Best Of 2022: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Is Still One Of The Greatest Adaptations Ever


Over the holidays we're republishing some choice features from the last 12 months. A mix of talking points, interviews, opinion pieces and more from NL staff and contributors, you'll find our usual blend of thoughtfulness, expertise, frivolity, retro nostalgia, and — of course — enthusiasm for all things Nintendo. Happy holidays!

If you're into anime, then chances are you can remember the first movie or TV show that got you hooked on the medium; your "gateway drug", if you will. For some, it might be TV shows like DragonBall Z or One Piece, others perhaps a specific movie like Ghost in the Shell or Akira (indeed, I had to really go back through the memory archives to determine whether Akira was the first one for me; it was definitely incredibly early in my life). For me, however, the very earliest memory I have of watching anime was the incredible video game adaptation, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, released in 1994.

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