7 of the Best Summer Cocktails to Sip in the Sunshine

adult summer cocktails sitting by pool

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.

Grab an ice-cold adult drink to cool you off while laying on a giant pool float or gathering with good friends. Thanks to our readers and some of our team favorites, we’re sharing some of the best pre-made summer adult cocktails available.

We’ve even added in a couple of virgin options for those who want a refreshing mocktail or like to BYOL (bring-your-own-liquor) 😆.

*Note that prices listed may vary per state. Check your local zip code for exact pricing. 

1. Drink a flavor of Truly or White Claw hard seltzers with just 100 calories a can.

box of white claw and truly hard seltzer drinks in costco cart

*These canned drinks contain alcohol. 

The battle for which hard seltzer is the best will forever be a debate. Regardless if you favor team Truly or team White Claw, these delicious seltzer drinks are a guilt-free way to enjoy an adult beverage. Each can contains just 2 carbs and 100 calories and is gluten-free.

“I love buying the hard seltzer variety packs because life needs variety and they’re all so delicious!” – Irene

hand holding white pink drink with strawberry and white claw cans in background

If you want to really spice up your cocktail game (literally and figuratively), then you must head over to our recent viral White Claw recipe post where we shared some delicious and super easy concoctions so you can serve up a refreshing hard seltzer slushie at your next get together. Cheers!

2. An Island Oasis mix will make strawberry daiquiri and piña colada recipes a breeze.

bright pink red cocktail drink with strawberry garnish and beach in background

*These mixes do not contain alcohol.

Whether you want a frozen strawberry daiquiri or piña colada, these tropical tasting mixes only require ice and your favorite liquor to feel like you’re somewhere on a beach. Plus, since they use all-natural ingredients and freeze the fruity flavors at peak season, you can be sure to enjoy these cocktail mixes any time of year.

3. This Jack Daniel’s drink is filled with lovely peaches and sweet summertime.

woman holding box of jack daniels refreshers on shoulder giving a thumbs up outside

*These bottled drinks contain alcohol. 

Do you love some southern flavors? Then you’re going to want to indulge yourself with a Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach drink. Whether you’re at a friend’s backyard BBQ or planning to crack one open at the beach, these summer cocktails will hit the spot.

“I really love summer drinks and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach is always a great way to kick off a hot summer day.” – Amber 

4. Skinny mixes are the best sugar-free & low-calorie cocktails for guilt-free drinks.

skinny girl margarita collection with martini glasses filled

*These mixes do not contain alcohol. 

From a classic margarita to cosmos or a delicious peach bellini, you can have it all with very little guilt if you have more than just one. These Skinny Girl mixes are just 5 calories, sugar-free, keto-friendly, kosher, gluten & dairy-free, and free of GMOs. To top it off, they’re even made in the USA! Serve on ice or blend with your favorite liquor and you’re on your way to paradise.

Here are a few reader tips when making margaritas:

If you’re looking for a total gamer changer, one of our readers recommended using coconut tequila. “Coconut Tequila is the best way to go for your margaritas! Once you go coconut you will never go back!” – Venus

Don’t want to buy the mix? Here’s another genius & frugal reader idea: “Instead of using frozen margarita mix, I use store brand frozen limeade concentrate. I spend less than $2 per can!” – Saleena

5. Alcohol adult popsicle sticks aren’t your typical early childhood memory.

hand holding a container full of adult martini popsicles

*These popsicles contain alcohol. 

We believe you’re never too old to enjoy a popsicle. Better yet, adults can enjoy the new vodka martini popsicles made by Slim Chillers as a fun twist on a summer cocktail. Each popsicle has 8% alcohol while bringing you back to childhood in all the best ways.

If you have big-name brands near you that have an alcohol license such as Costco, Wegmans, or even Walmart, chances are they’re stocked full of these alcoholic treats – although states will vary on inventory so make sure to check your local liquor stores, too.

“Frozen adult popsicles are so good for summer and perfect to always have on hand when friends are over at the pool.” – Dana

6. Corona beer now makes tasty & tropical refreshers that will make you think you’re in Mexico.

holding Corona Refresca coconut lime beverage

*These canned drinks contain alcohol. 

Guava lime, passionfruit lime, and coconut lime – with crisp and refreshing flavors like those you really don’t need more of a reason to try these malt beverages. With a variety pack, you and your friends will have endless options for your next backyard barbecue or happy hour with friends. They’ll bring the fun, you’ll bring the best flavors of the tropics.

“I love the Corona Refreshers more than White Claws – they’re my new go-to drink!” – Ashley 

7. A Twisted Tea pack will compliment your next Kenny Chesney tour.

hand holding a box of yellow twisted tea

*These canned drinks contain alcohol.

Twisted Tea comes in many refreshing flavors so if you’re into sipping on some real, freshly brewed tea, then these spiked cans will be just what your taste buds are craving. These summer cocktails are best enjoyed tailgating, kicking back at a country concert, or whatever your version of good summer fun is.


All products listed are recommendations from readers or our Hip2Save team and are only intended for persons 21 years or older. Always drink responsibly and don’t drive under the influence.  

Government Warning: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery and may cause health problems.

hands holding multiple alcoholic drinks cheers in front of pool

Now go grab your favorite drink! Cheers, friends!

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