10 Myths About American Comics

10 Myths About American Comics

10 Myths About American Comics

Superheroes and Villains are creations of fantasy, meaning they do not exist in our world. However, you need not create a different universe for your favourite supes and loathed villains, as the writers have mapped out a different universe for their characters. DC and Marvel produce the top two and the most competitive American comics. Therefore, we have the DC and Marvel universes. Some other American comics would include:

  1. Dark Horse comics;
  2. Image comics;
  3. Archie comics;
  4. Valiant comics;
  5. Amalgam comics.

However, over 85 years after the first collective comic was released, Marvel and DC introduced several characters to the readers. As the years went by, with televisions coming into play first, some of these comic stories transitioned onto moving pictures with human characters playing the roles of superheroes, villains, and their human counterparts. The table below exemplifies the top 10 superhero characters in the DC and Marvel universes and other features:

Features DC Universe Marvel Universe
Superheroes Superman; Wonder Woman; Batman; Shazam!; The Flash; Green Lantern; Aquaman; Martian Manhunter. Hulk; Thor; Captain America; Spider-Man; Iron Man; Black Panther; Captain Marvel; Black Widow.
Foundation 1934 (as National Allied Publications); 1961 (as National Periodical Publications); 1977 (as DC Comics). 1939 (as Timely Comics); 1947 (as Magazine Management); 1961 (as Marvel Comics).
Country of origin USA USA
10 Myths About American Comics

The Various Misconceptions 

These comical reliefs have transitioned into the video gaming industry in recent years, accompanied by massive technological development. Several game software developers took cues from these picture books, resulting in the vivid representation of comic characters as game characters. Due to these developments, individuals can now play the part of these comic characters, experiencing all the fights and destruction represented in these books.

However, most comic lovers have become so invested in the characters and storylines, unconsciously believing several pieces of information that are entirely false. This article will address ten collective myths the readers of American comics believe.

  • The Immortality of Superheroes

Have you ever wondered why the villains could die, but the superheroes stay alive, fighting crime for many years? Well, taken aback by a bit of reflection on characters such Superman, Captain America, and Black Widow, among others staying as youthful as ever over countless repetitive storylines for so many years. 

Creating comical characters and storylines for different people from all walks of life while staying relevant over several years may not be easy. This assertion had led to these writers making permutations and twisting storylines to suit their tumbling ideas. However, like actual living characters, comical icons also grow old, stop being a superhero and eventually die. Although, it is scarce to see comics representing the death of a superhero so often. 

The introduction of alternate or parallel universes has allowed writers to resource stories, thereby keeping all characters juvenile and valuable for any storyline they have to conjure to the minds of various readers and viewers. A few examples of characters that grew old and weary of fighting crime are given below:

  1. The dark knight returns: bruce Wayne retires from being a vigilante, only to return for one night to fight villains again;
  2. Avengers – End game: in this finale, Steve Rogers retired from being Captain America, after that returning to the past to live out everyday human life with Peggy Carter, reappearing in the final scenes as Old Steve;
  3. Kingdom Come: old Justice League members return, causing a rift between them and the new vigilantes that had replaced them.
10 Myths About American Comics
  • Spiderman and His Wrist Filled With Webs 

Most comic lovers have probably concluded and made themselves believe that Peter Parker’s spun webs come from his wrists. Well, it is not surprising and too far off as most of these Spiderman movies made it appear so. However, to disclaim this fact, through the history of comics and recent films belonging to the franchise, there was an apparent reference to Peter possessing a mechanical web spinner that he had crafted.

This assertion is no surprise as Parker was said to be a genius way before he got bitten and became the Spiderman. However, he only developed fast reflexes and became more agile and robust from the bite. He also got his spider-sense from the bite. Despite all these, Spiderman remains a living and breathing human, nothing else. 

So, contrary to what most people believe, Peter did not gain the ability to spin webs from his wrist as his DNA still conforms to that of an average human with exciting skills. However, with the release of the most recent Spiderman – homecoming and Spiderman- far away from home, it is evident that a machine is used to produce those stringy spider webs.

  • The Captain America Character Belongs to the Marvel Universe

As mentioned in the introduction leading up to this section, the two most famous American comics would belong to DC and Marvel Studios. However, from a fundamental perception, Captain America was thought to have been created by Marvel after the character’s appearance in Captain America – the First Avenger.

However, little did most people know that the first appearance of Captain America was in a comic book, released in March of 1941. However, this comic book was published by Timely Comics, and Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created the character. Moreover, Captain America was a part of a trio of superheroes, including Namor, the sub-mariner, and the Human torch, that survived the three-part transitional era. 

The Time comics sold out to become Atlas comics and later became Marvel Comics. Regardless of this revelation, it is quite improper to say that the character’s creators were Marvel. Likewise, it is also inappropriate to see Stan Lee as the founder of Marvel comics as he was only the Editor-in-Chief leading up to his appointment as the President of Marvel comics.

  • Flash Is the Fastest Man Alive

Are you familiar with that famous catchphrase in the Flash series – “My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.” However, the introduction of crossovers made us believe that the DC and Marvel universes are intertwined. However, The Flash being the fastest man alive may be only valid when considering just the DC universe. With the existence of Quicksilver in the Marvel universe, the statement is completely nullified.

In the comics, as far back as the ’90s crossover between the two universes, The Flash was pictured speeding past Quicksilver and winning the race by a long mile. However, in a similar event a few years after, Quicksilver dusted The Flash, who was at the time, Wally West. Although, Wally had no link to the speed force and was considerably slower than the rest of the Flash family that taps into the speed force. 

In conclusion, the fact that Flash has to tap into a speed force to be fast enough to beat Quicksilver in a race defeats the point that he is the fastest man alive. On the other hand, Quicksilver only relies on his mutation to be on the maximum speed level possible. 

  • The X-Men Trilogy Was an Original Idea from Marvel

Contrary to the belief that the X-Men idea was an innovation of Marvel, they might not be a total genius after all. The DC comics – Doom Patrol debuted three months before the release of Marvel’s X-Men. So comparing earlier comics on Marvel’s X-Men and DC’s Doom Patrol, you might face the uncomfortable truth that the X-Men may have been a copycat. The supporting reasons are highlighted below:

  1. The arch-enemies: both X-Men and Doom Patrol faced very similar arch-rivals known as the ‘Brotherhood of Evil’;
  2. The leader: Doom Patrol had ‘The Chief,’ X-Men had ‘Professor X’ and they both happen to be in a wheelchair;
  3. The team members: both groups had super-powered individuals feared by the average population but seeking to protect the world from evil.
  • Daredevil’s Senses Are Heightened Due to His Blindness

This assertion is a prevalent misconception about the Daredevil character’s ability. Unlike the first blind superhero – Doctor Mid-Nite, who gained the power to see clearly at night at the cost of being blind during the day, Daredevil’s case is quite different. Rightfully so, Daredevil was blinded. However, his heightened senses were not a result of the loss of sight.

It would help if you recollected that Daredevil was blinded due to exposure to radioactive material. Likewise, he gained his super senses from the exposure to radioactivity and not because he lost sight. This disproves the fact that it is being assumed in reality that being blind raises the other senses to a higher level than before.

  • The Wolverine’s Original Name Is Logan

As it was represented in the last few Wolverine movies and the X-Men storyline, Wolverine was referred to as Logan, which is technically wrong as his original birth name was not Logan. From a 2001 series published by Marvel, he was known to be named James Howlett at Birth. 

James Howlett was born to Elizabeth Howlett, who was seen as a son in the Howlett family. However, it was unknown to many that Elizabeth had sexual relations with the family’s housekeeper – Thomas Logan, who happens to be Wolverine’s birth father. However, due to his problems with his memory of past events, Wolverine could not remember the actual truth about his birth.

10 Myths About American Comics
  • Hulk Is the Strongest Superhero

The debate about Hulk being the strongest among the superheroes has been twisted in many directions. This debate has brought comparisons from every angle, including Hulk vs. Superman, Hulk vs. Thor, and much more. Even so, the Marvel creators describe Hulk’s power as limitless. However, in his super suit, Hulk’s super strength can be matched by Blue Marvel, Thor, Silver Surfer, and even Iron Man.

These reasons have led to tremors on the ground that the Hulk is the strongest of all superheroes. However, even Stan Lee did not support the notion as he believed Galactus was the strongest in the entire Marvel universe.

  • Comics Are Only for Kids

Right from the onset, comics have been centralized to give all sorts of persons good fantasy reads, and this is not restricted to kids alone. Fast Forward to the present day, the comic world has evolved on a global scale with several millions of fans worldwide. Be sure that half of these numbers are well-grown adults. Clear evidence could be seen during Comic-con events, with older individuals dressing up to look like their favourite superheroes. Moreover, the gambling industry became involved in this comic world and started producing different slots based on this theme and as you know this is not for kids absolutely. Moreover, adult fans love these slots as there is nothing easier than going to the online casino and games with favourite characters for free or for real money. Some of the players get deeper involved in the process and move to other slots with cool graphics and nice sound effects, like for example Eye of Horus demo. This slot attracts new customers with its interesting design and cool Egyptian theme represented by the cool graphics.

  • Comic Reading Is Only for Leisure and Pleasure 

These comic books, alongside their adapted screen movies, are solely not in existence to make people laugh; in fact, it does less of that as the years go by. These comic storylines address real-life situations, however, in a different expressive view than life events. This assertion does not remove the fact that comics can and have always been a serious business with lessons taught around choosing good over evil and sacrificing one’s pleasure to attain a greater good in society. If you would instead think comics are for laughs only, stick to Archie comics.

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Comics Spread Over to Entertain

Aside from comics being integrated into movies, these storylines and characters have been inducted into other aspects of life, including gambling. With the intervention of higher-tech in society, software built around comical consequences has surfaced for play on online casinos. Different casino games based on comics can be found here: https://www.slotozilla.com/uk/free-slots, it is the place where all the games can be played for free with no registration, deposit or download required. The instant playing of slots with Marvell or DC heroes is one of the most favourite ways of entertaining the fans adore.

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