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This week on Catching up with the Kelnhofers, I’m sharing a ‘corny’ joke, along with some of my favorite corn recipes.  Plus, keep reading to learn about a hack to sneak some extra vegetables into your kids food.

Three kids on pink background

Ben (my eldest/4 year old son) is starting to learn to tell jokes. We were in the car and he said “why did the vegetables cross the road?” and we asked him why, and he said “to get to the other side” and he just started laughing! He has perfect intonation, but not the content, it’s super cute. 

Then I came across this joke and cannot wait to tell him

“What did the baby corn say to mom corn? Answer: Where’s pop corn?” LOLOL

Sheet pan recipe, grilled corn and corn chowder
Sheet pan dinner | Grilled corn | Corn chowder

Speaking of corn, it’s corn season! Here are 5 recipes to make with corn:

Cat eating corn gif

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Energy bites, vegetable lasagna, lemon basil pesto
Energy bites | Vegetable lasagna | Lemon basil pesto

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Quick family dinner and cookies that are so good, they get stolen off the counter!

  • If you’re looking for a quick family meal that can be prepped ahead of time and baked or grilled (we had Nicks’ parents over), might I suggest balsamic glazed pork tenderloin – only 5 Ingredients and can be baked or grilled!  Served along with an ever favorite of balsamic grilled vegetables (you can mix and match veggies based on what you have!)

Family dinnertime

  • Also, might I suggest an awesome veggie/cheese plate with Green Goddess dipping sauce made with yogurt (or you could buy a green goddess dip – Trader Joes has a really good one!)
  • I made these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with cherries for the kids. I gave them each one, but then Freddie kept walking up to the couch with ANOTHER and ANOTHER one in his hand. I asked Nick if he was giving them to Freddie and he said no, then went and looked into the kitchen. Freddie had MOVED the cookie sheet to the edge of the counter and was just helping himself, LOL

Cookies on a pan, cooling rack and toddler eating them

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Reading through some comments on my recipe for grilled chicken green goddess Cobb salad.

  • “This recipe turned out perfectly. I made some homemade pickled red onions to go on this salad instead of the avocado and it added a nice kick.”

grilled chicken green goddess Cobb salad

  • “It seemed so simple I can’t even figure out why I was not making this before. I love Cobb salads but this a step up. The dressing is amazing. The salad is super filling. Gives my favorite restaurant Cobb a run for its money. Adding to my regular meal rotation!”

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This reader made a beautiful re-creation of my iced salted honey latte!

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  • This week we’re changing it from AMAZON to TARGET!
  • There’s this mini waffle iron I’ve mentioned before, and I got it for $9.99 on amazon a while back. Well, I wanted another one because it does take a while, and I found it had gone up to $19.99 on Amazon, but on it’s only $9.99!!!! 
Mini waffle iron
Mini waffle iron
  • I made my eggless waffles recipe and added one shredded zucchini for the kids, now they have waffles prepped for the week, and they love them!

Mini waffles with zucchini

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Seven Days in June
The Deep Deep Snow book cover
The Deep, Deep Snow
    • Lady Clementine – a novel about a lady who had a lot of influence behind the scenes in WWI and II: Clementine Churchill!
Lady Clementine book cover
Lady Clementine

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  • Nick’s assembly nightmare. This looks like a nice storage/toy bin option, right? It is in person, buttttttt….assembly on this thing was not a fun weekend project. It took about 2+ hrs, some of the parts were kind of broken. I’ve been asked to kindly not to buy any more assembly required items for the foreseeable future, lol. 

Assembling a toy storage cabinet

  • I will note that the above toy storage looks super nice in person and houses a lot of stuff, just my thoughts. 
  • Kids game we love. Remember when I shared the best board games for kids? Well, we still play the Monkey Around game, now with the twins too. They have a blast; highly recommend this game for little ones. We’ve also played via Facetime with cousins. All you need is a real or toy banana and the the other person can read the cards. 

  • Princess Frankie was a little sick. I was reading my little princess books, and then all of a sudden she seemed sick. Just look at her poor face. She was a little under the weather for an afternoon/evening, and then the next morning, all better!

Sick Frankie

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Freezer broccoli chicken Alfredo and chorizo eggplant pasta
Chicken broccoli Alfredo casserole | Rigatoni eggplant chorizo


All American


  • I finally found a solution I’ve been looking for for all those photos on my phone, it’s called Chatbooks, and you can literally make beautiful printed photo books from your phone! You can do a monthly books or create memory ones (like a year in review or of a vacation). I got both a monthly subscription and have created 2 so far, and I created a yearly one for last year. So amazing and EASY to put together. I literally created it from my phone and the month ones took 10 minutes (it selects all the photos from that month) and the year one took me maybe an hr? I could have made it a little fancier if I would have added captions for everything. You can use the link or code ‘Philiakelnhofer-V4YP for $10 off (one free month book if you want to try it, I don’t get anything – except maybe account credit? But this isn’t sponsored, I just truly love this app!!!)


  • When the books arrived, Ben looked through them for an hour and kept asking questions and remembering things we did, it was so neat!!

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