A Math Fact Fluency Program That Will Have Your Students BEGGING to Practice Their Math Facts

As a teacher, you know that math fact fluency is an important foundational math skill. But, how do we get our students to realize how important it is? 

And dare say, how do we get our students to BEG to practice their math facts?

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Kicking It Math Fact Fluency Program

What is Math Fact Fluency? 

Math Fact Fluency is the ability to recall the answers to math facts problems quickly and accurately with little to no thinking.  It typically occurs after repeated practice as facts are committed to long-term memory.

To be considered fluent in math facts, students should be able to solve math facts without outside strategies such as counting on their fingers, drawing pictures or arrays, or using manipulatives or a number line.  

Math fact fluency is the foundation of more complex math skills.  If students do not fluently know their math facts, it makes it complicated for them to work on higher-level mathematics such as fractions, area and perimeter, and algebra.

Kicking It Math Facts Fluency Program Timed Multiplication Tests

Why Do Students Struggle With Math Fact Fluency?  

Many students struggle with math fact fluency because of the way that most traditional fact fluency programs work.

1. They try to master too many facts at once.  

Many math fact fluency programs have students practicing one math fact table at a time - kids start with the zeros, then move on to ones, then twos, etc.  This gives students at least 10-13 facts to learn (depending on if they are memorizing to 9's or 12's).  

The average working memory of an 8-year-old is only 3 new items!

2. They don't continue to practice with facts that were previously learned.

When students are memorizing facts one table at a time, they don't get practice with the facts they have already mastered, and they often end up forgetting them!

Kicking It Math Fact Fluency Timed Tests

3. Students are not given time to practice.

With traditional math fact fluency programs, students simply take a timed-math test, and teachers hope and pray that the students are practicing.  

We all know that is just not reality!

4. Some students progress, and others flounder getting stuck at a certain level.

With traditional math fact programs, certain students move forward quickly and others get left behind.  They feel bad when they see others making progress and they just give up!

Kicking It Math Fact Fluency Program

How Do You Teach Math Facts Fluency?

1. Focus on a few facts at a time.  

The Kicking It Math Fact Fluency program introduces just two facts at a time along with their math fact pair.  For example (3 X 4 and 4 X 3).  

2. Give Students Time to Practice Right Before the Test.  

The Kicking It Math Fact Fluency program has a built-in practice portion right before a test is administered. This way ALL students are practicing daily!

3. Give Students Who Are Stuck At a Level Extra Time to Practice.  

The Kicking It Math Fact Fluency Program has a way to monitor student progress so that you can give additional instruction and practice time to students who are not making progress.

4. Provide Students With Extrinsic Motivation.  

Most kids want to know, "What's in it for me?"  

They don't want to practice math facts because they don't see the value of it.  That's why I incorporated the use of karate style "belts" to help them feel as if they are earning something as they master each level.

Certificates are also included if you would like this option as well.

Kicking It Math Fact Fluency Belts

The Kicking It Math Fact Fluency Program  

If you are ready to try a math fact fluency program that will have your students BEGGING to practice their math facts, you're in luck!

I created the Kicking It Math Fact Fluency Program to help students master fewer facts and achieve mastery.

The program includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and factors, or you can buy each operation separately.

Kicking It Math Facts Multiplication I Have Who Has


I am a big believer in making learning fun, so of course, I have included math facts games in the resource!


We all know that students come into our classroom at a variety of different levels. We also know that mastery looks different for each student.

I have provided sets of math fact tests with fewer facts for any students who might need a reduced amount of problems to solve.

You can start students where they are - because the bundle comes with all four operations, you can have some students working on addition while others are mastering multiplication.

Math Facts Timed Tests

When it comes to timing the tests, I ALWAYS defer to the teacher as you know your students BEST!

I give my students about 3 and 1/2 minutes, but you can adjust that time as needed (or don't give a time limit at all).

Kicking It Math Facts Fluency Program

Kicking It Math Facts Fluency Bundle

You can also purchase the individual operations separately.

Kicking It Addition

Kicking It Subtraction

Kicking It Multiplication

Kicking It Division

I also have a self-grading math facts test option. Read more about how it can save you time!

A Math Fact Fluency Program That Will Have Your Students BEGGING to Practice Their Math Facts

Make this year the one where your students master their math facts - and BEG to do it!

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