush in a crusty Ziploc bag because the Philips One Battery Toothbrush comes with a matching travel case.

It’s the perfect toothbrush for on-the-go trips. Whip it out in airport and hotel bathrooms to make your travelling companions jealous. Its micro-vibrating head gently cleans and polishes teeth, and it’s got a built-in 2-minute timer that prevents over—or under—brushing. Everyone needs a toothbrush; why not send your dad or grad off to wherever they’re going with this sleek brush for just $29.95. 

Philips OneBlade Face + Body

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Price: $64.99

Lots of dads and grads have hair; that’s just a fact of life. Why not spoil them with this two-time award-winning Philips OneBlade Face + Body blade that comes in a cool green. It’s perfect for both face and body haircare, able to tackle any length you grow, either curly or straight; it doesn’t matter. 

The Philips OneBlade Face + Body can do it all: trimming, edging, and shaving, so say goodbye to that messy drawer of shaving tools. It comes with a skin guard to protect sensitive skin areas and prevent any nasty nicks. It’s the perfect gift for any shaver this spring season, and it’s only $64.99.

Handheld Gaming Systems

23051705 8

Dads and grads that love retro gaming can rejoice because the Razer Edge Handheld has arrived. This device is perfect for the retro gamer on the go, coming with 8–10 hours of battery life. This system is ideal for retro game emulation, making it perfect for a nostalgic dad gamer. This makes it ideal for sharing childhood favourites with the new generation with minimal stuttering and great graphics. The Razer Edge system costs $399.99.

Maybe your dad or grad is more of a Steam person? In that case, the Steam Deck is perfect for that, easily able to run AAA games and access the Steam Library from just about anywhere. The Steam Deck was built for long play sessions with a wide range of hands in mind; everything is perfectly within reach and comfortable to handle. There are multiple price options for the Steam Deck, depending on what you want. The standard Steam Deck option comes with 64GB and a carrying case for $499.  

The ROG Ally is another great option for dads and grads who love handheld gaming. It comes with a 3-month Xbox game pass and is fully compatible with multiple gaming libraries like Steam, Epic, and GOG. It comes with high-end cooling technology, preventing mid-game breaks due to overheating. This is one you’ll have to pre-order if you want to surprise your dad or grad. 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Dads and grads gifts galore in this list.

Price: $67.99

Games are stupid expensive, and while most dads can probably afford a game or two, for grads, playing games like Tears of the Kingdom is something we can only do in our dreams or after sacrificing a month’s rent. 

Save your grad—or dad—the wallet pain this season and gift them The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Set out on the adventure of a lifetime to save Princess Zelda once again and defeat a beefed-up Ganon. Explore the wilds of Hyrule all over again, but this time you can build cars and weapons of mass destruction for just $67.99. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

23051705 6

Price: $89.99

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the newest Star Wars experience; why not gift this expensive experience to that Star Wars-loving dad or grad in your life. Grant them the chance to explore a galaxy-wide adventure with Cal Kestis and his funny little robot friend. 

Pick up five years after Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and dive back into this adventure that’s even more dangerous than before. Or maybe your dad or grad is just a giant fan of Shameless star Cameron Monaghan and wants to support everything he’s doing. Either way, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the perfect gift for this season at $89.99. 

Samsung Galaxy S23+

23051705 5

Price: $999.99

Does your dad or grad need a new phone? Well, look no further because the Samsung Galaxy S23+ has arrived. This phone is sleek, coming in lots of colours like green, cream, phantom black, and lavender, or the online exclusive colours, lime and graphite. This phone was made with the environment in mind, crafted from recycled glass and PET film, and even coloured with natural dyes. 

The Samsung Galaxy S23+ comes with a “revolutionary 4nm processor”, ideal for mobile gamers. It also comes with their nightography camera, allowing for a camera roll full of stunning night shots. It may be $999.99, but it’s the ideal gift to show how much you appreciate your dads and grads.  

Sonos ERA 100 Speaker

BeFunky design (54)

Price: $249

The Sonos ERA 100 is a beautiful mix of sound and smart technology, ideal for any techy dad or grads gift. It’s moisture-resistant, which makes it perfect for long shower concerts and the heat of the kitchen. It offers immersive sound and can listen to its own playback to adjust its output, refining the audio for the best sound experience. 

The Sonos Era 100 comes with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options, allowing it to connect to basically anything without messy and tangled wires. It also comes with multiple voice assistants, allowing you to control lights, play your favourite songs, and check the weather with just your voice. All this costs $249. 

OnePlus Pad

23051705 3

Price: $479

The OnePlus Pad is a lightweight tablet perfect for any dad or grad. If they’re smartphone users, they can share 5G data and easily share pictures and files across devices. It’s thinner than the average phone and only weighs 555 g, making it an easy addition to any bag. 

The OnePlus Pad is perfect for the grad going off to college or the dad in the workforce. Ideal for taking notes in lectures and for work on the go. This tablet can also entertain, streaming movies and shows with ease and even running smaller-sized games with its 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM. Add this to your dad’s or grad’s tech arsenal for just $479.

ModCase Basic Set

23051705 2

Price: $29.99

Make your dad’s or grad’s year by preordering them the ModCase Basic Set. The basic set comes with four parts: a protective case, a metal bracket, a strap, and a travel cover to ensure the best protection for your Steam Deck. 

Take your Steam Deck anywhere and feel confident in its protection when it’s decked out in the ModCase. It’s perfect for clumsy dads and grads, protecting the Steam Deck from drops and scratches and coming with a handy front case protector. Once you have the ModCase Basic Set, you can add to it with the other sets built for different needs. The Modcase Basic Set is only $29.99, making it the perfect gift.

Nintendo Switch Accessories

BeFunky design (46)

Price: Varies

Right now, Nintendo is doing better than ever with the near-flawless release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Why not spoil your Dads & Grads with some sweet Nintendo Switch accessories? PDP has some great options, like a Zelda-themed Travel Case for $19.99 and the REMATCH Wired Controller with a slick blue Zelda skin for $27.99. There is plenty of Zelda-themed merch out there, just take a look!

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1 Headset

BeFunky design (47)

Price: 79.99

Whether it’s sports, games, or music, that father figure in your life could benefit from hearing his favourite hobbies with better sound quality. That’s where SteelSeries’ stellar lineup comes into play, like the Arctis Nova 1 headset. At only $79.99 CAD, it’s a great entry point into richer audio experiences, especially those grads out there.

This intro-level headset works with all platforms or any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack and brings the Nova Acoustic System’s amazing sound via custom-designed drivers. With a subtle grey design and a retractable, noise-cancelling mic, it’s even a great option for work meetings and Zoom calls. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1 is an ideal candidate for wherever your dad’s day takes him.

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