Best Pens for Every Job

While it’s easier than ever to digitally take notes and send messages on your smartphone, the art of physically writing is still very much alive. The best pens can be a great tool for everyday use, whether for signing a receipt, making a grocery list, studying for an exam or leaving a note for a loved one. And, since we still often find ourselves using them on a daily basis, it makes sense to have a pen which you’re comfortable and confident writing with. 

When deciding on the right pen for your needs, it’s worth considering the following features:

  • Grip – A comfortable grip encourages a better user-experience by relieving stress in your hand. Finding a grip which suits your hand’s posture and writing style can make hours of writing a far more enjoyable task. Unlike the wrong one, which will make it a torturous experience.
  • Ink Transfer – Having a pen which offers smooth ink transfer will avoid unwanted blobs on the page as you write, as well as helping to prevent smudges, too. 
  • Construction – Some pens are designed to be reused and refilled, but others are made to be thrown away once the ink has run out. Unsurprisingly, you’ll find that reusable models are more durable, although there are plenty of throw-away options which will comfortably withstand day-to-day use. 
  • Tip – Most of our favorite pens have a 0.5 millimeter to one millimeter tip, which is small enough for precision writing but large enough to comfortably read. 

You might already find writing by hand to be a soothing activity, but it also has benefits that you may not have noticed. Writing your notes by hand instead of typing them can help with memory retention and recall, which is why it’s great to write in a notebook if you’re studying. Plus, having to focus on handwriting helps eliminate distractions. If you’re in a meeting, writing in a notebook prevents you from being able to play a game on your phone.

Additionally, writing with a pen is more reliable and legible than writing with a pencil, which tends to be fainter and less consistent. You also can’t sign any documents with a pencil. But there’s a lot of elements to consider when it comes to this seemingly simple writing utensil. Of course, a lot of it comes down to your personal preferences. 

We’ve rounded up the best pens available to order online. There are options to suit everyone, whether you prefer a gel or swear by ballpoint. Whichever pen you choose, it should write smoothly, be comfortable in your hand and suit your handwriting style.

whether for school, work or home use, here are the best everyday pens

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