12 Gift Ideas for Your Husband This Holiday Season

Your husband is (hopefully) the person you spend most of your time with, your best friend, your cuddle buddy, the one you can’t wait to spill all your secrets to – so why is it so tough to shop for him?

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your man this holiday season check out this list. Full of clever ideas like manly skincare products, artwork for his walls, graphic hoodies men, and so much more!

Concert Tickets 

The best gift you can give is making a memory together. Creep on his Spotify account to see what bands he keeps playing on repeat. Do a little digging and see if any of them have upcoming shows in a city near you. Snag some tickets and dance the night away together to live music. 

Upgrade His Shave

Not all men, but most men don’t practice the best skincare practices. Upgrade your husband’s shaving experience with a new razor, pre-shave scrub, electric trimmer, or beard oil. Plenty of products are formulated specifically for men – so he won’t feel too “girlie” adding a little serum to his evening routine. 

Mobile Game Controller 

Is your partner always playing a new game on his phone? Enhance his gameplay experience with a handy mobile game controller. This handy device turns his cellphone into a console-level gaming controller. Now he won’t have to fuss with finicky touchscreen controls. He’ll have better aim to conquer levels faster than ever. 

Record Player 

If your man loves music, there is no better way to experience an album than on vinyl. Gift him with a Bluetooth-compatible record player for the ultimate music-listening experience. Include a couple of his favorite albums on vinyl, and you can continue to add to his collection on his birthday, your anniversary, and the holidays next year. 

Graphic Hoodie

Get him a cozy sweatshirt that reflects his personal style. You can find graphic hoodies for men with unique artwork that reflects your partner’s authentic self. Pick a graphic hoodie with a print on the sleeves to change it up! Style your sci-fi-obsessed partner in a funky space graphic – with graphic hoodies for men. The possibilities are endless.  Graphic tees are another great choice!  

Pour-Over Coffe Maker  

Get a new pour-over coffee kit for the caffeine-addicted man in your life. Pour-over coffee immediately elevates your morning experience. It may take a little more time and effort, but man, oh man, is it worth it. The slow method of brewing allows you to taste all the intricacies of your coffee. Include a unique blend of coffee beans to try out with his new pour-over kit. 

Poster From the First Band You Saw Together

Dress up your husband’s office walls with a poster from the first concert you saw together. Have the poster framed so he can hang it on his wall without damaging it. Include a note about why the night meant so much to you – he will love having a memento of the unforgettable memory you shared. 

Turn Your Favorite Photo Together into Wall Art 

Another way to spruce up your partner’s walls is to take one of your favorite photos together and turn it into a trendy piece of art. Be Funky uses AI technology to transform regular photos into paintings, cartoons, sketches, and more types of digital art. The effect is impressive and is sure to look stunning on his walls.  

Quality Kitchen Knives 

No one wants to cook with dull knives. If your man loves to slice, dice, and chop, gift him with a fancy knife. A good knife will help him improve his knife skills – and encourage him to cook more delicious meals for you. 

Pasta Maker 

Make memories in the kitchen together by gifting him a pasta maker. Now you can try out his grandma’s famous from-scratch bolognese recipe or simply have fun rolling out pasta dough side by side. Fill some tasty ravioli for the perfect date night from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Camping Gear 

Gift the outdoorsy man in your life with camping gear to enhance his next weekend getaway. Maybe he needs a bigger cooler, a quality portable grill, or a new swiss army knife. Find a cozy camping hammock and show him you can’t wait to get out and explore the great outdoors together. 

Massage Gun 

Help your exercise-obsessed partner with his recovery by gifting him a massage gun. These handy devices can release muscle tension, increase circulation, and melt away hard-to-reach knots. He’ll love getting deep into his muscles after a long session at the gym.   

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