25 Quarantine Graduation Day Ideas To Honor Your Teen

Quarantine Graduation Day Ideas that will allow you to make the most of your stay at home order. Even if your teen doesn’t get to walk down and get their diploma, it doesn’t mean they can’t have a celebration. 

party ideas for graduations

Here are amazing ideas that you can consider doing for your graduate this year. I have lots of fun ideas for you to think about doing. Give this list a look over and see if one or more fit what you might want. 

1.  Send a Digital or Real Invitation to the Virtual Graduation Party. This is a wonderful way to allow your teen to feel like they are not missing out. 

online graduation ideas

 2. Host a FB Live Graduation Party or Zoom Party for family/friends. A great way to create your own party that everyone can feel apart of. 

3. The host can mail a pretty backdrop to the graduate for opening gifts live and the live online party

zoom party for teens

4. Friends and Family can mail gifts ahead of time to open live.

5.  Share Inspiring Quotes with the Grad either by mail or in the FB Live Group or on Zoom.

6.  Life advice post people can comment on for the graduate in the Facebook Graduation group or take turns sharing life advice on Zoom live graduation party

7.  Could mail a postcard with life advice on it for the graduate to read out loud during live stream OR grads parents could make an album with them

online slideshow8.  Make a Digital Slideshow of Senior Photos with SmileBox.

9. You could easily make a Digital Slideshow of Photos of the Student from Baby to Grownup! 

10. Create a Dorm Room Registry on Amazon  

11. Trivia Game about the graduate being celebrated for friends and family to play live over Zoom or in the Facebook Party Group (their favorite subject in school, their first car, etc.)

12. Create a Zoom Schedule for the Grad to have one on one calls with family and friends before or after the party.

chalk graduation idea13. Send out Chalk and ask Family/Friends to write a special memory or congrats on the driveway the last week of school.

drive by graduation idea14. Host a graduation parade with teachers, friends, and family members

15. Email Photo Memories – Friends/Family can email photos of them with the grad so the party host can make a digital collage for social media.

tailgating graduation idea16. Social Distancing Tailgate (Bring food and meet 6’ apart, decorate their tailgates w/ school colors)! This is a fun idea and if you feel comfortable could be a good one to try this year to bring some “normalness” to the day. 

17. Make a money tree and have people come by and hang money on it. This is a great way to still allow your child to have money for their next journey of college. 

graduation party ideas18. Set out a card box and have people drop their card/cash/gift card in it for the graduate. Then let the family and friends know what time you will have the container out for people to drop it by. 

19. Shoe polish the car windows for the week.

20. Online memory jar – it could be a post in the Graduation Party Facebook group where people share their favorite memories of the grad.

graduation party for teens21. Conversation chair outside the grad’s house for people to stop by and converse within a 2-hour window! This will, of course, depend on what your state has set in place for rules to the stay at home order. 

at home graduation22. Sign bomb the graduate’s house – pick a day where family/friends tape handmade signs to the front of the home. A fun idea to do so you can make it feel more supportive from the family. 

graduate party ideas with stay at home order23. Decorate the Front Door Décor w/ the Graduate’s Colors/Sign/Name/Graduation Year, etc. A fun way to make the day special for your graduation teen. 

24. Set up an Instagram Hashtag to share photos/memories of the graduate like people do for weddings! 

25. Livestream Q & A on Zoom or Facebook Live w/ the graduate (ask him about his favorite memories, favorite teachers, etc.).

Quarantine Graduation Ideas

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