Cat Dungeon Crawler, UnderDungeon, Sinks Its Claws Into January Release Date

Apocalypse meow.

We first heard about UnderDungeon back in the sunny days of August. With it's somewhat Undertale-y vibe and interesting mix of 2D and 3D dungeon exploration, we were excited for it's release this year. While it looks like it will be just missing out on that original date, the publisher has announced that it will be landing (on its feet, of course) on Switch on 13th January, 2023 (thanks, Go Nintendo).

If the game has somehow slipped your mind since we last heard about it in the summer, allow us to refresh your memory. UnderDungeon is a 1-bit dungeon crawler where you play as Kimuto, a cat delivery driver tasked with cutting down enemies and bosses with a variety of weapons from the Zelda-like (hookshots, boomerangs, swords) to the not-so Zelda-like (magical bubbles).

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