30 Hilarious Weed Memes To Give You the Giggles

Now that marijuana is legal, more and more people are indulging in the green. Once thought of as a gateway drug, society now understands the positive impact weed can have. Not only does it relax the mind, but it also has properties that can help relieve pain. Cannabis is everywhere these days. Whether it’s Mike Tyson sprouting about his new weed company Tyson 2.0, rappers discussing different strains in their songs, or people smoking in movies, weed is firmly part of modern day pop culture. It has also resulted in a plethora of weed memes hitting the internet.

These weed memes will have you giggling along as you roll your next joint. So spark up a big one and enjoy these 30 hilarious weed memes.

1.  We Get It, You Smoke Weed



Who knew the Queen was a stoner? As this outfit demonstrates, Lizzy loves the sticky icky. 

2. Stoner Problems #1



While smoking weed doesn’t make you dumber, it does make you slightly forgetful on occasions. How many times have you received a text message and forgotten to reply? This is a very relatable cannabis meme.

3. Elon Musk Smokes Weed



When tech billionaire Elon Musk appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and sparked a blunt, everybody was shocked. Who knew he was a weed smoker? Seeing Musk attempt to look cool while smoking cannabis is hilarious and a must watch. I can only imagine what he is like trying to roll his own joint. It’s hard to imagine Musk being the one to get the tobacco out of his cigarettes and then mix it with his weed before rolling the perfect joint. This moment spawned many a funny meme, with the image above easily one of the best funny weed memes to come out of the interview. 

4. Snoop Dogg Heading for Space



Snoop Dogg is a known weed smoker, and this meme aptly depicts his career change if there was a planet found covered in marijuana. No doubt he wouldn’t be the only stoner trying to get safe passage to this fabled cannabis planet. 

5. High in Public



We’ve all been there. You’re high as a kite after smoking weed and are out in public doing your best to look normal. Great use of SpongeBob SquarePants TV series for this stoner meme. 

6. 420 is Coming



Every year when 420 rolls around, weed memes hit a peak. This particular image references the Game of Thrones “Winter is coming” quote and features Sean Bean’s Eddard Stark dressed up in reggae apparel. If you’re a pothead or GOT fan you’ll probably get a laugh out of this one. Everyone else, maybe not so much. 

7. Stoner Problems #2



If you’re a stoner who still lives at home, you no doubt are familiar with this meme. Smoking weed at home can cause a bit of a smell. The amount of spray you go through to mask the smell is ridiculous. 

8. *Hits Blunt*



Why is it you always get philosophical once you’ve had a few tokes? This is another very relatable stoner meme. 

9. You Smell Like Weed



Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are one of the strangest couples in recent memory. Not only do they look weird together, but the things they get up to as a couple are a little left of center. The two enjoy sharing moments from their private life with the world, with one such tidbit revealing Fox telling Kelly “you smell like weed” when they first met. His reply; “I am weed.”

Of course, something as absurd as this had to get the meme treatment. Some of the best involve romantic movie scenes where the dialogue for the characters is replaced by what Fox and Kelly said. The above meme references the moment in The Empire Strikes Back where Leia tells Han Solo she loves him. Comedy gold. 

10. When the Edible Finally Hits



It’s easy to throw back a few edibles and think nothing is happening. 45 minutes later… Funny weed memes don’t come any better than this.

11. This Is the Way



This is what happens when Snoop Dogg meets Baby Yoda. 

12. Freshman Year vs. Senior Year



From Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus. This meme is like graduating from a joint to a bong.

13. To Infinity and Beyond



This weed meme is inspired by Toy Story and makes a clever reference to Buzz Lightyear. 

14. Someone Needs To Pay



Only on American television would you see something like this. Recreational marijuana is no joke kids! 

15. I Want What This Guy is Smoking



When the weed is that good and you don’t realize you’re talking to yourself. 

16. Waiting for the Weedman



Nothing is worse than when you’re waiting for your drugs to arrive. This image of Lenny from The Simpsons contemplating where his weed is is a situation all weed smokers have been in at some point. 

17. Cotton Mouth



One of the worst side effects of taking a puff is cotton mouth. Nobody wants to wind up like old SpongeBob SquarePants in the above meme. 

18. Instant Best Friends



Hanging with some mates and getting high is great. Heading out with those same lads and running into another set of pals who are also stoned is even better. Great use of the Turtles and Power Rangers too. 

19. Everyone Knows



When you’re out in public stoned and you think everyone knows. 

20. Hugs and Drugs



What a combination. The world would be a better place if everyone was getting stoned and hugging out their problems. 

21. Well Baked


Zips Cannabis

Anyone who is a regular cannabis smoker will feel this meme. A little silly humor is always welcome. 

22. Wheel of Weed


Zip Cannabis

When it comes to funny weed memes, this is a good one. No matter how much marijuana you’ve smoked, you’re sure to solve this one. 

23. Weed Is Good



This meme is a play on the Oliver Stone classic Wall Street. It stars that guy, this guy, and the mermaid. Certainly the type of film you want to see if you’re a stoner. Charlie Sheen is also a weed lover so bonus points.

24. The Man, the Myth, the Legend


Zip Cannabis

The four online personalities of cannabis lover Elon Musk everybody. 

25. The Scavenger Smoker



Nothing worse than when someone appears out of the blue when you and a mate are ready to smoke up. Great use of Hank from Breaking Bad

26. Weed Cookie?


Quick Meme

This meme about weed cookies uses the ‘skeptical third world child’ meme that got popular several years back. In this instance, he is wondering if the cookies he is being offered have marijuana in them. 

27. If Michael Phelps Can Do It…



Here’s one the cannabis community will love. If Michael Phelps can smoke weed, so can anyone. Oh, you thought we were talking swimming? 

28. Not Every Bowl Contains Cereal 



When you hit a couple of bongs in the morning. People who smoke weed regularly will understand this one. 

29. Weed Dispensary Starter Pack


Know Your Meme

How true is this cannabis meme? While you can get all the marijuana you want without any alcohol in sight, it will cost you. The cannabis industry has changed but the product is always top-quality. 

30. Caught Smoking Marijuana



Great memes like this are sure to give you a few laughs. 

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