10 Brilliant Camping Hacks & Tips For An Awesome Camping Trip

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Going camping? Our family has learned a lot of camping hacks over the year to make our trips more enjoyable. Whether you want to go winter camping or summer camping, read on for tips that will make a huge difference in your experience!

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There are few things I know for certain but, I know with absolute certainty, that family camping trips are like a magic wand for helping your family enjoy quality time, connecting you with nature, and allowing you to recharge your batteries all at the same time.

Our family loves to go camping, and as a result, I’ve learned (and researched) a LOT of helpful camping hacks along the way.

I’m sharing these tips with you to help make your next camping trip feel like less work and more fun.

What To Take Camping

Depending on the kind of camping you want to do, there are different things to take with you, although there are similarities between them all.

For example, winter camping will require different gear than summer camping. By the same token, tent camping will require slightly different supplies than camper camping.

Here are some hacks to make sure you have everything you need (and nothing extra) on hand.

Use Air Activated Warmers

You know those air-activated hand warmers you can put in your gloves to keep your hands warm? Use them in your sleeping bag (down by your feet) to keep you nice and toasty when camping somewhere chilly.

Stuff a Pillowcase

Space is always in short supply on a camping trip; make the most of your limited space by stuffing your clothes into a pillowcase and using THAT as your pillow.

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Camping Gear List

If you take a look at all the camping gear articles online, you’ll soon find your head spinning with a ginormous list of gear you are “supposed” to have.

Follow that up with a shopping bill that could likely pay your mortgage, and camping may suddenly seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

In my experience, you don’t really need as much stuff as many people claim that you do. Stick to the basics and you’ll have a more relaxing and enjoyable time (not stressing over everything you’re “supposed to bring”). Plus, you’ll save some money and really connect with nature – as camping was meant to do!

Here is a basic list of what you need to go camping:

Tip: For a more detailed checklist, grab our modern camping checklist. You should also take a look at this epic camping gear for kids (adult-approved)– your kids will think you are the coolest!

Want to make this trip the best trip ever? Then, grab this ultimate cabin camping checklist and starting checking.

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Tent Camping Hacks

There are two camps of people: those who prefer to camp in a hardshell camper of some type, and those who prefer to pitch a tent and “rough it”.

My family (and millions of others around the world) definitely fall in the latter camp, because we feel that tent camping is camping in its purest form.

Tent camping comes with its own unique challenges and skill-sets, though. Use these tips to help make your tent camping experience even better.

Use Tarps

Rig a tarp both above and below your tent so that you stay dry no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. They are cheap and easy to pack – and make a HUGE difference when needed.

Bring an Eye Mask

If you’re camping in the summer, the sun may be up long before you want to be. Pack along an eye mask to help you get the shuteye and relaxation you’re craving.

Here are some more tent camping hacks you’ll love:

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Camping Food Hacks

Here are a few food camping hacks for your next trip. These are genius – I wish I had known them sooner!

Pack Eggs in a Bottle | Cookie Crumbs & Sawdust

What is more classic than cooking scrambled eggs in a cast-iron skillet over the morning fire? Well, maybe roasting marshmallows. 😉

Now you can forget about having broken eggs all over by scrambling them ahead of time and storing them in a bottle! If you won’t want to use plastic, you can simply use a mason jar with a lid.

Campfire Popcorn | Delish

Popcorn is great for camping – it’s and easy to pack, easy to make, versatile food that the whole family will love.

Prep Your Meals at Home

If you want to get a little more adventurous than hotdogs with your camping meals, cut up and prep everything at home before you leave. It will save you time with both cooking AND cleaning.

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Winter Camping Tips and Tricks

Most people stick to summer camping, but winter camping can be tons of fun and a completely different type of experience!

However, if you’re new to winter camping, there are some differences from summer camping. Use these tips to help make your winter camping experience a blast.

Use a Double Sleeping Bag

If you’re camping with someone you don’t mind sharing a sleeping bag with, do it. Double the body heat means you stay warmer.

Minimize Heat Loss

Conduction is not your friend when it comes to staying warm while winter camping. Minimize heat loss by using an insulated, closed-cell foam sleeping pad on top of your sleeping pad or mattress.

We Got Some More Tips and Tricks For You:

There’s nothing like going camping to help you relax and bring the family closer together. I hope these tips and tricks help you prepare for the ultimate memory-making camping trip!

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More Essential Camping Hacks

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