Can magic mushrooms be used to treat racial trauma?

Practitioners are turning to psychedelics to help people experiencing race-based traumatic stress despite legal and institutional hurdles

The images were massive, mystical and only appeared two hours after Evan had ingested 1.5 grams of magic mushrooms. With his body splayed like a starfish on the hard-packed dirt in his Oakland backyard, he gazed up at the sky as snapshots of his childhood came back to life before his eyes.

Evan’s first mushrooms trip had become a greatest – and worst – hits film reel, during which he relived memories shoved into the deepest caverns of his mind. He grasped at one memory of his 15-year-old self being taunted by a white classmate during a soccer game. “The guy asked me whether my next family reunion was going to be in a prison. I didn’t say anything back at the time,” Evan recalls.

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