10 Things We Bought This Month on Amazon That Are Worth Every Penny! (+ 1 Thing We Returned)

Our Hip team is sharing our picks for the best things to buy on Amazon this month!

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Amazon has it all, but here are a few of our favorite things. 🤩

It’s no news we’re obsessed with Amazon and their convenient, fast, and free Prime shipping – AND the endless amount of online goods you can find. However, there’s always that one purchase that sticks out among all the others, so our team is sharing a few favorite purchases from the past month.

*Note that these Amazon prices are accurate at the time of posting.

Here are some of the best things to buy on Amazon this month according to our team members:

1. Melissa said these luxury bed sheets are the best things to buy on Amazon if you’re looking for a Pottery Barn lookalike.


Bare Home Luxury Bed Sheets, Queen – $34.95+ (regularly $40.99) 

  • Plus score an additional 5% OFF with Amazon’s clippable coupon!

We love a great designer knockoff and these Amazon sheets saved Melissa over $100! 🤩 Although they claim to be “luxury” sheets, you won’t pay a high price that reflects their high quality considering even a king set of sheets is still under $40. 🤯 Melissa said they’re super soft and cozy to boot!

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2. Collin bought these boots on Amazon that look just like UGGs.


Speaking of great knockoffs, our Hip CEO, Collin, recently scooped up these adorable boots on Amazon for about $80 LESS than an identical pair of UGG boots! She says they’re so comfy thanks to the memory foam support and the quality really is on point!

3. Collin also scooped up this Anthropologie lookalike that saved her over $100.


Amazon ANRABESS Half Zip Pullover (bottom) – $38.99

Collin was also obsessing over all the Anthropologie fashion knockoffs we recently found and bought this trendy pullover sweater too! Not only does it look EXACTLY like the Anthropologie pullover we love, but it comes in many more neutral colors too. Plus, she saved well over $100 too! 😍

“This Anthro lookalike is SO GOOD! 🤩 It really does look almost identical to the Anthropologie one but the price difference is HUGE. I love the quality, love the style, and love bragging about the savings! 😆🤑 – Collin, Hip CEO & founder

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4. Soleil grabbed a pair of these maternity leggings for her growing bump and they come in over 40 colors.


How adorable are Soleil and her baby bump? 😍 She’s been giving these maternity leggings a try for over a month before giving them her stamp of mama approval. According to her, these leggings are stretchy enough to grow with her bump and light enough to wear comfortably in Florida’s fluctuating “winter” weather. Basically, they’re the best things to buy on Amazon if you’re expecting too. 😉

Shopping for a summer bump?


We can barely handle how cute Soleil is in this maternity set! 🤩 You’ll need to scoop up this bra and short set if you’re planning your summer bump wardrobe. Soleil loves this set because it’s perfect for warm Florida days and goes with everything. She really adores the ribbed detailing too! What’s not to love?! ❤️

Check out this identical non-maternity set we found if you’re not expecting! 😍

5. I bought this jade glass juicer which has been perfect for making mocktails at home.


We’ve been on a mocktail kick at home lately so we needed a juicer to make squeezing our fresh citruses a breeze. I’ve always loved old-school glass juicers and after no luck at local vintage shops, I was stoked to find this piece on Amazon! I chose it because it easily fits large citruses like oranges and even grapefruits. Plus, it holds enough juice for our drinks and is a piece I know I’ll love forever! 🤩

Although the handle is small, I bought it more for its looks. On the plus side, it juices perfectly and is the heavy, thick jade glass I expected it to have. 🙌🏼

6. I also grabbed a new cocktail shaker to make our drinks at home. 


Chances are you may already have one of these at home if you enjoy making your own drinks, but if you don’t I can’t recommend this little shaker enough and it’s super affordable! It’s actually the first thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon with less than 5 stars and minimal reviews!


It’s on the smaller side, but it’s perfect for just my partner and me when we want to mix up a couple of drinks. I wanted something that didn’t look like every other cocktail shaker and I loved the simple and vintage style of this shaker and the unique wood lid. The stainless steel helps make drinks icy cold and there’s a built-in strainer so it’s just as practical as it is beautiful. 🙌🏼

7. Lina grabbed this heated blanket to warm up in her Arizona winter.


SOGANASA Electric Heated Blanket Throw – $30.99 (regularly $40.88) 

  • Plus, score an additional 30% OFF with Amazon’s clippable coupon!

Lina says this is one of the best things to buy on Amazon right now if you’re looking to stay warm until spring arrives! She’s been loving this cozy heating blanket since it’s been rather chilly in Arizona and her favorite part of all is the super soft sherpa! With an extra 30% off coupon, it’s no wonder this buy was one of her favorites!

8. Lina also bought another pair of microwavable slippers to gift to her mom because they’re simply amazing. 


Intelex Warmies Microwaveable Slippers$24.45 (regularly $31.76)

The material of these heated slippers is ridiculously plush and feels like your feet are being hugged by a warm fuzzy blanket so it’s no wonder Lina wanted to give the same experience to her mama! These innovative slippers can go in the microwave to warm your feet instantly or they can even be put in the freezer to chill your feet if you’re recovering from an injury. Talk about a game-changing fashion find! 😱

Head to our full product review to read more about these microwavable slippers!

9. Melissa solved the unorganized hat problem in her boy’s room with these hat hooks.


These are the best things to buy on Amazon if you have lots of hats floating around your home! Since Melissa’s boys constantly throw theirs on the floor or in the closet, she needed a better solution.


These hat hooks keep all their hats organized and shaped well which even double as decor! 🤩 Even better, they’re a cinch to hang since they’re self-adhesive! Sweet!

10. Melissa said this cleaner made her dishwasher shiny and new again.


Speaking of cleaning, Melissa gave this new-to-her cleaner a try and she said it cleaned her dishwasher so well that it looks brand new inside! As a busy mom of 4, this is one cleaning product that will remain a staple for her next online order.

Hip Tip: Check out our dishwasher cleaning hack if you want a FREE way to make things sparkle!

Not everything works out on Amazon…here’s one product Bryn ordered that’s being returned this month! 


After reading many raving reviews on the Capri Blue Multipurpose Spray, Bryn decided to take a more frugal route and try a similar Capri Blue Cleaning Concentrate. She knew she’d get much more bang for her buck with the one-dollar difference since you mix just 1 ounce of the concentrate with an entire gallon of water! Ideally, it would have had her swimming in the dreamy Capri Blue scent we all know and love for months on end. To her disappointment, it had an awful chemical smell and is nothing like the Volcano scent in her opinion.

Thank goodness for Amazon’s return policy! 

Hip Tip: Make your own Capri Blue Volcano smell at home with our essential oils DIY!

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