105 Healthy Fall Journaling Prompts for Adults

If you’re looking for some ideas of what to write in your journal this fall season, then look no further. Here is a list of 105 fall journal writing prompts that will help you focus on getting healthier, as well as appreciate the best things that Autumn has to offer.

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, fall festivals, colorful leaves… just a few things the beautiful Autumn season has to offer.

Autumn is my favorite season. I love curling up with a hot chocolate and a warm blanket. I’m always in pursuit of coziness 🙂

When the seasons change, it always feels like a fresh start, especially when that season is Autumn. In the fall, people often take a look at the new habits they introduced earlier in the year and reassess, do more organizing and cleaning, and try to find a balance between work and rest.

This is the perfect time to introduce some healthy habits, both new and old, and set some new routines. 

Writing in your journal is a great way to be more mindful, calm your mind and slow down.

Here is a list of fall journal prompts if you’re stuck on what to write about.

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healthy fall journal writing prompts

Healthy Fall-Themed Journal Prompts

  1. What are your plans for the fall season?
  2. What do you like to do on the first day of the fall?
  3. What are your favorite things about fall?
  4. What is your favorite food to eat in the fall?
  5. Write down some items on your bucket list.
  6. What does having a healthy fall mean to you?
  7. What makes you appreciate this time of the year the most?
  8. What are some changes you want to make this season?
  9. Write down the new habits you want to introduce.
  10. Write down some old, bad habits to get rid of.
  11. How can you have more time with your family?
  12. Plan out a weekly family night.
  13. What is your favorite fall color?
  14. Make a cozy apple cider recipe and describe how it tastes.
  15. What do you appreciate the most about the cooler weather?
  16. How can you eat dinner together more often?
  17. What are some outdoor workouts you enjoy?
  18. What indoor workouts can you do on rainy days?
  19. List some ways to get more fresh air this season.
  20. Write down new places to get exercise you haven’t tried before.
  21. What is your favorite fall memory?
  22. Have you ever visited a haunted house? What was it like?
  23. What has the weather been like recently?
  24. What are your favorite ways to celebrate fall?
  25. What do you look forward to the most in the holiday season?
  26. Write about creating a new skincare routine for the season.
  27. What has been going right in your morning routine?
  28. What improvements does your morning routine need?
  29. Where in your day can you fit extra activities?
  30. What part of your routine do you no longer connect with?
  31. Draw some pictures in your journal of what fall means to you.
  32. What is your favourite form of journaling?
  33. How has journaling improved your life?
  34. How can you fit in more journaling time?
  35. What are some physical activities you can do as a family?
  36. Write down your favorite memories from visiting a pumpkin patch.
  37. What creative activities can you do with your kids?
  38. Add a few more things to your fall bucket list.
  39. What are some good memories from the past fall?
  40. Plan a game night with friends.
  41. If you could meet up with any friend, who would it be?
  42. Visit an apple orchard with friends or family. Describe how it was.
  43. Write down your favorite fall family traditions.
  44. What is your favourite season?
  45. What do you miss about summer?
  46. What are your favorite sweets to eat this season?
  47. Draw or paste in a photo of your favorite fall picture
  48. Write down your Halloween plans.
  49. How do you like to improve your healthy habits?
  50. Do you go all-in or change habits slowly?
  51. Do you share your plans or keep them to yourself?
  52. Write down your favorite memories from visiting a corn maze
  53. What fall seasonal produce can you use more of?
  54. Write down some healthy autumn recipes you want to try.
  55. Do you enjoy cooking?
  56. What is your favourite thing to cook for your family?
  57. What are your plans for Thanksgiving dinner?
  58. Write down 3 healthy meals to try this season.
  59. How are you feeling mid-way through the fall?
  60. What bucket list items do you still want to get done?
  61. How can you have a more positive mindset?
  62. What were some causes of stress recently?
  63. In what ways are you dealing with your stress?
  64. What cheers you up no matter what?
  65. List ways you can be more mindful.
  66. How often do you stay present?
  67. What are your favorite Fall movies?
  68. Do a few minutes of breathing exercises, then write in your journal.
  69. Today, try a brain dump of anything that is on your mind.
  70. What is a challenging part of journaling for you?
  71. How can you get more natural light on gloomy days?
  72. Do you struggle with SAD (Seasonal Depressive Disorder)?
  73. How can you feel better on dark, cold days?
  74. What has been the best part of this season?
  75. Make a fall cleaning plan.
  76. What organizing do you want to do?
  77. Write about some big projects at home you want to tackle.
  78. What is something you have been putting off?
  79. How can you redecorate your space?
  80. Write about how to get more vitamin C in your diet.
  81. What are some favorite rainy day activities?
  82. What do you enjoy doing indoors with family?
  83. Who are 3 people you could call in a time of need?
  84. Spend a day unplugging, then journal about your experience.
  85. List 5 things you have gotten done this season.
  86. List 5 things you are looking forward to in the winter.
  87. Highlight 3 things on your bucket list to still get done.
  88. When you have a day off, what do you enjoy the most?
  89. How are your healthy changes going so far?
  90. What have you added to your daily routine?
  91. How can you improve your nighttime routine?
  92. Do you struggle with sleep?
  93. How relaxed do you feel when you get into bed?
  94. How are you using mindfulness or meditation to help you sleep?
  95. What do you think about before sleep?
  96. Write about a fun memory from your childhood.
  97. Write down words that describe your feelings about fall.
  98. How can you have more downtime?
  99. What healthy habits are no longer resonating?
  100. Start planning your new years’ resolutions.
  101. What is still on your fall bucket list?
  102. What are your plans for the winter?
  103. What do you feel grateful for?
  104. What was your favourite memory this season?
  105. Start writing out your winter bucket list.

I hope you enjoyed these Fall journal prompts!

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