24 Festive Holiday Games You Need to Play with the Kids

Holiday party season is here and these Christmas party games bring all the cheer

Make your next family game night extra special with fun family Christmas game ideas that are sure to keep the kids (and grown-ups!) entertained. Those who enjoy minute-to-win-it games will get a real kick out of the Gingerbread Shuffle, and those who want a good laugh should go for Christmas Mad Libs or Christmas Scattergories. This list has a game for every day leading up to Christmas so get ready for some family fun!

Elf Monopoly


Buy, sell and trade your way to Christmas cheer in this Elf-inspired version of Monopoly. The game tokens include fun figurines like maple syrup, a mailroom coffee cup, Santa's sleigh and more. Buy it here

Gingerbread Shuffle

Not Consumed

Who’s the smart cookie of the bunch? We love this holiday game because all you need is cookies and no hands. Head over to Not Consumed for the details on how to play this game with the half-pints.

Candy Cane Ribbon Race

Nifty Mom

Ready, set, go! Grab your candy cane and race it across the ribbon to win. We love this simple yet exciting candy cane game thought up by mama Samantha. Click through to Nifty Mom to learn the easy how-to do this race.

Christmas Smell Guessing Game

Kid Friendly Things To Do

Smells good! Grab your Santa hats it’s time to play the Christmas game. From peppermint and pinecones to gingerbread and cinnamon sticks, your little elves will love playing this game. Head over to Kid Friendly Things to Do for a tutorial on how to play.

Holiday Tic-Tac-Toe

Scattercrafted via Etsy

Let the games begin! We love this Christmas version of tic-tac-toe you can snag from SCATTERCRAFTED. It's perfect for a quick moment with grandparents or when you're just trying to keep the littles from bouncing off the walls. 

Ornament Matching Game

Toddler Approved

Hide-and-seek! If the littles need a game to spice up the holiday magic—we’ve got the perfect one to play. A shout out to mom Kristina over at Toddler Approved for the how-to on this creative game. The best part is they’ll be practicing matching numbers, adding and spelling, while having fun.

Gingerbread Cookie Relay

Teaching Heart Blog

Run, run, as fast you can, you can't stop now—it's the gingerbread man relay! The materials for this game are a cinch (think gingerbread cutouts and spatulas) and it's sure to inspire a ton of giggles. Learn more over at Teaching Heart Blog.

Christmas Mad Libs

Happiness is Homemade

Give your holiday party an extra dose of silliness with this Mad Libs game from Happiness is Homemade! The kids will love coming up with a kooky story—and it's a built-in vocab-builder too. 

Christmas Gift Exchange

Juliana Malta via Unsplash

Look no further for a fun Christmas party game! This activity from Play Party Plan involves dice, a wrapped gift from each guest, and a whole lot of laughter. Get started with the free printable, and then see what surprise you end up with! 

Christmas Scatergories

We love the holiday flair that has been added to our favorite game of Scattergories by @michelletripple. Head over to her profile to print off the cards for a fun night filled with laughs. 

Christmas Charades

A Girl and a Glue Gun

Charades are always a party hit, which is why we love that A Girl and a Glue Gun whipped up a Christmas-y version. Grab the free printable and get ready to act your heart out! 

The Candy Cane Game

Good Life of a Housewife

This Christmas party game from Chanele at Good Life of a Housewife is extra brilliant because it takes a classic game that your kids are probably familiar with (Spoons!), and gives it a peppermint twist.

Silver Bells Memory Game

I Can Teach My Child

Does this game ring a bell? Gather your guests around and try this fun idea from I Can Teach My Child. The best part is that this game uses Hershey's Kisses—so no matter your memory, you'll end up with a treat! 

Name That Holiday Tune

Ryan J Lane via iStock

Who can hum the best? Give your holiday party a musical upgrade by having everyone hum—and identify—popular holiday songs. Can't carry a tune? Play a game of musical chairs (holiday edition) instead. Head over to Play Party Plan for the perfect playlist!

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Candy Cane Fishing

There’s Just One Mommy

We love this simple and sweet game. It’s festive, easy and teaches motor skills, too! Even better: You don’t need a ton of supplies. Find out how to stage your own over at There’s Just One Mommy.

Jingle Bell Obstacle Course

Childhood 101

Ring in the holidays with a party game that guarantees a jingle-jangle good time! This obstacle course idea is sensory, active and only requires a little bit of DIY-ability. Learn more at Childhood 101.

Candy Cane Hunt


Grab a couple dozen candy canes and a timer, and host your own candy cane hunt! You can hide your peppermint treats in newly fallen snow or around the house and see how many kids find in 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. You can even award a prize for the “golden” candy cane—a simple bow or ribbon around the special cane results in an extra special treat.

Pin the Heart on the Grinch

Mom’s Tot School

Turn your house into Whoville and celebrate the day that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes. Using a cut-out heart as a marker, spin your party guests around and let them match the ticker to the Grinch. Head over to Mom’s Tot School for more info.

Snow Shovel Race

Housing a Forest

Three cheers for a fun Minute to Win It game! With this idea, you’ll race the clock in a silly “snow” shoveling activity. It’s a guarantee for giggles and super simple to put together, too. Get the how-to at Housing a Forest.

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Snowman Wrap

Party Wishes

You may remember a version of this game from your last Halloween party. Here, the mummy wrap with toilet paper gets a Frosty-style twist. Don’t forget the hat, black paper buttons, and orange carrot nose for an extra-special touch. Find out more at Party Wishes.

Olaf Knock Down

The Crumby Mummy

Do you like warm hugs and party games? This genius idea combines everyone’s fave Frozen sidekick and an easy-to-set-up bowling activity. Best of all, the materials can be found around your house or at your local Dollar Store. Find out more at The Crumby Mummy.

Christmitts Game

Karen’s Ideas Galore

Hold a gift-opening relay race that adds a silly oven mitt challenge. The frenzy to unwrap boxes will be even more fun when the kids are slowed down by mitts. Find out more at Karen’s Ideas Galore.

Snowball Toss

Just Make Stuff

Want to get in the snowy spirit? This game has all the fun of a snowball fight, without any of the drippy-dirty mess. Make your own snowballs or grab some at your local craft store! Get all the info you need at Just Make Stuff.

Blindfolded Coloring

StockSnap via Pixabay

Put a twist on a classic childhood activity. Coloring was never so much fun as when you try it blindfolded! The folks over at A Subtle Revelry break it down for you here

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