Carlos Valdes On Returning To Play Cisco In The Flash Season 7: 'It Feels Like Home’

If you were vibing with Cisco Ramon and sorry to see him go in CW's "The Flash" season 7 in 2021, witnessing his return in the finale was undoubtedly a treat. The feeling was mutual for Carlos Valdes, the actor who plays Cisco. As "The Flash" races toward its series finale in May, both cast members and fans have been looking back at the previous nine seasons, and Valdes was on hand recently at Toronto Comic-Con, where /Film editor Sarah Bea Milner was in attendance to hear some of his memories from seasons 1–7.

Cisco started out as a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs in "The Flash" season 1 and in season 2, he donned the costume of his superhero alter ago, Vibe, based on the DC Comics character. Season 5 brought the loss of his metahuman powers, which allowed him to vibe with people's locations and open breaches or portals to get there. By season 7, however, he would be back in the game as Mecha-Vibe, changing his own location from Central City to Star City. Of his return in the finale, Ramon said:

"Every time I've come back, it's always felt like, I mean, it's literally like putting on like an old favorite suit. I mean, like, I literally like put on those Vibe tights and it just feels like home in some weird way. I put those suspenders on and I'm like, 'Yo, this is it.' I put that jacket on and I feel it's like still in my muscle memory, you know, like the sights, the smells, the sound of the zipper, this particular zipper that I hate. You know, all the little things."

Will Cisco Return In The Flash Season 9?

Asked if he could go back and change one thing from the early seasons of "The Flash," Carlos Valdes joked, "I would go back to before season 1 and I would change my hair. 'Cause like, they were blowing that thing out like I was some '90s mom." He also recalled a time during season 4 when he and co-star Candice Patton had the same hair, and "The Flash" star Grant Gustin mistook him for Candice. "Yeah, and Grant was like, 'Cand-- that's not Candice, that's Carlos,'" he said.

As Valdes has moved on to other acting projects, so, too, have his long, flowing locks as Cisco Ramon. When TV Line caught up with him at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January, he was sporting a shorter hairdo while promoting the Hulu musical "Up Here." At that time, Valdes said, "I can't imagine a scenario," where Cisco Ramon doesn't somehow return one last time for "The Flash," before the Arrowverse version of the hero gives way to a new big-screen version, played by Ezra Miller.

CW's "The Flash" is set to broadcast its final episode on May 24, 2023.

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