88 Times People Found Something So ‘Mildly Interesting’ They Just Had To Share Them In This Group

When the internet is filled with flashy trends and spectacles, sometimes it's the little things that truly captivate us. Enter r/mildlyinteresting, a subreddit that celebrates the ordinary, the unassuming, and the quietly intriguing aspects of the world.

With 22 million members, this online community is a treasure chest of humble curiosities. From perfectly aligned and oddly satisfying-looking tiles to peculiar vegetables, r/mildlyinteresting has it all.

In a time when our attention is becoming increasingly monetized, this subreddit encourages us to find joy in the small wonders that surround us. So why not take a moment and scroll through its content while you're driving to work or enjoying a coffee?

#1 My Prof In College Drew A Map Of The Entire World From Memory

Image credits: Solid-Kaleidoscope70

#2 Found The End Of A Rainbow

Image credits: xCnuty

#3 I Came Across This Hexagon/Pentagon Structured Mushroom

Image credits: ZaydMenk

#4 New York City Commissions Local Artists To Paint Their Garbage Trucks

Image credits: NYC_Underground

#5 This Rock With An Almost Perfect Star-Shaped Crystal In It

Image credits: laduguer

#6 This Plaque Outside Of A Church In Alexandria Virginia Acknowledging, Apologizing To And Thanking The Slaves Who Built The Church

Image credits: Mal5341

#7 Light Pillar

Image credits: blavere

#8 Inside A Common Starling's Mouth

Image credits: ElvisIsNotDjed

#9 Home Depot Left The Sprinklers On Overnight In Freezing Weather

Image credits: mangoklutz

#10 I Somehow Managed To Make A Reverse Fried Egg

Image credits: simdaisies

#11 This Building In Tokyo Is Literally The Width Of A Door

Image credits: frostkaiser

#12 My Beer Glass Is An Upside Down Beer Bottle

Image credits: blowthepoke

#13 These Picnic Benches Are Mounted On Old Streetcar Tracks So They Can Roll Together Or Apart

Image credits: Austin_Destroyer

#14 Gravestone That Looks Like A Maze

Image credits: cguiopmnrew

#15 My Daughter Has Had A Red Mark On Her Cheek For Years, In The Exact Same Spot I Had A Red Mark On My Cheek For Years As A Child

Image credits: ArnoldBoneheadRimmer

#16 Some Screws, Teeth Bits, And A Filling Found In My Dad’s Ashes

Image credits: Gman_16

#17 Plug Has A Diagram Showing The Layout Of Its Wires Inside And Shows Which Is The Ground

Image credits: IWindsOfMidgets

#18 I Went To The Place That Is On My Discover Card

Image credits: mcawesomecrazy

#19 This Cookie At Meijer’s Has A Dragon Roasting A Baby

Image credits: MediocreMachine3543

#20 I Got This Balloon In 1998 And It's Still Inflated!

Image credits: oMalakai

#21 This Change Machine Gives More Money Than I Put In

Image credits: stock_oclock

#22 Poison Bottle I Found On The Beach

Image credits: JP51MW

#23 This Building I’m In Has A Hole That Goes Across All The Floors

Image credits: Sebasiso

#24 Came Across This Upside Down House

Image credits: climberofrock

#25 My 9 Year Old Nephew Has Found Over 1500 "Lucky" Four Leaf Clovers And Keeps Them In A Big Binder

Image credits: The_Littlest_Teapot

#26 This Pizza Box Has The Phone Number For The National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline

Image credits: Common-Organization5

#27 The Farm Down The Road Has A Pile Of Carrots That A Cow Likes To Stand In

Image credits: besottedwthepotted

#28 The Windows And Door In This Fire Training Building Are Angled

Image credits: banjowashisnamo

#29 My Son And I Have The Same 2-Freckle Spot On Our Hands

Image credits: dxsubomni

#30 Lost Pigeon In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean

Image credits: Return_Equivalent

#31 Raspberry Oranges, A Variation Of Blood Oranges That Are Extremely Dark

Image credits: ThyHolyZen

#32 This Parking Spot You Can’t Park In For 4 Months Out Of The Year

Image credits: jcmonk

#33 This Whole Potato Made It Into My Bag Of Chips

Image credits: del_454

#34 Bird Laid A Nest In Our Holiday Wreath And Had Babies

Image credits: ZKK161820

#35 A Huge Sugar Crystal Grew At The Bottom Of My Maple Syrup Can

Image credits: nico87ca

#36 This Sign Warning Of A Dog Who Runs In Front Of Cars

Image credits: Shangri-lulu

#37 A Partial Solar Eclipse In My Town Turned The Shadows Into Crescents

Image credits: pembalhac

#38 Combined Urinal/Sinks. The Used Sink Water Drains Into The Urinal

Image credits: yearlyearly

#39 Disclosing The Gender Of The Baby Is A Punishable Offence In My Country

Image credits: rdias002

#40 The Candle Is Actually Butter To Dip The Bread In

Image credits: priceactionhero

#41 My To-Go Order Had A Frowney Face Written On The Bag

Image credits: ConsiderationKind436

#42 The High School I Delivered To Has A Skateboard Parking Space In The Office

Image credits: Maximum_Overhype

#43 Tylenol At My Store Is Over $10, Generic Is $2

Image credits: leeann7

#44 Most Of A Solid State Hard Drive Is Just Empty Plastic

Image credits: Mindreeder93

#45 Found A Bullet Proof Vest In A Box Hidden Inside My Wall

Image credits: TurboTBag

#46 Left A Wet Post It Note By Accident On Our Quartz Island, Now The Note Is Embedded

Image credits: RecognitionNo6426

#47 Our Waiter At Olive Garden Gave Us A To-Go Box Full Of Mints

Image credits: ShrekQueen

#48 Amsterdam Has Urinals Out In The Open On This Public Street

Image credits: grcosp

#49 When I Microwave My Coffee In This Mug, It Comes Out The Handle

Image credits: r_compton

#50 An Ad To Buy A Squirrel Monkey For Less Than $20 In A Comic Book From The 60s

Image credits: majtomby

#51 Local Costco Shelves Terminated Employee Payroll Paperwork On Sales Floor

Image credits: Duddlydoright

#52 This Bedroom On A Balcony

Image credits: mirk__

#53 My Wireless Charger Charges My Aluminium Mug

Image credits: casc1701

#54 My Role Of Trash Bags Came As One Uncut Trash Tarp

Image credits: dudmuffin123

#55 I Got Stabbed In The Thumb By One Of My Hairs

Image credits: armless_tavern

#56 This Lightbulb Has A Rated Lifespan Of 4 Hours

Image credits: three29

#57 Ceramic Cups Designed To Look Like Dented Plastic Cups

Image credits: levelupyours

#58 Pills From 1947

Image credits: KerchBridgeSmoker

#59 Atlanta Airport Has A Corn Jet

Image credits: LikeBigTrucks

#60 My Local Butcher Has Lumps Of Animal Fat Hanging In His Trees

Image credits: Zealousideal-East-50

#61 Same Size Can, Different Amounts

Image credits: redditindisguise

#62 Bath In The Floor. Hull, UK

Image credits: sophie-man

#63 Stuck Behind A “The Price Is Right” Winner In Traffic Today

Image credits: ottolotto1

#64 Local Hardware Store Has A Store Cat!

Image credits: ContemplativePebble

#65 This 15 Year Old Stash Of Canned Food I Found In My Crawl Space From The House’s Previous Owner

Image credits: guiltyofnothing

#66 Lizard Footprints On My Laptop

Image credits: satyamas

#67 The King Of Hearts Is The Only King Without A Mustache

Image credits: itsnoab

#68 All Of The Water Bottles In My Vegas Hotel Are Filled To Different Levels

Image credits: eanardone

#69 My Old Dell Laptop Has A Drain Hole On The Bottom

Image credits: j-ph

#70 Overly Litigious Billboard

Image credits: Pandazoic

#71 Turkish Airlines Has A Chef Onboard

Image credits: Heterochromio

#72 A Man Using A Disposable Film Camera To Take Pictures At Aaa Baseball Game Today

Image credits: SwankaTheGrey

#73 Plane Seat Has An Ethernet Port

Image credits: SMERSH8

#74 My Office Breakroom Has Dell Branded Seasoning

Image credits: StaticHolocene

#75 Pizza Hut Menu From 1984

Image credits: bencm518

#76 This Receipt From My Local Pizza Place Displays The Restaurant's Account Balance For Some Reason

Image credits: OpalOnyxObsidian

#77 Vape Sensor Notice For High School Bathrooms

Image credits: URappinAwful

#78 I Found A Cluster Of Fish Eggs On The Shore

Image credits: WillyHeeler

#79 Half Of My Ice Is Floating While The Rest Is Sinking

Image credits: MadRedMC

#80 The Third Ingredient Of This Vegetable Spread Is Soil

Image credits: rddikulus

#81 Yesterday At The Beach A Wild Young Seal Came To Rest Beside Me

Image credits: SplifoX

#82 Something Laid Eggs On Our Kitchen Window Overnight

Image credits: dzakich

#83 German Discounter Lidl Is Selling Drill Bits In Beer Cans

Image credits: COINTELPRO-Relay

#84 My Completely Finished Vaseline

Image credits: noodle_boy100

#85 My New Periodic Table Shower Curtain Includes 7 New Elements That Weren’t Included When I Bought The Previous One About 15 Years Ago

Image credits: bennetthaselton

#86 This Bullet That Landed On The Hood Of My Girlfriend’s Car


#87 My Grand Mother Put Saran Wrap On Her Remote Controller

Image credits: Moto_Rouge

#88 My Dad Keeps A Pill Bottle With 90% Alcohol In It To Kill Ticks (And Collect Them)

Image credits: Slow-Schedule-7725

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